Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Wrap Up!

CMPD Officer Down - Nothing like hearing "Shots Fired Officer Down" as it is screamed across a police radio. It was so unexpected that I wasn't sure if I heard it correctly or if it was locked on to a CMPD Channel before the call was repeated.

CMPD Officer Chris Kunz took the full force of a late model Dodge Charger as a black male suspect deliberate hit the Officer and sped away. Kunz hired in 2008 is in good shape and is expected to make a complete recovery.

More details at the Charlotte Observer which is here.

CMPD Chief Monroe came to the scene and talked with reporters, but wouldn't offer any details except to say that they know who the suspect is, but he declined to give the man's name.

Officers were searching for a black man with a mohawk hairstyle, possibly driving a white late-model Dodge Charger with a damaged hood or maybe a tricked out black van?

Cedar Posts Bonus: This is the second time this year Kunz has been hit by a car.

Mayor Pat McCory Wants Occupy Charlotte to hit the road. Saying "Where do they draw the line?" says McCrory. "If they let one, do they let 10 -- or 1,000? . . . That's not good for the economy, for public safety, and it's surely not sanitary for our city."

McCrory has been yucking it up for local media types saying that if the city lets protesters camp out on city-owned property during during the DNC event it will "Look like Woodstock but without the good music."

Occupy Charlotte Toilet Issue - Seems the lack of bathrooms for their sit in crowd has become an issue. The city won't let them put a porta john on the grass or on the street unless it can be moved. Cedar posts to the rescue.

At the risk of becoming an Occupy sympathizer I forwarded the number 704-375-8988 for Porta-Jon of the Piedmont suggesting they get a trailered unit that they can move as needed.

Cedar's Take: Even dumb asses need to use the bathroom.

Cedar Bonus: Matthew Ridenhour's take on the Occupy Charlotte Porta Jon issue is here. Good Stuff!


Anonymous said...

So we are looking for Mr. T and he's driving a charger pulling a porta jon?

Anonymous said...

some of the disorganized hippies with no place to tinkle got together and voted out their leader; even the ones who can't articulate their position say the one who tried to was ineffective.

I'm all for free speech and protesting, but this is not a campground. let them carry signs and march as much as they want to. maybe it would encourage them to think about what they want to say.

do you think if the usual men and women squatting around town all decided to descend on city hall's front lawn to do it, sans ipads, they would be allowed to stay?


Anonymous said...

So the real issue is toilets.

The city says it is ok to camp on green space but you can't do No. 1 or No. 2 in the shrubs and pine bark, you can't have a porta jon but you can us the transit center until they close each night.


Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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