Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Check This Out!

WSOC TV picked up Cedar's CMPD "Calls for Service" story on Monday's 6PM newscast. - WSOC's coverage is here and Cedar Post's prior story here. It didn't take long for Chief Monroe to get on the phone to WSOC and then call his plumbers to start some "spin control" on the WSOC story. By 4 pm today CMPD's mouthpiece Erica Bryant, was on the air saying everything was back to normal with regards to the CMPD Calls for Service.


Cedar Posts has been bitching about the "Significant Event Log" and the "LIVE" unfiltered 911 "Calls for Service" for months. This "live" information has been missing, not for one month but since last year when CMPD removed the live "Calls for Service".

The reason this information was removed from the CMPD.org web site is that certain "bloggers" Cedar Posts for one, were noticing that a call of a possible ADW, showed up on the police reports as an "unlawful concealment", a burglary in progress was being reported as a miscellaneous incident. The dots were too easy to connect and it was all there in black and white.

Chief Monroe's troll Erica Bryant may tell you that "all is well" but nothing could be father from the truth. Again Cedar Posts is calling on Charlotte City Council to force Chief Monroe to return the Significant Event Log and the live 911 Calls for Service on line now!

On Monday Morning Mecklenburg County Sheriff Detention Officer Terry McConico called CMPD 911 to report that he was the victim of a "hit and run" accident. - However, Officer McConico failed to mention that he had also fried off several rounds at the fleeing SUV that had struck his car from behind.

Not surprisingly at the same time 911 dispatchers were chatting with Officer McConico they were besieged with calls regarding multiple gunshots being fired at the same location.

CMPD reports that McConico has been issued an infraction for a CCW Permit Violation (failure to disclose that he had a valid permit and was carrying a concealed handgun when approached by an officer).

Note, the first violation of this General Statute is an infraction; subsequent offenses are a Class 2 Misdemeanor. McConico was also issued a criminal summons to appear in court by a magistrate for Shooting a Firearm in the city limits.

The vehicle, a 2011 Jeep Compass which struck Officer McConico's car, was later located and determined to be a rental car that had been reported stolen.

Cedar's Take: Mecklenburg County Sherrif Chip Bailey needs to terminate Officer McConico employment effective Monday Morning. On the other hand I don't blame Officer McConico in fact I'd likley do the same, which is why you don't want Cedar Posts as a cop.

Charlotte's Main Stream Media is playing catch-up to Cedar Posts stories from nearly a year ago - WSOC TV reported last week that Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are testing a "new tool" to track crime in the Queen City.

"The Charlotte department is one of a few across North Carolina to participate in a state study of mobile fingerprint scanners. Officers in the Eastway Division have had the machine for a month and have caught citizens giving false identities."

WSOC's story is here. And Cedar Post's story from November 2010 is here.

Cedar's Take: Doesn't it make you wonder what is going on? Seems to Cedar that WSOC is being spoon fed news stories by CMPD. What was once the leading news organization in the Carolina's has been reduced to a bunch of talking heads.

WBTV dug into the taser story following up on numbers reported a few weeks ago - "According to figures released by CMPD officers deployed tasers on average 8 times a month since 2005.

Officers in our city have used tasers 638 times since January 2005.

In releasing the report to city council CMPD said Tasers there were 272 incidents where suspects received minor injuries, and 12 times that the devices were not used properly.

According to police chief Rodney Monroe, the order has been placed for new tasers.

Training should begin by next month and the devices are expected to be on street starting in December."

Cedar's Take: Told you CMPD officers would be without Tasers for another 2 months, epic fail and smoke screen. Leaving our officers without Tasers is just all kinds of wrong. Bonus: If there were 12 times that Tasers were not used properly, what are those times and what are the details?

Charlotte City Council received a nice presentation on CMPD's request to purchase 208 new police cars. - But staff resource assisant city manager Eric Campbell is unprepared for the gentle push back he gets from Charlotte Council members so a call is made for a member of the CMPD Command Staff to answer a few questions.

Watch the fun begin when Andy Dulin asks about the 5 million dollar purchase. The video is here with Katrina Graue at 1:17. Dulin gets major props for humor and suggesting that buying Impalas is dumb when we know they are a poor fit, and then he points out how much he likes the Dodge Chargers.

Dulin also seems amazed and slack jawed when Graue admits that CMPD has no idea where 50 "new" police cars went to. He questions the need for so many unmarked cars when the idea he thought was to increase police presence. Councilman Barnes is equally stunned when the Deputy Chief can't explain why the department would by the Chevy product.

Could it be that Charlotte City Council is finally getting the message that CMPD's spending is out of control? I wouldn't bet the farm.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the part where Dulin was acting like a petulant child because he wasn't going to get a Nissan Leaf to drive? What a tool!

Councilman Michael Barnes asked the better questions of loser Katrina Graue.

If this wasn't a clear example of corruption at CMPD, I don't know what would be.

Anonymous said...

WSOC actually "broke" the story Tuesday morning. I almost spit my coffee all over the kitchen when they said CMPD said it was a glitch and that they weren't aware of it until WSOC contacted them about it! (Actually I think WSOC "reached out" to CMPD). Speaking of WSOC, has anyone else noticed that the current crop of newsreaders will read/speak absolute gibberish and appear to not even notce?

Anonymous said...

that's because the ones you refer to won't research anything for themselves and the spoonfeeding is cut off if they say anything moderately unflattering, much less call out the truth of the this out of control crap.

then they won't have anything to read from the teleprompter or fill in between the ads in the paper. just check the ad revenues on this paper compared to others and see if you still feel sorry or nostalgic for 'the dying newspapers of america'

talking heads talking to each other while we all suffer and pay for it. crap. welcome to charlotte for dnc 2012, america!

Anonymous said...

Oops. The last word of my 6:39PM comment should have been "notice".

Anonymous said...

Reporters are waiting to be spoon fed, there are SOO many stories out there not only with CMPD, but with the City budget in general that should be questioned,since it is after all the people that pay taxes in Mecklenburg County, and with the complaints, those in power freely spend it. As far as Dulin, no comment, other than, who pays his salary, his lunches, his out of retreat etc?

Anonymous said...

Posers throw out a question without requiring accountability.

Every single one of them knows what's going on, or has no excuse not to. And they keep supporting it. When the Feds bring their paperwork, that's going to mean something.
Wonder if the FTC can do anything to reporters and stations for misrepresenting information on a "news" station.

Anonymous said...

watched WSOC @11 tonight to see if they have any shame. Nope.
sticking with their b.s. that CMPD has fixed everything that was wrong and it was only wrong for a short time. Sickening. Why don't they just apply to change their call letters? Who's paying their salaries, anyway? See proof of the truth here and at the other blog site, and listen to the tv morons blather on in support of the lies.

more and more proof is coming out. it will be in public. even when Graue says the truth on camera to the entire city council and the mayor: we "can't find" 50 brand new police cars, CC & Mayor give them $5million more to run off with. thanks for asking Andy

Anonymous said...

Eyewitness News contacted CMPD officials, who called the lack of updates a "glitch" on the website. CMPD officials said all the updated information should be accessible online in the next 24 hours.

However, they also said they are planning to launch a new version of the website in the next two to three weeks that will eliminate the "Calls for Service" feature altogether.

CMPD said the new website will have improved features for checking actual police reports, not calls.

Like Cedar said RoMo doesn't want you to know the truth only the "actual police reports".

I'm sure the "improved features" means you will pay a fee to view the actual police reports.

Anonymous said...

Up until about a year ago the CMPD website showed a list of all calls for service, listed by division, and updated every 30 minutes. They dropped that and went to the current system which is much more cumbersome to use, and includes only information more than a week old. Chief Monroe doesn't want citizens to know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

that's if you can get a report at all. and that's once offcers decide to classify a crime as the actual crime. we need ALL calls for service, in a format that can be downloaded and analyzed. enough b.s.

Beth Tedder said...

There is some confusion. I believe the Crime-Mapping System was in operation BEFORE the Significant Events Log was in operation. Yeah, it would be nice to have SEL back. I miss it too. Yeah, WSOC reported what they were told. Are they supposed to say on-camera instead "We really think something else is going on, and we don't believe what we were officially told?" No, they just said what they were told, whether is it true or not. And that is what I was told too. I may be naive, and it may or may not be true, but at least I got the shit back being updated for the moment which serves my immediate need. If you need CFS for a particular location, then go to your local division and ask them to print it out for you. It IS still public information. Yeah, it's a pain in the ass for all for the extra work, but it IS available. I'm still working on this. Give me a chance. If I crash and burn at least I've given it a shot.

Anonymous said...

Beth you are naive.

But for your concerns crime mapping might be enough. But it doesn't correct the real issue.

Chief Monroe doesn't want the public to know the truth.

It is plain as day.

Cedar has pointed out again and again that what was once public and on line has been removed since RoMo showed up.

The CMPD Budget, Civil Service, 911 Calls, SEL, it is all smoke and mirrors.

If you want to do good press WSOC to discover the facts rather then becoming just another CMPD PIO.

Anonymous said...

reporters are supposed to verify facts. not just do the cheifs bidding

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that it is all true.

Good question Cedar..."If there were 12 times that Tasers were not used properly, what are those times and what are the details?"

Any way to get this information?

Anonymous said...

How many misdeeds are they going to be able to cover up.....it's like whack-a-mole....try to cover one thing up and another lie pops up. Pretty soon you can't remember what lies you have told and the whole thing falls apart.

And that is where they are right now.

The colossal amount of subterfuge is uncontrollable!

And he is enlisting more and more people in his circle of deceit. That is a dangerous thing.

As has been said over and over....arrogance and ego and hubris.....they always get you in the end!

citynewswatch said...

Hey--no negativity toward Beth Tedder please, as far as I'm concerned she has helped to expose the entire problem by exposing and reporting any part of the problem. Why would you jump on her like this mess is her fault? Every Citizen, Officer, and "reporter" reading, not to mention the powers responsible for fixing this.
She spoke up--and perfectly. She gave others the opening to pile on with support and nothing else.

The fact that she may not know all the years of drama and other issues behind this and you do should cause you to scold yourself, not her. Come one. Spend your time writing to and about the correct people.
And call or write WSOC and call bs on their reporting. They know better.

Thank you Beth. And thank you to the other gentleman who took the time to write in his Charmeck.org correction ticket in August 2010--that's 2010 --and kept his response and sent it in. Cunningham can keep trying to spin and say he didn't know, but there's proof, aside from the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Right you are citynewswatch, Beth is doing what others aren't, speaking out!

Bravo to her, we need more like her!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone meant any negativity towards Beth, but you are right, that is how we are all coming across, so I apologize for that. It is just frustrating that the story is finally out there, but came across as a recent glitch that has been fixed, no problem.

I apologize Beth. You deserve an A for your efforts. I for one am suprised they did the story at all.

It is just too bad the spin doctors were hard at work.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is:



Anonymous said...

2:36, have you written a letter yet to everyone demanding they return all the information? Have you written to demand an investigation into the phony Crime Stats? Have you asked every person you know to do the same?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have.

Anonymous said...

The city council meeting and the "clarifications" by Katrina Graue were a total embarrassment to CMPD.

I would love to see one of their "underlings" come to a meeting as ill prepared as she was..and as clueless.
Or she knew the answers and was intentionally diverting and never answering any question deliberately.

Not sure which is worse.

Seems what people were saying about her earlier was correct.

Tip of the iceberg......

Anonymous said...

The Deputy Chief gives Dulin that deer in the headlights look several times.

Barnes and Dulin are the only ones who seem to notice that something is wrong with this consent item.

But in the end council gives approval to the purchase.


Anonymous said...

I watched the clip with Deputy Chief Graue and was disappointed. She was not prepared. Going before a city council to answer questions regarding funding an expenditure as large as this called for extensive preparation even if the outcome was pre-determined. Had she been prepared, she would not have looked as uncomfortable as she appeared to be, a deer in the headlights look comes to mind. Part of being a leader is exuding confidence, I did not see anything close to that from her. Given my sources, I understand she isn't really all that competent. Certainly, given what I've seen and heard within the deputy chief ranks some of them are way out of their element.

Now, Andy Dulin. This guy appears to be a real flake. His closing statement in that segment was absolutely ludicrous. He wants to give CMPD anything they want. While I don't have anything against CMPD, as a city council member, that statement is absurd. He has a fudiciary responsibity to the citizens of this city to provide stewardship of our tax dollars. His comments, among the many others he makes, are indicative of an individual who is no smarter than an 8 year old. It is time to prepare someone to run against him. I'll contribute to a viable candidate

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:26
Not so much a deer in the headlights look, but a deer on the bumper look.

That was painful to watch, all that tap dancing around the questions must have been exhausting!

If you are not trying to cover things up, answering those kinds of questions should be easy I would think.

Why didn't anyone ask what kind of car SHE was driving?

And the rest of Command Staff?

Oh what a tangled web we weave......

Anonymous said...

Correct on all counts!

Anonymous said...

I've got it, let's give DoDo Dulin one of CMPD's Chargers to drive, you know, so he can better assess them 'cause HE is paying for them, right?

And while he is testing one out, maybe he could go look for the MISSING CMPD police cars they can't seem to locate.

Seriously, how does he keep getting elected?

And we wonder how Rodney keeps HIS job?

The inmates are running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

dulin wants a nissan leaf to look cool in until it runs out of juice, then a charger to pick him up and look really cool in while the leaf is charging for 8 hours. i'm sure someone'll let him run teh lights and sirens since he "wants to give the police whatever they ask for"

he's a pathetic joke who's too dumb to see what's going on in front of his own face or too involved in it to care. either way, vote YES again.
they're all the same.

Anonymous said...

§ 132‑6.1. Electronic data‑processing records.

(a) After June 30, 1996, no public agency shall purchase, lease, create, or otherwise acquire any electronic data‑processing system for the storage, manipulation, or retrieval of public records unless it first determines that the system will not impair or impede the agency's ability to permit the public inspection and examination, and to provide electronic copies of such records. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to require the retention by the public agency of obsolete hardware or software.

Anonymous said...

yes, like deleting e-mails that should be archived.

that's what they are doing to information we want, trust me

oh, and all the crime data--that's right

Anonymous said...

The distinct feeling I get is that many, many questionable practices with "finances" are finally coming to light at Cmpd.

And people are scurrying around trying to cover up all the mishandling of monies.

Everyone who knew about these things, anyone "in the room" will bear some responsibility and accountability when all this hits the fan.

City Council and Curt Walton will have a LOT of explaining to do with their distinctly laissez-faire style of no oversight at all, of rubber stamping everything just because Rodney asked for it.

Will Rodney and his posse finally be held accountable for the many, many, many very questionable practices going on at Cmpd? Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

all the local media who has been cowering for information should boycott and start an all-out search in EVERY other location, right up until the Federal BUST. Then bring all your cameras and journalists and regain some pride.

CrimeInCharlotte.com said...

Thank you Cedar, City Watch & Beth for bringing this issue to the table. Keep up the great work!!!