Friday, December 30, 2011

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Glosses Over Montross Quid Pro Quo Attempt

The following is from Keith Richardson with the City of Charlotte Corporate Communications Department.

Attached is a memo and statement concerning personnel action related to Tracy Montross and her communication to the Charlotte International Cabinet. The Mayor and the City Manager will not be making any further comments to the media on this matter.

Statement from Mayor Anthony Fox(x):

I want to thank City Manager Curt Walton, outgoing City Attorney Mac McCarley and incoming City Attorney Bob Hagemann for reviewing the facts and issues related to Tracy Montross's email within a week.

When I learned about the highly inappropriate email last week, I was stunned and disappointed. The matter is a serious one, and in the intervening time, I believe it has been treated as such. Specifically, there has been a thorough review of the facts, legal issues and a full range disciplinary measures have been considered. Ultimately, the city manager looked at the facts and determined that disciplinary action is appropriate. I agree with and respect his decision.

While Tracy made a mistake, this experience will cause her to consider her words and actions much more carefully. She is a hard worker and brings energy and focus to everything she does. I look forward to having her back to work.

Anthony Foxx

The complete set of documents is here.

Cedar's Take: Oh come on now. Could it get any better than this? Let's just sweep it under the door mat and refuse to comment further. Yep that's how Mayor Foxx is going to roll. Bonus: go public with your decision on a Friday before New Year's Eve. Perfect! You'll notice not a peep from the local press.


Anonymous said...

She should be terminated. This is a disgraceful act that should not be tolerated by the public or any elected official.
I find it odd that no one seems to mention that this was sent from a personal email address. City business should be not be conducted thru personal emails. By using a personal email, one could assume that some information is trying to be concealed.

Anonymous said...

Curt Walton had his plan of action long before anyone looked into the matter from a legal point of view. Oh isn't it special how the city attorney works for the city manager?

No one is accountable.

Anonymous said...

Foxx is a lying sack of horse poop. Montross is lying to protect the Mayor. Someone played hardball and they had to cook up this scam. I know peope who work in connection with the Mayor and they all say he knew and that he is shady as a get out. Hell he's a lawyer what did you expect?

Anonymous said...

Thats why I'm glad that I don't live in Charlotte, NC. The elected official's aren't worth a HILL OF BEANS. They are just worried about themselves and their careers. It just proves that the lying, cover ups and deceit starts at the very top. Then it works it's way down. ROMO is in bed with Foxx.

Anonymous said...

Just another day in Charlotte politics.....the bar has been set pretty low for Charlotte with the hiring of Curt Walton and Rodney Monroe.

They have proven over and over that integrity and ethics and honesty mean absolutely nothing to them, that covering up and covering their asses is of the utmost importance to them!

If Foxx knew about this, and was actually in on it, and encouraged the email, and then is letting Montross take the fall, he ranks right up there with every other corrupt politician.

She is being allowed to keep her job to keep her quiet would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I forked for the city of Charlotte managed by those corrupted and racist "people". I was fired because I was smart and honest. I was fighting against corrupted management. They fired me also to hire their relatives and more African Americans to get a credit from racist mayor.
They all suck.