Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CMPD Vice Unit Collars Election Sign Thief

Updated and Corrected as of November 2, 2011

Cedar Posts has learned that Charlotte City Councilman Patrick Cannon was annoyed that a rather prolific campaign sign thief was stealing his re-elect Cannon signs in Charlotte's Foxcroft neighborhood.

Justine Tobin a local activist and "Occupy Charlotte" protester who has hosted at least one fund raiser at her home for Patrick Cannon, had seen a number of "Re-Elect Cannon" signs disappear from her yard as well as the yards of other Cannon supporting neighbors. The thief struck 3 times over a number of days last month.

Tobin made numerous calls to 911 to report the thefts but still the signs kept vanishing, so she contacted Patrick Cannon to see if something could be done.

Enraged apparently Cannon called CMPD Chief Monroe and gave the Chief a little arm twisting.

Never one to turn down a friend Monroe put CMPD's top cops on the case including CMPD Providence Division Detective Stephen Iyevbele.

According to an unnamed source within 24 hours CMPD's Vice and Narcotics Tactical Surveillance Unit had set up a sting operation on Beresford Road in CMPD's Providence Division. Vans, unmarked cars and wire less cameras were set up to monitor the Cannon signs.

The fully manned stake out came up empty handed 3 nights in a row but on the fourth night "Bingo" they got their perp or as it turns out perps.

According to CMPD five teenagers had been stealing the signs as an ongoing prank. All where issued civil summons rather than being arrested. Three of the perps; Brandon Bower, Rhodes Marley, and Henry Davis are students at the nearby Charlotte Country Day School.

Tobin tells Cedar Posts that CMPD Officers were successful in recovering at least 20 campaign signs belonging to Patrick Cannon and others. The signs are valued at nearly $500.00.

The cost of the surveillance operation, nearly $15,000.00 according to one CMPD officer.

Cedar Posts has emailed Patrick Cannon, CMPD's Vice Unit and CMPD's Providence Division Captain Martha Dozier and Public Information Officers Tufano and Cunningham seeking comment and verification of these facts, still nothing but Crickets.

A quick tour of the Foxcroft neighborhood last week showed a number of Patrick Cannon signs. The area remains secure.

Copy of CMPD Incident Report One

Copy of CMPD Incident Report Two

Copy of CMPD Incident Report Three

Patrick Cannon's Campaign Finance Report Tobin Contributions Detailed on page 17

November 4th Update:

Creative Loafing put an interesting spin on the Pundit House take on this shaggy dog story. At this point I'm not sure if all the dots leading to the use of TSU to bust the kids is valid. Cannon tells Pundit he didn't do anything, but Cedar hasn't rec'd a reply from Cannon so I'll stick with the "arm twisting".

There are 3 officers listed on the paperwork, and the dates cover four days so that looks right. But again no reply from CMPD so we'll stick with that as well.

Then there is the email allegedly from Brandon Bower who says that women is wacked and that he wasn't even there. So who knows.

Props to the CP reader who sent over the photo of Tobin's corner sign.


Anonymous said...

This did not happen. Not sure where your information came from but this did not happen.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rob!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:56

Then issue an OFFICIAL denial in writing and/or on camera!

No? Can't do that? Thought so.

Anonymous said...

Also, on the RAC it in any way fair or equitable that this totally phucked up "process" is taking place the way it is?

Because Monroe and Command Staff made a totally phucked up decision from the beginning by not putting a Lt. process in motion with a legitimate process that was done through proper channels???

Because Monroe was in such a hurry to try and impress CC with his new obviously not official position of RAC,

Did anyone question the wisdom of that whole phucked up idea? Did anyone on Command Staff stand up to Monroe and say, no, that is not a good idea?? Anyone?

So now people are having their lives turned upside down by this completely wrong bastardized "process" that is obviously biased.

I ask you this, why have a process for any rank, because we all know Rodney is going to just chose who he wants anyhow.

Let's just stop pretending and lying and let Rodneychose out in the open without all the back room , backstabbing skullduggery.

It is all just a facade, a show.

Just more corruption of the system and department.

Anonymous said...

Yep, check out citynewswatch today.

Anonymous said...

Of course this happened. Everyone in Providence knew last week. Everyone in the South and Independence knew on Monday. I'd guess someone in South leaked the story to Cedar Posts.

White Male, 43 years old, lives in the area and no priors. Check the arrest reports for 10/20

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:56 Can you really keep a straight face when you say that this never happened?

I'd think that if Cedar Posts asked CMPD PI Officers or Patrick Cannon for an anwser and they thought the story was wrong thay would say so.

But they can't because they know that while some of the facts don't match up Cedar has the story pretty much dead on.

HDLadee said...

Not surprised. The lengths they went to wast our tax dollars and officers time on a non-criminal issue. Typical liberal bullchit.

Anonymous said...

At least this dangerous criminal is not still on the loose!!!

This was good training for DNC 2012--covert operations, night-time take-down of political operative, cooperation with different CMPD special units.

I, for one, say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to CHEEEF MUNROE for his tactical decision-making in 4 nights of highly-trained units and expensive equipment to catch a prankster with political signs.

The Vice head should be crowing about this arrest, not hiding!

unless anyone else was a crime victim during the stakeout... oops

Anonymous said...

It is the case for much head scratching and consternation.

How in the world does he continue to get away with using such godawful, poor judgment?

Honest to God, is there no one that is willing to call him out publicly and demand his resignation?

What is it going to take? The lies he has told, the way he runs "his" department like some mafia don, the absolute losers he surrounds himself with, the continuous total lapses in judgment, the mismanagement of Department money/budget, the wanton disregard for policies and directives, the favoritism, the bullying and intimidation, the complete disregard for the men in blue of cmpd, the self aggrandizing, ego driven decisions....and on and on.

Does he really believe his "friendship" with Eric Holder will protect him forever?

I imagine even he has his limits.

Anonymous said...

@3:33 PM - From my observation Holder has not limits so that must be where Monroe gets his lead from ..... if Holder had limits he would not have been part of fast and furious....

HDLadee said...

Cedar: Could you please get a tally of what it cost to arrest this dangerous and violent thug?

We citizens have the right to know how much of our tax dollars went to supporting Cannons campaign.

Anonymous said...

Cedar so you are saying that Cannon is best buddies with an Occupy Charlotte protester?

And that he pulled favors to get the kids arrested?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the little pukes got off easy. The taxpayers not so much.

Anonymous said...

At first I was thinking why is this even news?

But I connected the dots, Cannon is one of Monroe's cronies, who is supported by a liberal left wing nut case who calls CMPD all the time. She's also one of the Occupy Charlotte people who Monroe says are not breaking any laws.

So when she calls Cannon he gets things done. Sticking the taxpayers with the bill.

But when it turns out the sign thief is a bunch of spoiled Charlotte Country Day School brats everyone backs off, Cannon, CMPD and the Victim.


Anonymous said...

So let us hear from Anonymous 6:56 who claimed "This did not happen".

Rob? Hello Rob? You lying sack of horse crap.

How long did you think you could cover this up. You stupid twit, there are people out there who are going to expose the truth. You need to tell your boss to lawyer up.

He's going to need it.

What a F-ing jerk!

Anonymous said...

It would seem if this is true then Cannon has a lot of explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Cedar if this is true then why no main stream media coverage.

I'm not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:03
The same reason there's no media coverage of any of the corruption at CMPD..... money and politics....Rodney seems to have the media by the balls, for now. When it breaks bad, and it will, then they will turn on him.

This is just the small tip of the iceberg as to what is going on at CMPD. People are sick to death of the double dealings, the dirty dealings that have become a way of life at cmpd under rodney.

It has become a cesspool of backstabbing and distrust.
People have sold their souls and turned on their best friends for " getting ahead". .....I have heard stories of people blaming and spreading rumors on their friends, on their friends, in order to suck up to their Bosses and make themselves look credible somehow. And no one wants to take any personal responsibility for their situations, it's always blame someone else.

Why do you think rodney and his partners in crime keep stonewalling citynewswatch for all of his many requests for documentation on many, many dubious dealings at CMPD.....Sounds like the shredder is working overtime, huh?

It's bad, and is only going to get worse if he is not stopped.
Him AND all of his equally guilty suck ups.

Anonymous said...

It is true, sad, ugly, and oh so true.

Anonymous said...

I would direct this to Martha Dozier or Rob Tufano or Brian Cunningham or Rodney Monroe to release but they won't tell you the truth:

I will say someone in Main Stream Media get off your ass now that the story has been handed to you, demand the time sheets--4 to 5 days of the Vice cops that were ordered on the bs job, get the video created before they erase it, set up an intern to watch and edit it, and demand to know how many total hours were billed.

This happened.

While you're there, get dash cam and story and video of when Monroe pulled over a car on 85 in rush hour traffic. We'll get it eventuallly.

Anonymous said...

MSM is too busy with reporting on Lindsay Lowlife and Justin Beaver and if Kim Cardashin is going to get remarried.

That is important stuff you know?

Anonymous said...

And why wouldn't Martha Dozier stand up to Rodney and tell him she was not going to be his personal Investigative Unit to do favors for friends....Because it is probably AGAINST ALL CMPD POLICIES AND DIRECTIVES AND IS PROBABLY AGAINST THE LAW AS WELL.
From what I am told, she is going to get a new, better job for keeping quiet.
How long are people going to be used and bullied,bribed and manipulated by Rodney and his posse?
I would guess because she is a suck up butt kisser like most everyone at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Great Halloween story Cedar!

I thought that this was a true story until I read that the 911 caller was an Occupy Charlotte protester. With a resmue boldly boasting such names as Goldman Sachs, Salmon Brothers, and the High Yield Finance Group of Bank of America, there is certainly no way that she would be protesting the 1%-ers.

At times you seem to be "The most interesting man in the Carolinas". Have you appeared in any Dos Equis commercials?

Best Regards,

Joe Gish

Anonymous said...

Cedar you need to do some fact checking!

The team who caught these kids didn't cost the taxpayers a dime since they are already paid a salary.

It was only three nights and not four.

It wasn't Chief Monroe's idea it was DC Medlock's.

That photo is also misleading since it was taken at a charity event which the Chief and Councilmember Cannon do a lot of for the needy here in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

see police reports. see time cards for vice cops. see track record of Martha Dozier and Rodney Monroe.

Please let anyone from CMPD go on camera and produce all phone records and above records and deny this true story.

Anonymous said...

Those "taxpayers dimes that were already paid for" should have been spent staking out hard core drug dealers, murderous thugs, rapists, black tar heroin drug rings, and more--NOT doing personal favors for politician with irritated boosters because of some front yard signs taken by pranksters.

And you think three nights of this bull makes it better than four???

You are an idiot to bring any of that up as a defense. Which probably means you are in Public Affairs. So there, I just helped you with your first float. Try again.

Charity? How about lining the pockets of police officers and sponsors who you still won't release the records for.

You guys are going to be exposed. Soon.

Anonymous said...


I happen to know Justine Tobin and she is very talented and smart. She is also a far left leaning nut case who calls the cops all the freaking time. She is also married to an equally left wack job. They hang with the artsy crowd and do artsy things. She had at one time no less than seven election signs in her yard all dems.

The whole thing makes perfect sense to me. Well off white supporter backing Patrick Cannon in an upscale neighborhood, her home has a tax value of nearly 1 million, calls in a political favor.

Book em Dano! Done!

Try being poor, black and living in University Park and call 911 to have someone check out a crack dealing making a trade at the local school playground with a hooker.

CMPD might send someone, next week!

Anonymous said...

The list of people he is going to take down with him keeps getting longer and longer....collateral damage will be significant.

No one will be upset to see Medlock and Zinkann go down with him....but I guess you could say anyone that has covered up for him, abetted him, enabled him, kissed his ass to get ahead, they all pretty much deserve whatever they get .

It may have been Medlock that ordered the "op", sounds like him, but Rodney continues to trust him and listen to him, when NO OTHER DC's support him or listen to him, they know he can't be trusted and his judgment is totally phucked this lands squarely in Rodney's lap.

And Medlock and his faithful sidekick Zinkann are running the DNC show?? Wow, that is a truly scary prospect.

Anonymous said...

Well, Medlock and Zinkann have passed off so many people with their fabrications and retaliations because they don't like someone, I would be surprised if the enemies they have made aren't talking and telling the truth.

And it seems they have passed on their modus operandi of gossiping and lying to certain Captains they have chosen because they share similar unethical personality traits and use their rank to go after people simply because they can...mean spirited vengeful and arrogant jackasses.

Amazing to see them weave their tiny webs of lies.

Their Haydays may be coming to a close , and many will be dancing in the end zone!!

Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up. Well you could but CMPD has gone so far off the deep end that this sort of thing is considered normal.

In fact if it wasn't for the Chief being such an epic fail and a fraud no one would really care about this little "guid pro guo".

I'll bet a week's pay Webster himself came up with the plan.

Makes you wonder how far up Cannon's butt you might find the chief?

Anonymous said...

You people have to understand, these people are not above destroying any records of their screwups and misdeeds. This is the meaning of corrupt......unethical behavior. The truly think they are above the law, that normal rules do not apply to them, that they can get away with anything. And so far they have without a serious challenge to their "operation". I think the tide is about to turn, though, I hope so.

I refuse to believe that good, honest people won't prevail, won't finally stand up and come forward. I think they will, Ihave to believe they will do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

so one report has the sign value at $75, the other at $150...
no quantities, are there? is it one from her yard?
any possibilty these signs cost that much apiece?
what a bunch of idiots.
Officer Moran. Supervisor Elliott. Captain Martha Dozier. Don't they work for Major Paul Zinkan, in charge of the Blue Hornets, who won't answer questions about the money involved with that? seems about right. Rodney Monroe house cleaning, coming right up.

Anonymous said...

Wow....I just saw a political ad on tv for Foxx......
He said he is responsible for helping to reduce crime in Charlotte by ,what a Caped Crusader.

And just how did he do this?

By allowing an endless supply of slush funds to be funneled to CMPD to be spent with no oversight for questionable crime stats????

It does go all the way to the "top"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Foxx will just be more collateral damage when Rodney goes down.

Did it to himself by aligning with a corrupt PD Chief.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see when all these heads mentioned in the post will roll.

jeff a. taylor said...

Hmm. The same CLT Country Day where the mayor's kids are enrolled at some unknown tuition rate?

Can't imagine why the hush-hush treatment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08

Sooner than you obviously think, Doood!

Hope you have a ringside seat, or maybe you will be right in there WITH them?

Watch out now, the house of cards is collapsing!

Did you really think they would get away with all this?

Wishful thinking, or do you believe they are above the law, too?

Anonymous said...

Cedar I thought this was a bunch of BS but I made a few calls talked to a few folks and damn it all adds up.

Anonymous said...

This story is crap. Vice was not involved in any of these events, nor were any specialized units. Just more misinformation from the rumor mill known as Cedar Posts and a lot of bad information from disgruntled CMPD.

Anonymous said...

So other than the no Vice and specialize units what else isn't true?

Just asking?d

Anonymous said...

9:33: Rob, Brian, give up all the documentation or shut the hell up.

Go on camera and lie.

Go on a lie detector, blood tests intact, and give the answers.

Aren't you sick of yourselves? How do you keep doing this?

If you say it wasn't vice, what about the cameras and the multi-day stakeout?

Anonymous said...

Regular patrol units from the district working plainclothes, that's it. No special units, no big guns, nothing. The whining and the nonsense on this blog is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I am with you 9:33 PM. The conspiracy theorist amongst us is laughable. I am sure the fleet of black helicopters were out and about as well on this "stakeout". Get a life folks and go back to work!

Anonymous said...

so show the time cards involved. nobody believes all the lying anymore.

Give the list of board of directors for the CMPD Blue Hornets, all the expenses, donors, income, expenditures, donations, sponsors, every single item. Start there.

Stop the lying.

speaking the truth isn't whining, it's the right thing to do. You're just mad people are finally doing it and you're losing control.

Anonymous said...

oh, Mr. "get a life and go back to work" "you must seeing black helicopters" showed up. The other favorite to "stop whining"

desperation is showing

Anonymous said...

10:02 PM... Please re-read your comments. Your grammar is horrible and your comments do not make sense.

Anonymous said...

10:02 PM.. you can tell he/she graduated from CMS!

Anonymous said...

Rob, Brian, if you have nothing better to add than to call names and claim people are seeing black helicoptors, please climb back up the warm hole you normally reside in and wait 'til he wants to crap out some new bullshit.

Nobody's afraid of any of you anymore.

Clear enough?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:17

So right you are, so very right you are.

They are getting testy because they know their free rides are just about over, it's making them grumpy.

If Rodney goes down, all their freebies end,plus they may face charges along with him, makes one a tad testy.

Whether it was specialized unit, plain clothes detectives, patrol officers doesn't matter.....

What does matter is that the Chief of Police used the Police Department to do a specal favor for a friend. Wrong, so wrong.

A Chief that has been given the public trust to always do the ethical, honest thing.

How is that working out for the public?

Anonymous said...

So .... nothing other than a couple of plain clothes and regular patrol units?

OK, but looking at the reports Cedar linked it seems there were a number of officers working the detail.

I see no one who is working V and N.

Looks like Justine Tobin is the vic and a big supporter of Cannon based on the election report filed by Cannon at Meck BOE.

How much time was spent and who was assigned to the effort? I can't say. But what is clear is that Tobin got "special treatment" because she was a Cannon supporter and lives in "Foxx" Croft.

If she was in Welsey Heights or Cherry she would not have gotten the time of day from CMPD no matter how many signs were stolen.

Crap? Nah I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you have really stirred up a "Hornet's Nest".

Sounds like you hit a raw nerve with a couple of Webster's goons and coolaid drinkers!

Anonymous said...


Pundit House picked up your story and got this response from Cannon:

“The fact of the matter of what happened in Foxcroft is that there happened to be neighborhood residents who took it upon themselves to alert police and ask that they work with them to try to apprehend or deal with those who had been stealing what appeared not to just be my campaign signs, but also the campaign signs of others and even some that were from the private sector as well.

“So I can’t take credit, or anything else, for rounding up police, per say, to go in and to do whatever it was that they did to make any arrests as it related to what was going on with the stealing of campaign signs.”

What a wonderful dodge by Cannon. In other words he is saying this is all true but doesn't admit to twisting Chief Monroe's arm.

Maybe you have that part wrong?

Of course you have the photo!

Good job Cedar!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Cedar gets all the facts right.

But over the past 3 years he has again and again put the spot light on Chief Monroe where it made the Chief uncomfortable.

By my count he got the story right about 99% of the time. The trouble is if one fact is out of order, Monroe claims none of it is true.

Take this story, the first comment says "This did not happen".

Clearly Rob Tufano doing some damage control.

Well as the story unfolded, it turns out that it did happen. And to Cedar's credit he has the hard copy to back it up.

Tobin to Cannon to Monroe to the arrests and back to Tobin.

Are the facts perfect? Maybe not but with all the smoke and lies Chief Monroe produces who are you going to trust?

Anonymous said...

Actually there is no crime committed the signs are considered abandoned property.

Anonymous said...

Right, with all the MISINFORMATION being spun by Tufano and CMPD, who are you going to believe?

My bet would be on Cedar every time!!

He gets the ball rolling on THE TRUTH every time!!

If it was not for the Blogs, we the public would just be getting the spin and nothing else.....but that is where this regime wants the public to the dark...completely.
That is where Bullies operate the best!

And when Cedar gets something wrong, he ALWAYS says so, unlike the folks downtown!

The just hate that they can't pull their crap without someone finding out, that's all....simple as that.

Anonymous said...

All of this over a ten dollar sign?

I can see it now. A couple of kids on a Saturday night with dad's car. All of a sudden blue lights and strobes are everywhere. A swarm of cops with guns drawn, shouting orders. A dozen police cars at odd angles and Medlock calling Webster on the radio "we got em' Chief!".

"I told you we would nip it! nip it in the bud!"

Good job there Barney!

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY the tough, organized leader we need for DNC 2012 security. Politicians and world leaders coming to Charlotte can rest assured they are safe from any and all teenage pranksters.


Only wish that money could have gone to a little more anti-terrorist training, but I'm sure the Monroe/Medlock braintrust knows best.

Anonymous said...

Monroe/Medlock brain trust, that's a good one!!

Honestly, could you have two "leaders" any more inept?

Anonymous said...

Justin Tobin got her drawers in a twist, but did not deny any of the allegations.

So, did she accept preferential treatment? Did she demand preferential treatment? Did she talk to Patrick Cannon, did she talk to Monroe or Medlock? Did she personally ask any of them to find those awful renegade sign stealing crooks?

Nope, she just called names....did not address any of those questions.

So if you are going to tweet, answer the QUESTIONS truthfully and put an end to it, fini!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37

What are you smokin? You better quit burning those crack rocks because it is rotting more than just your teeth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13

That's the best you've got?


Anonymous said...

here's a good way to find out: have Captain Martha Dozier, Major Paul Zinkann, Chief Rodney Monroe, Captain Brian Cunningham, Rob Tufano, answer for themselves by providing the time stamp sheets responding to 311 and 911 calls, and all the other time logs for their people.

Quit screwing around and tell the whole truth about what the CMPD source told Pellin was a $15,000 expenditure to bust this Cannon sign-stealer on behalf of Cannon's big booster after Cannon called in a special favor to Monroe. Didn't happen? Let Monroe say so. He's used to saying equally true things.

How many crimes went unchecked during these times. Anyone waiting for a response?

How much will the court time cost?

Anonymous said...

have you seen the tweets from Justine Tobin? what is going on with her? she just said

"Had a talk with my postal carrier today. Admonished him on feeding the #anonymous #hateblog machine. He didn't realize he was helping them."

feel sorry for her mailman now, too. wonder how long she made him stand there and talk to her. maybe she will call 911 for an investigation... or just use her speed dial to yank another special favor out of Cannon and Monroe.

Anonymous said...

I've read through Tobin's tweets yep she's a loon. @justinetobin is great for entertainment tho.

Not sure what her issue with CP is. Sounds like she wants to be a part of the 99% but clearly she's part of the 1% very very strange.

Anonymous said...

Rock on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All of you people need to get a life. I personally know Brandon and he doesn't have an e-mail. Yall need to get your story straight. Saying that Brandon Bower is sending out e-mails is ridiculous.Mind your own business and get a life. Do you feel cool commenting on this page? Is it necessary? Didnt think so.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously saying that a teenage boy from a well-to-do family "doesn't have an e-mail" ?

guess we know who wrote that... probably the topic of the kid's email

Anonymous said...

wait..are you the kid..nah didnt think so..good try though

Anonymous said...

everyone give there real names and we will settle this the manly way a battle royale.

Anonymous said...

"There real names" is not proper grammer.

Check out the low literacy rate of those writing for Occupy Charlotte.

The need for people to come forward and act "manly" (equally stupid thing to say) comes from Captain Martha Dozier, her reporting officer Paul Zinkann, and Chief Rodney Monroe. Also, more correct information should come from Cannon than he has issued thus far.

Just have someone supply all the reports and phone logs.

Anonymous said...

It's a sign.....these are teenage kids, not a bunch of thugs. We need to spend our money on something else then teenage kids playing a prank......Some people are just freaking out about a sign. Every one who doesnt know the real story can back off. This is all a bunch of bullshit. look around, people are being robbed, people are stealing cars,selling drugs and we worrie about a couple of kids taking a sign.....Come on guys wake up!!

Anonymous said...

What do you say the "real story" is?

Why should anyone "back off" this disgusting waste on behalf of political contributors who got special treatment from CMPD?

Anonymous said...

This is crap!

Anonymous said...

guess Cannon's supporter is ringing in. still no answers.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wonder how "This did not happen" October 27, 2011 6:56 am feels now?