Friday, November 18, 2011

CNN's Jim Acosta Goes Nutty on Delta Flight Attendant

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was on a Delta flight from Des Moines to Reagan International on Wednesday when a flight attendant made the standard pre-landing announcement: Buckle up, stay out of the lavatory and so on.

Acosta, who happened to be in that bathroom at the time, felt she deliberately singled him out and confronted her in front of other passengers — calling her rude and asking for her name.

“It was an unfortunate situation, and the flight attendant apologized to me,” Acosta said in an email released by CNN.

Cedar's Take: Flight attendants at one time were the greatest thing on earth. Not so much anymore. But I remember hundreds of great flights that were always made better by the flight attendants. They seem to have lost the joy of flying.

But it is not completely their fault.

Passengers have become relentlessly confrontational and rude. I suspect that Acosta was having a bad day and maybe even some bathroom issues. The flight attendant just became a punching bag for Acosta's bathroom fail.

I personally avoid drinking airline coffee and the on board bathroom at all costs.

Happy Travels next week!


Anonymous said...

Acosta looks like he could be a real DB!

Anonymous said...

Of course she apologized to him. The way this country is going if you dont kiss everyones ass you will be fired...remind you of somewhere? I would have told him to KMA , I quit>