Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Wrap Up!

Kevin Siers on Cain

More Siers here.

Let's face it, Republicans are toast. Cain was our last hope. He came across as genuine, smart and unpolitical. In the end and this is the end, Cain came across as nearly Clintontonian. "I did NOT sexually harass that woman". End of story.

Michele Bachmann peaked too soon, then had a number flubs and verbal slip ups. A number of staff changes and now she is just a footnote.

Singing Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley on the anniversary of his death, naming John Quincey Adams as a founding father of our country, he was nine when the declaration of Independence was drafted. It was his father John Adams who is his father and a founding father. She also confused John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacey. These are just a few of the nearly two dozen gaffes she's uttered in the last six months.

Perry had a few too many of something this week. Look for him to jump up and down on a couch on some talk show and then he will be done.

Newt is too old, Ron Paul has that Timothy Leary thing going on which leaves us with Mitt Romney who has a hair and religion issue. I'm not sure the religion matters but the hair is a deal breaker.

Kid with a Gun - South Carolina officials say a 10-year-old trick-or-treater pulled a 9-mm handgun on a woman who joked that she'd steal his candy on Halloween.

The Augusta Chronicle reported Tuesday that a 28-year-old woman told authorities she recognized some youngsters Monday evening, and she joked she'd take their candy.

Aiken Public Safety Lt. David Turno said a 10-year-old in the group said no and pointed the handgun at her.

Turno said the gun wasn't loaded but the boy had a clip of ammunition. He was taken to the police station and was turned over to his parents.

Turno said the boy's 10-year-old brother told officials he also had a gun and both weapons were recovered by police. Turno said the boys got them from their grandfather without his permission.

Jerry Orr's Back Door Deal With Bank of America - The Charlotte Observer is reporting that CDIA has moved closer to making a deal to have BofA the airport's sole ATM provider.

According to the Observer "Aviation director Jerry Orr said the deal provides the most revenue for the airport, with BofA bidding more than Fifth Third Bank, the only other bank that took a shot at the exclusive deal."

Four banks currently have ATMs at the airport: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, BB&T and First Citizens. Each pays a set rent for its locations and a percentage of total receipts of its ATMs. The total last year earned the airport $256,556.00.

Officials said leasing to multiple banks would yield an estimated $1.21 million a year, leasing exclusively to Bank of America would yield about $1.61 million.

Although more customers might have to pay fees to withdraw money if Bank of America is the sole ATM provider, Orr said that since the bank is one of the country's largest retail banks, many of the airport's more than 38 million annual fliers have accounts there.

BofA is also entitled to $161,250 in airport advertisement a year as part of the deal, officials said.

More details can be found here at the Charlotte Observer.

Anthony Foxx For Governor? - Well no, I mean yes or no, or maybe depending on who you ask.

It all started with an on-line chat put together by the Charlotte Observer and quickly spiraled out of control, being picked up by Politico and the Drudge Report and later Republican press releases.

According to the Observer, "a questioner asked Foxx if he would challenge N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue, a fellow Democrat."

“I am happy being the mayor of Charlotte,” he replied.

Later, another questioner said, “You did not answer the question about challenging Gov. Perdue. Would you promise not to run against her in a primary?”

“Until you asked the question, I had never given the matter a second thought,” Foxx replied. “So no.”


Later Foxx campaign manager Michael Halle stated:

“Categorically he is not running against Bev Perdue, he is a supporter, he thought the question was kind of a joke. It’s absolutely false.”

Mayor Foxx? The Governor is on the phone.


Anonymous said...

"Cain was our last hope".

Holy Mother of Christ, you've got to be kidding with that statement. This is the same shitheel that stood up in from of his brother-mens and friend girls and said that 999 for them would be 909. As in 0 taxes for them. Then he had the audacity to say, "Can I gets an Amen on dat?".

If this pandering piece of filth was our last hope then this Country is surely doomed.

Anonymous said...

I thought Cain might be good until his telemarketers started harassing me with phone calls, 5 in 3 days so I finally blocked the number after calling and removing my number from their data base. The GOP is between a rock and a hard place and now they want to renegotiate their hotel room contract they signed but also do away with Social Security

Anonymous said...

Poor Herman Cain. When are people going to learn? You want to run for elected office you need to confess up front. Tell everthing!

I stole a snickers candy bar from my first employer. I told him and paid him for it the next day. But someone would make an issue out of it.

Cain should have put that out there months ago. Now it is too late!

Anonymous said...

Cain never was a viable candidate and he would have flamed out, just like many of the others, by February. Romney and Perry are the only 2 that have the background, money and political connections to get elected and Perry has shot himself in the foot. I think Romney will be the GOP candidate and is the right one. He has the business and political background along with a more moderate, mainstream view that is necessary to get this country moving again. While many tea baggers and right wing Republicans (if they aren't the same thing) would prefer someone else we all need to consider who is in office today and do everything we collectively can to send him back to Chicago next Novemeber

Anonymous said...

Cain is done and that is too bad I really liked the guy, but like doesn't make a president.

Everyone liked Obama and look where we are! Everyone liked Bush and look where that got us.

Bush and Obama made the same mistakes, failure to surround themselves with the correct people.

All I can say it NEXT!

Anonymous said...

Cedar those Dulin quotes you re-tweeted are priceless. You should post the entire convo with WBT on here. Or at least a link.

ThaQueenCity said...

Never really considered Cain anyway. But I will choose whoever the "other" candidate is...anymore of Obama and America will be is already on the fast track there now.

Anonymous said...

Cain has absolutely not even a shred of a clue regarding foreign policy. As a Republican voter, this is something I am finding tough to come to grips with.

Anonymous said...

The only candidate with a sincere, serious and tangible plan to restore fiscal sanity is Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

I love that channel 9 is finally calling Foxx out.

first with all of the out of state campaign funding to protect his seat for the DNC.

The latest was the issue of taking credit for businesses coming to charlotte that had nothing to do with him.

Maybe they are starting to get it?

Anonymous said...

Nah I think the best chance we have is for Cain and Gingrich to run one wants 4 more years...but it looks like choices have come down to who can we trust more...Romney's to busy arguing with Perry, well the other's are probably fine people...but I wouldn't vote that way...but again that's just me...I'm not a Democrat and not a full blooded Republican, but take into account what is in our"Country's" best interest not who can blow the most smoke up my ass. This country want's change...start with the welfare system...Florida's doing it