Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CMS Middle School Student Target of Attempted Kidnapping

Glory Street and Tiffany Rose Place is near North Tryon and Sugar Creek.

South Charlotte Middle School Principal Lisa Bowen has emailed parents news of an attempted kidnapping from a SOUTH CHARLOTTE MIDDLE SCHOOL bus stop.

"Yesterday evening (Monday) an attempted kidnapping was made on a South Charlotte Middle School student as she walked from her bus stop to her home" in North East Charlotte.

"After arriving at her stop at Glory (Street) and Tiffany Rose (Place, near North Tryon and Sugar Creek Roads North East Charlotte), a car pulled up and a man tried to grab her and put her in the car. The student fought her way free, ran from the scene, found another student and they called for help. She is safe and at school today. Extra security is in place at the stop.

CMSPD and CMPD are working to investigate the situation."

Cedar Posts' Bonus: At the risk of sounding like a "Loony Tunes" conspiracy theorist it seems rather odd that the main stream media didn't cover this attempted kidnapping until after this morning's CMPD presser had wrapped up.

Cedar Update: Looks like I blew it, turns out WSOC ran the story on Monday night. Hell Mrs. Cedar even saw the story. I didn't and neither did most of Charlotte. Troubling is the fact that without the significant event log, and the live calls for service there is no way to know what is going on. CMPD's effort to spoon feed the media tidbits of information as it chooses is just all kinds of wrong. More wrong than my error in overlooking the WSOC report.

Today's PR event to tout again lower crime numbers, coincidentally was held in the Eastway Division service area at the corner of 36th Street and the Plaza. Which just happens to be 1.5 miles from where the attack occurred.

Interestingly enough Deputy Chief Kerr Putney pointed out that a suspected reason there has been as a reported increase in commercial burglaries is due to reporting. Since "cases where burglars break into public storage centers and steal from multiple units, each vandalized unit is considered one burglary".


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard this anywhere else. Are you sure this is recent news?

Anonymous said...

If it is true and I have a feeling it is then here is another example of why Charlotte City Council needs to demand that Chief Monroe return the "Calls of Service" and Watch Commanders Log.

Why are they hiding this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Nothing from CMPD on this, nothing from the Local "MSM" either.

Cedar I think you have been set up. This would be major breaking news otherwise and there would be an BOLO for the car and perp.

Sorry Dude you have been PUNKED!

Anonymous said...

Bowen is the new head of SCMS. She has her hands full with snotty rich kids and dirty poor bused in from the hood black kids. Wouldn't want that job ever.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts put this in your blog.

CMPD withheld the report because today at 10:00 AM Chief Monroe held one of his PR fests with Putney and Tufano telling the crowd that crime was down in the Eastway Divison by nearly 8 Precent.

It wouldn't have looked good with the MSM just a couple of blocks (1.2 miles) away with their news trucks covering the details of a near abduction and rape of an 11 year old girl now would it?

They don't care about the public it is all about the spin.

These bastards should be fired today!

Anonymous said...

12:53 There is noway I'm going to accept that as fact. I don't care what Cedar's track record is that is a bunch of cow pile.

If Tufano was going that low someone at CMPD would have talked by now. That is crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

For anyone doubting this story it is true. Our daughter is in 7th grade at South Charlotte Middle School and we got an E-mail from the principle last night describing it exactly as Cedar printed it.

Anonymous said...

12:53 Since Cedar Posts story checks out and CMPD did have the "dog and pony" show at the corner of The Plaza and 36th Street which is about 2-5 blocks away I would say you are dead on.

CMPD held up the story so they could have their little show.

WOW! Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

If you don't report it the crime never happened isn't that right Chief Monroe?

Anonymous said...

um, even the local tv stations had this school story on the news...

man, did Tufano look like a scared bunny on his show, or what?

they just can't keep this up much longer, no matter how hard all the local government is trying.

Anonymous said...

Interesting spat going on here.

Looks like Cedar Posts was right and then too 12:53's suggestion and pointed out the curious twist in a polite manner.

Sure does look like CMPD sat on the report at least until after the presser.

Which means that for nearly 48 hours a pervert or maybe more than one were out trolling for victims.

I agree there is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the crowd listening to the "PR fest" was punked. CMPD should be thankful that the perp did not get another victim during their hold time...or if they did, would CMPD just keep it hidden?

Curious about how the report was classified. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you aren't Loony Tunes.

But I don't understand why the media doesn't see this as an an affront to an open and free society?

Why is there no public out cry?

CMPD Command staff is covering up crime to further their agenda.

This is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Almost without fail, pardon the expression, the "media" in this town are just that--media. We need journalists.

Apologies to anyone who's actually making an effort, but anything short of pounding on doors daily with cameras and microphones until some truth starts coming out, then please quit your jobs and go work for Entertainment Tonight.

People's lives are affected by what you do. Maybe you have forgotten what you are entrusted with. Just like some of the officers. Again, forgive me if you are an officer doing everything you can, but if you haven't yet--please speak up.

No wonder Tufano looked scared at the presser today, knowing he and others hadn't informed the public of a man trying to kidnap a teenage girl from a busstop so it wouldn't spoil his "good" news bullshit. Disgusting. A whole bunch of poeple need to be fired, all the way up to the top.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looked uncomfortable at that presser.

Now we know why.

People need to speak up, make complaints, support those that have been screwed over, speak up for them, tell the truth.

Stand up for each other, stand up for what is right.

There is strength in numbers. Go to City HR.

Do not let CMPD go the few people of integrity can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Did CMPD really accept a donation from Home Depot????

OMG, how could they with a straight face, after all the freaking money Rodney has pissed away at CMPD.

And Rodney Was there getting a little PR......boy, he's got some balls, huh?

And the other members of Command Staff that were there sharing in the PR, cowards, all of them, afraid to speak the truth, afraid of their own shadows and more concerned about their promotions.

Anonymous said...

is there video of the whole PR event from this morning anywhere?
i'd like to see what they said and was not available. also, what freaking numbers did they actually put out? not one "news" station I can find put out anything but the "highlights" i'm sure turd cooked up

hey rob, grow a pair and post your video and all the numbers you claim on, both downloadable

Anonymous said...

I saw the story on the news the same day it happened, so where is the conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:51,

Really?! You saw the story on MONDAY?! If that is true, post a link...I'11 hold my breath and wait for it!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:26 exhale. it was on the news the same night it happened, with an interview of the girl.
Here is the link that was posted at 10:23pm on the 17th.

Anonymous said...

WSOC had the story but it took WBTV another 24 hours.

CMPD didn't send a formal press releas.

Maybe it wasn't a big enough story.

Or it was down played?

Wouldn't be an issue if the Significant Event Log was up and running.

Anonymous said...

Didn't send a formal press release, and downplayed it.

Anonymous said...

This is too good to pass up. One anon does the three year old act and threatens to hold their breath. Then when proof is provided that refutes what the three year old contended in the first place, we are treated to "yea well but......" Please.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:46
And you, "Anon", what exactly do you contribute?

And do you really blame anyone for being skeptical of the "leadership" at CMPD?

They have done and continue to pull so many underhanded things, from the top down, it is just expected now. And is usually right.