Sunday, November 20, 2011

Uptown's Hooligans at it Again Saturday

Uptown's Hooligans were apparently at it again on Saturday. The warmer temps and a couple of uptown events brought the usual suspects uptown by the bus load.

The video has nothing to do with the reports of violence reported uptown. Except the first 5 seconds. Welcome to Charlotte.

From a couple of reports by 7:30 the "thugs" had taken over uptown, "running up and down the street, jumping on cars" and generally acting up.

These African American juveniles get a kick out of running up to white people and taunting them. They circle in pairs as families try to walk down the street. If they aren't asking for money, they are making lewd comments as they jump, juke and jive around in big loopy circles all the while yammering off at the mouth. When the police are near they tone it down and move in the other direction.

Basically these are the youngest of the thugs, trying to out do each other while their older siblings just "hang out" on corners and alleys.

CMPD Officers run interference when they can but there are not enough bike and foot cops to keep up with the little punks.

Uptown has become a waste land of rude obnoxious juvenile behavior.

Here's the intro to Charlotte that the DNC 2012 folks (insert saccassim font) should start using.


Anonymous said...

And as usual we hear nothing from CMPD and the press.....

Anonymous said...

Another racist rant by Cedar loud mouth!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 7:34 - quit with the "racist" stuff when these thugs are running around acting like idiots. Last I checked they are BLACK and you don't see WHITE kids doing it (end of discussion).

If you don't want people posting comments like this tell your young monkeys how to act in society (now that is a little racist but so true).

Anonymous said...

I was uptown on Saturday for the auto show and Cedar is dead on. The Black thugs were running up to white families in a very threating manner and demanding money. If they didn't get money then they would dance around the families sometimes two or three thugs at a time. Some of the adults that I saw did hand over a few bucks so the thugs will leave them alone. I doubt any of the families I saw will come back.

Charlotte needs to end this terror and curfew is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

Racism or realism? I say realism.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of action seen in Detroit, our sister city, 25 yrs ago. Now people don't bother with going to downtown Detroit. The same can be the said for Charlotte in the next 5 yrs. The police are useless and helpless against this aggressive behavior. It's going to take a major tragedy, such as a concealed weapon carrier protecting his own family, to bring a spotlight on this situation.
Welcome to the jungle!!

Anonymous said...

We left the auto show at 7:30 walked down College Street there we at least four dozen of these black gangster thugs roaming the street and not a cop in sight.

Anonymous said...

Dirty goddamn black animals. Is it any wonder why any civilized person loathes these pieces of filth?

Yo, say word. I know right. The be 'spressing dey selves. Word. I know right.

Anonymous said...

Have any of the local media outlets reported anything???

Anonymous said...

What disgusts me is the people who always interject calling everyone racist if they comment against these trashy thugs.

These types of thug criminals are everything AGAINST what civil rights were fought for.

Many of the people who live in the projects are not educated and it seems all they can do is pop out baby after baby that they could care less about except to get more "free" money from the gov.

Race aside, they are uneducated and can't behave in civilized society. They don't have the brainpower to use words against someone rather if anyone disrespects these idiots they will be met w/ extreme or fatal violence.

Look at the mugshots, many pose as they think it's funny and some badge of honor. If it's the first arrest they know it won't be the last.

There is no possibility of their one so called parent ever taking responsibility. It makes no sense of this kind of behavior. You don't have to be wealthy to be a parent.

They are a virus to society and they don't care.

Anonymous said...


More like an infestation.