Thursday, October 13, 2011

CMPD's Recruiting Trip to Puerto Rico Nets How Many Spanish Speaking CMPD Recruits?

Policía de Puerto Rico, better known in Puerto Rico as La Uniformada attest a protester.

On Friday Puerto Rico’s Justice Department filed a motion denouncing a scathing U.S. federal report on the island’s police force.

The motion, calls the 116-page federal report unreliable, flawed and biased, and it says the methodology used to reach its conclusion was “rather obscure.”

Still the Caribbean territory is acting to solve problems outlined in last month’s report by the U.S. Justice Department’s civil rights division. It alleged that the 17,000-officer police force has unnecessarily injured hundreds of people and killed numerous others and that it has routinely conducted illegal searches and seizures.

Not exactly the place you would expect CMPD to try to recruit new police officers, is it? But from May 23 to May 26 of this year CMPD command staff went to the island nation to do just that.

At the time of the trip CMPD Captain Gerald Smith told News14: "Right now, we are probably on track at the minimum, to test about 500 candidates for positions here at the police department".

Smith went on to say the trip to Puerto Rico will help them find Spanish-speaking officers which will help them achieve a more varied police force.

So how did the trip go?

Where any of the recruits from the recent graduating class from Puerto Rico? How many CMPD officers went on the trip? Were spouses allowed to go on the trip as well? What was the cost of the trip?

These are some of the questions that one concerned citizen has been asking CMPD without any success for over a month.

Cedar Posts suspects that the trip was nothing more than a Chief Monroe perk for a couple of his command staff and that the number of officers recruited is zero. But maybe CMPD will provide the answers soon.


Anonymous said...

Cedar got to hand it to you with that photo. EPIC! Funny and sets the tone so well.

Anonymous said...

The net result from the boondoggle was two.

Anonymous said...

And we couldn't have found two additional Spanish speaking recruits locally, giving the jobs to those in our own community?

Anonymous said...

People wrote into Cedar Posts when all this was happening about the trip.

And from everything I have heard, it was plain and simply a Boondoggle, a "favor" or carrot to "friends of Rodney".

It is how Rodney operates.

The latest crap coming out of Cmpd and from "friends of rodney" is the monumental spin they are circulating about their reasons for moving a certain Captain to Watch Commander.

I have already heard three different versions of it from "friends of Rodney"

They really think they can continue to spin and lie, these "friends of Rodney".

This is exactly what happens when you have sold your soul to the company store......these are the "paybacks" that are expected of you. It's textbook......quid pro quo.

I will promote you, give you a better job with better hours, give you a car, etc.,(whether you are qualified or not) but when the time comes, I WILL extract my pound of flesh from you. And if that means lying, denying or having
amnesia when I say so, you had damn well better be
prepared to pony up. Smarmy and underhanded.

It's become like some kind of social experiment at CMPD.
Let's take a bunch of average people,put them in a situation where they will "get ahead" if they follow the unethical examples of their "leaders".Then sit back and see how many follow these "leaders" off a cliff...selling out.
From what I am told, most at Cmpd have "failed" the social test miserably. In such a short time it is amazing.

Luckily, there are a few honest people left who will put these others to shame, thank goodness! There are a few who don't owe anyone, who aren't yesmen/women.

From what I am told, these people will stand up and do the right thing!

One can only hope!

Anonymous said...

I am told that Rodney "listens" to Medlock. Now Medlock really thinks he is a "leader", he is that delusional and out of touch. NO ONE I talked to thinks he is remotely a leader. But he is determined to be interim "chief" when 'ole Rodney can he ever be a leader when he cannot tolerate ANYONE with a different idea? But you ask him and he will crybaby "it's lonely at the top". Bullshit, it's "lonely" because he totally isolates himself and will not allow anyone to disagree with him...period.
And I have heard "they" are getting their stories straight, take that however you want.
And I have heard the Chief also takes advice from Ricky Robbins....need I say more?

Anonymous said...

If the Chief is listening to HM, he had better VERIFY everything......

If past "performance" is anything to go by, there are people who will definitely not be truthful to save their own asses, and "friends" who will help them....

Anonymous said...

so it's good everyone is compelled to undergo lie detectors when asked. including the chief. and IA. this is going to get interesting. non-coms like CC and others will have to be under subpoena and deposition and testimony, but the paper trail is there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:00
Right you are!!!

Seems they forget this!

Anonymous said...

Yep, HM likes to sit in his little "ivory tower" and mete out favors and punishments as he sees fit, making up shit as he goes along.

I didn't see Zinkann on tv at the scene last night, he must be on yet ANOTHER vacation! How many vacation days do these guys have??

A house of cards, built on sand. said...

Once again, great stuff Cedar. Nice to come back from vac to see things still the same at CMPD (if not worse!)

Anonymous said...

Listen, everyone knows that Medlock is a snake in the grass...everyone.

He has used his rank all the way up the ladder to "get" anyone he has taken a personal dislike to, or who has disagreed with him, who has NOT kissed his ass, stepping on anyone on his way up, and passing out " favors" to all that have kissed his ass.

People do not respect him, but they are afraid of his retribution, as they have seen it happen over and over with people who have gotten on his bad side.

People even refer to it as "Medlock getting you". They know.

You can profess to be a "good" person, you can say you are a "leader" all you doesn't make it so., no matter how many times you say it.

Many are hoping his reign of terror is over.

Anonymous said...

how precisely do you think it's over?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46

Maybe we will get lucky, cohort of Harold, and he will retire.

Or maybe he will go down with the, wait, he strikes me as one of those scrambling over the women and children to get in the lifeboat.

He seems to be a little long in the tooth, so I will be hoping for "retirement"....voluntary or otherwise, :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46
How PRECISELY long do you think the reign can continue?

Anonymous said...

We know command staff monitors these Blogs, I think he has gotten his nose out of joint.

Just the truth, Brother, just the truth.

Anonymous said...

Poor Medlock. Poor Zinkann. Poor Graham. Poor Monroe. Poor CMPD that continues to suffer.
Poor Walton.
All the lawyers and Public Affairs moves can't change reality.
Cunningham and Tufano can monitor all they want to.
Cunningham can have a fit and keep scurrying around trying to cover everything, but he's running out of blankets, isn't he?
You're subject to that lie detector, aren't you, Brian? Not just regular swearing in...
are you confident you will pass if you have to take one? I hope you are.

How much deeper will you go? And for whom are you performing the tasks you are currently performing? And do they fall under your own code of ethics? Do they fall under the stated code of ethics and personal conduct for the CMPD (not the modus operandi under current regime)? You are to follow all legal orders. You are to refuse to follow any illegal orders. Just a reminder.

Anonymous said...

I hear HM has become irrelevant and something of a liability.

It actually scares people that he is heading up the DNC.

Can you really believe the people that are supposedly "in charge" at CMPD?

Anonymous said...

People with volatile personalities , unpredictable natures and blind egos generally do not good leaders make...just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief, could we just have someone, anyone telling the truth at CMPD?

People just make up crap to fit their needs...tell the actual truth???? No way.

And these very same people hold themselves up to be " solid citizens" and "leaders". Sure.

When you are lying to further your own agenda, you are worthless. When you are lying to cover your ass you are worthless. When you are lying for someone else and you KNOW the truth, you are worthless.

Anonymous said...

12:37: what is it you are trying to say? literally. say something. explain a situation, with names and dates and directives and problems and suggest solutions.
I can't even tell if you are opposed to or supportive of the other things that were said. I just tell that you are angry.

explain an ongoing problem in detail. explain something.

I completely agree with you that people at CMPD need to speak up, but you haven't quite hit the mark on the rest, even if you meant to.

Anonymous said...

I am not details.

I agree with other posters.

And you could apply what I said to any number of people at CMPD these days, open your eyes and look around.

And that is what I am's commonplace now, the lying, the coverups, about many has become the way of the world at CMPD under this regime.

Angry? Yes. As many are, watching what is going on.

Got it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, a solution?

Get rid of a whole bunch of Command Staff.....starting with Rodney.

Clean up Cmpd.

Then start new with new CC, new City Manager and OVERSIGHT.

Anonymous said...

excellent solution. document everything. send it where it needs to go.