Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Charlotte Observer Says Storm Clouds on the Horizon

Protesters at UC Davis shield their faces from Pepper Spray.

The Charlotte Observer editorial staff has finally recognized that epic storm clouds are forming on the horizon and Charlotte is ill prepared.

On Thursday The Observer Editorial Board posted:

Major protests are coming; Charlotte needs a plan

The modest clan of protesters that comprise Occupy Charlotte pose little more than a horticultural threat to our city at this point. There’s just a dozen or two of them now, exercising free speech while tromping on the grass at the Old City Hall and annoying local Republican leaders.

But in less than a year, that handful of overnight campers is sure to become a larger spectacle – and probably in spots beyond uptown. The Democratic National Convention will bring an onslaught of protest next September – not just local Occupiers, but groups from around the country and across the ideological spectrum. Charlotte and Mecklenburg County need a plan for their land.

The rest of the post is here:

The long and short of it is Charlotte doesn't have a plan. In an effort to appease the crazy left Charlotte and Mecklenburg County leaders have looked the other way and the Occupy Charlotte group remains unchallenged. At the same time every other city in the nation has moved against the OWS supporters in one form or another.

DNC 2012 is less than 12 months away and the swarms of nuts cases will descend on Charlotte like hungry locusts. The time for action is now, giving the courts time to work through any legal challenges that might be mounted.

Waiting to see what happens and expecting that throwing money at any problem that arises is not a plan for anything but disaster.

The bottom line is, and I've been saying this since the DNC burdened Charlotte with this gift of a convention:

Chief Monroe doesn't have the skill set to deal with the logistics of a major convention and a subversive insurrection at the same time and his yes men Medlock and Zinkann are nothing more than JV Cheerleaders.

"This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it." - USN Admiral Josh Painter


Anonymous said...

One would think that Monroe has formed an internal committee to prepare his officers for what you indicate is coming..And for now it may only be known to those on the committee. But who knows..He has changed from a go getter to a sit back and wait chief..Ive seen that before..A reactive police dept just isnt the way to eliminate problems. Never worked before and never will.

Anonymous said...

Also, please tell me why CMPD officers are being forced to pull overtime on weekends just to stand by and babysit these smelly shitbirds?

Anonymous said...

I thought no OT? who is paying for that?

Anonymous said...

With Medlock and his "loyal" sidekick, Zinkann, in charge, what do you really expect?

As usual, In the event of disaster, they will blame others, get "their stories" straight, cover things up, their usual operating procedures, so I have heard.

Charlotte is royally screwed.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, you should have been downtown last night...
the "thugs" had taken over.

Running up and down the streets, jumping on cars, generally acting like idiots.

Where was Medlock? Where was Rodney? Do they come downtown with their families?

I was there with friends, and did not feel safe, at all.

And this was just a bunch of unorganized little thugs trying to scare people.

Imagine what it will be like when there are trained, organized groups descending on Charlotte?

Medlock will be severely tested, and most believe he is not emotionally or intellectually equipped to handle the demands, unless he doubles his P.M.'s!

Anonymous said...

If ANYONE that knows Medlock, or Zinkann, thinks it is a good idea for either of them to be making decisions under pressure, I would question THEIR judgment.

These two guys have no business being in ANY kind of position to be making pressure decisions, especially tactical pressure decisions.

They simply cannot handle it.

Plus the fact that they are not people of any kind of integrity, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Not that either one is capable of making a decision, period.

jeff a. taylor said...

Here's what I wonder about: The extent to which CMPD will be by-passed in terms of actual convention security. Not a big deal, except for pride you say, but not if City gov and CMPD has already spent that $55m. windfall they thought they were getting for host security. They won't get to cash the checks unless they do the work.

Anonymous said...

Only $50 million got approved. Lots of money, but so is the $5 million short of expectations.