Friday, December 2, 2011


Are you shocked, stunned, startled in to compliance? Not unless you are a CMPD Officer trying out the "new" state of the art TASER X2.

There is a reported software problem with the new TASER. The weapon has a button which pressing it causes the weapon to make an arc of electricity without removing the TASER cartridge as you had to do before with the X26 (you could still do what is called a drive stun with the cartridge in place if you wanted to).

The arc could be used to test daily the funcitonality of the TASER, as a warning to a suspect or as a compliance technique.

The arc was supposed to only last 5 seconds but now it is found that it would continue as long as one held the trigger. New software is supposedly on the way to fix the issue.

Major Props and a hat tip to CK and City News Watch for the details.

Cedar Posts Update 11:15 am

It didn't take long for CMPD's Brass to kick out a little spin control.

CMPD Email:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department continues to move forward with TASER X2 training to issue the new electronic control weapon to our officers. The department is constantly reviewing upgrades to the TASER X2 to satisfy the CMPD’s requirements that the deployment cycle is limited to five seconds for the probes and the Arc Switch. The CMPD requested TASER International upgrade the software in the CMPD TASER X2 to limit the Arc Switch to five seconds.

The software upgrade does not impact classroom instruction on the electronic control weapon, policies and procedures for more than 1,700 CMPD officers. The training is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011 and the TASER X2 will be distributed to our officers when the software is upgraded.

Deputy Chief Katrina Graue

Administrative Services Group

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

601 E. Trade Street

Charlotte, NC 28202


Cedar's Take: I'm not sure why the change to the new and improved TASER, I'd guess newer is better, but what troubles me is that CMPD Officers have been without the TASER for more than six months. Even if Officers complete the training on the new X2, they will still have to wait for the upgrade to the software.

Since neither CMPD or TASER International have given a date for the software upgrade in could be well into 2012 before CMPD Officers have TASERS back in their hands.

And that is just all kind of wrong.


Anonymous said...

Great Quality Control, Taser!

Would you trust this Company?

Better yet, does anyone trust ANYONE at CMPD to tell the public the truth?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if our clueless city council or city manager is surprised.

I am not. It was a complete waste of money to buy the new weapons just because a few of Monroe's thick headed apes couldn't count to five and then take their finger off the button.

A million dollars that could have offset the lack of Cost of Living increases we never see.

But Monroe's ego trumps officers take home pay eveytime.

Anonymous said...

Does it bother anyone that cmpd found this little "problem", and not Taser?

Can you use a non Taser company battery in the Unit??
What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

There is always some type of software issue with taser.

those 2 brothers have such deep pockets, medical examiners all over the world know better than to rule a taser as a cause of death.

They know they will get sued by taser and often someone from taser will show up in their office within just a few hours to bully them into changing the report.

Anonymous said...

This company sounds like they are the perfect business model for CMPD.....bullies, sleazy, intimidating, sound familiar?

Perhaps Rodney can get a job as a salesman/enforcer for them. A match made in heaven, woudn't you say? Oh, and RR could be his "chief of staff"!!

Anonymous said...

Honest to God, if Graue is talking, or emailing, she is trying to spin and do damage control. Or to be succinct, NOT TELLING THE TRUTH!!!

An "UPGRADE"........ are you freaking SERIOUS? It is decidedly NOT A FREAKING UPGRADE!!!!


What else have they overlooked??

Oh, and it is a flaw in the BATTERY SOFTWARE, so now, if you use anything but a TASER battery replacement, it will do the same thing.

How convenient for TASER, huh, wonder how much their batteries are compared to a generic battery?

Once again, Gruae comes through with the lie to try to cover for the Little Chief.

Did you find those "MISSING CARS", KATRINA?


Anonymous said...

Another example of why we need Cedar posts as the main stream media won't touch this for fear that Webster will cut off access to the department.

Looks like Graue is reading the Cedar Posts Blog.

Anonymous said...

I thought the 5 second limit was the reason for the purchase to begin with. Did I get that wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yes. $1.82 million for "upgraded" TASERs so the trigger could be pulled for longer than 5 seconds and it is supposed to cut off. And the battery requiring a TASER battery, at higher cost, is no surprise.

Also, the warning arc is supposed to scare someone out of acting badly, because I guess an officer warning someone verbally doesn't count as warning.

Guess it was worth $1.82 million and ongoing increased costs in the future--by Rodney's logic

Anonymous said...

They are calling it a "software upgrade"on Channel nine.

Really, a software upgrade on what is supposed to be a BRAND NEW SUPER DUPER TASER???

Do ANY of our news outlets do any kind of verifications or investigations, or do they just accept what the Cmpd spin feeds them??

WTF is wrong with people???

Graue has been caught in lie after lie after lie and the media continues to report as true what she says......same with her Boss, Rodney.

Unbelievable, Unfreaking believable!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, "software upgrade" on the brand new $2 million tasers--to make them work the way they were supposed to when purchased before there was approval.

really disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 2, 2011 11:09 AM

You got it correct. ROMO and RR are just doing this to secure themselves a position with the company that creates the X26 Taser. They don't give a Rats Ass about the officer's out on the street. No one cares and it just doesn't start with ROMO. It runs through the entire chain of command within CMPD, from DC's and RAC'S.