Saturday, December 3, 2011

Murder Victim Mikal Legrande's CMPD Connection

WSOC TV's Camera Crew were on scene early on November 15, 2011

Sometime just after Midnight, November 15 Mikal Lee Legrande was shot to death by Jeremiah Lamont Luke at the Steeplechase Apartments parking lot. Luke had spent 13 years in prison after being convicted of second-degree murder in Charlotte in 1995 and was most recently arrested for trafficking cocaine. WSOC TV's Coverage is here.

Jeremiah Lamont Luke Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office

Mikal Lee Legrande Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office

Witnesses told police that Legrande and a "friend" arrived at the apartment complex to meet someone. Witnesses heard a gunshot, police said, and then discovered Legrande lying in the parking lot.

Legrande had a history of domestic violence: with recent charges of assault on female, aggressive and non-aggressive, additional arrests for communicating threats, interfering with an emergency call, as well as a sentence of probation on an apparent felony conviction.

Legrande was convicted on the day of his murder for violation of a protective order and was sentenced to 18 months probation and community service. NCDOC Record is here.

Normally the killing of one thug by another wouldn't draw much attention. Such is life in a big city where drugs and violence are embraced by many in black culture as an accepted way of life.

The cursory mention on the morning news, and a slightly more detailed report and perhaps a follow up in the Charlotte Observer, are nominal in Charlotte for the killing of a black male in East Charlotte.

Steeplechase is no stranger to violence, located in CMPD's Independence Division the area receives more than its share of 911 calls for service. Dozens of reports of crime including rape and armed robbery and more than 100 calls for breaking and entering, theft from auto and other less serious crimes have been reported since January 1, 2011.

But then there's the CMPD Connection.

The 30 year old Legrande was the father of five children ages 13-4, was married and worked for Service Master of Charlotte all facts detailed in his obituary.

But it is this curious entry in his obituary that raised some eyebrows,

"..... and a special friend who God chose to bring into his life seven months ago, Kamesha Bridges, Charlotte."

Bridges is a Detective with CMPD's Special Victims Unit. Rumors at CMPD's water cooler are that Bridges and Legrande were dating. Bridges doesn't seem to be concerned about the relationship which is displayed publicly on her facebook.

Legrande and Bridges Photo Taken From Bridges Facebook Page

But CMPD directives are clear about association with known felons.

15. Associations: Employees will avoid associations or dealings with persons who they know, or should know, are under criminal investigation or indictment or who have a criminal record, except as necessary to the performance of official duties or where unavoidable due to family relationships.

Legrande's Facebook Page is here.

Bridges Facebook Page is here.

Cedar's Take: It is a Black/African/American thing, an accepted way of life for those who embrace a culture of drugs and violence. Mikal Legrande was part of that culture.

But when a Charlotte Police Officer chooses to associate with people who live this lifestyle she brings a question of integrity to the entire department. As the title "Officer" implies, there is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with the job. Knowing who not to associate with is part of that responsibility.

Props to City News Watch for fact checking and running down much of the details.


Anonymous said...

Cedar, you need to dig a little more.

"and a special friend who God chose to bring into his life seven months ago, Kamesha Bridges, Charlotte."

Then look at the date of his most recent arrest June 1, 2011.

Facts don't lie. Any ideas what crimes CMPD's SPD handles?

How about violations of DV Protective Orders?

Yep that's right, now you're following the trail aren't you.

You got to ask what the hell has happened to CMPD, what the hell has this scum bag Monroe done to CMPD?

Anonymous said...

There are so many things wrong on so many levels here.

The lack of judgement is glaring, as is the total disregard for Department directives....not to mention crossing all boundaries of professionalism.

It seems like she started this "friendship" while "on the job".

She seems to have been quite open about it, putting many photos on her Facebook page. Where there were other photos that if I were a Police Officer I would not have on there.....just questionable taste wise.

I can't imagine that her fellow workers and "superiors" did not know about it.

So what kind of spin will be put on this blatant violation of directives?

Tiffani Brazzell said...
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Anonymous said...

Once again the bubbling pool of filth rises at CMPD. Bridges has been on a fast track as of late. I wonder why. Could it be that it's because she is a black female in a minority top heavy department? When is enough going to be enough? The writing is on the wall. Can nothing be done about these promotions and assignments being given to those who don't deserve them?

HDLadee said...

Affirmative Action in action!

Can't tell the cops from the thugs.

Feel safe yet?

Anonymous said...

Disregard for directives and rules? Sound familiar?

It starts at the top, the tone is set there.

And this chief has created a total culture of "entitlement"
for his inner circle and has pushed his own personal agenda of "diversity" at any cost, to the destruction and corruption of the organization.

I would bet that no punishment is meted out for these blatant directive violations. Whatever happens will be behind closed doors with NO transparency. the rest of the slimy goings on behind closed doors at cmpd.

And tragically, everyone knows if this were a white male that had done these same things, he would be publicly skewered. In Monroe's world, there are two completely different sets of rules and standards, one for him and his
posse, and then the rest.

To see people kiss his ass, fawn over him, and knowing how he treats people, how he has destroyed the department....the total disregard he has for anyone but himself, really is sickening.

This is just another tragic outcome stemming from his egomania and total lack of any kind of ethical leadership.

Wake up, Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question Anon 9:47, there will be no spin put on this. In fact, there will be no public acknowledgement of it at all by CMPD, elected officials or the local media outlets.

Anonymous said...

The Observer has No mention of it, as it also has NO mention of the homicide last night....why?

Monroe has cut off what little access the media has if you don't follow his rules ...I.e., report only what he wants and only how he wants.

It defies logic, decency and sanity how he continues to do the shit he does and get away with it....absolutely mind boggling. said...

Awesome post Cedar & great digging CityNewsWatch!! I'm so glad we have bloggers keeping the CMPD honest.

Anonymous said...

Once again-Not all miniorities are liked by Monroe and the establishment!

Anonymous said...

For the person who wrote this article, you really need to get the facts straight. Mikal was not in any way a thug, just in a bad situation. You obviously didn't know him. He was one of the best family men I've met in Charlotte, an excellent father. This article is very disrespectful to his parents, children, and friends. Let this man rest in peace. And what does this have to do with him being BLACK??????? If you really want to write an article about Mikal LeGrande, contact his family and friends and they'll tell you what kind of man he really was.

Anonymous said...

Another racist story and blog by white male CMPD officers. If all is so bad in CMPD quit and go get a real blood, sweat and tears job, but if you did that then you wouldn't be able to hide behind your badges.

I'm really convinced that if another Black Man got the job you would still find something about him to dig up and try to pick a part, only because he's black. Give it up!

Times have changed and some whites want a black Chief or even a black President. That's why Monroe's here and to stay. Everything that negatively affects CMPD you blame it on Romo? Like he’s in the heads of every officer, controlling every thought and action they make. Give the guy a break, it’s just his time. If you work hard and treat your fellow brethren fair, then maybe God will bless you one day and you will get your day like Chief Monroe.

For now just do what you were sworn to do. Go out, help people and make a difference, one call at a time and leave the politics aside. All of the negative energy that you are using to dog your admin could be used to change someone’s life. If you don’t take anything from this please just remember that God judges every man’s deeds, it may not happen today or tomorrow but you will have to answer for all of your hatred & evil deeds. It could come in the form of cancer, the death of a loved one or the loss of your job, finances and way of life.

I guess "Romo" was holding Officer David Jones hands when he assaulted his victim? Lets blame him for that while we're at it.

“You may not like or love your daddy but at the end of the day he’s still your daddy”!
I have a black daddy also and he’s really not that bad,

Anonymous said...

December 9, 2011 5:45 PM and
December 17, 2011 2:51 PM

See once again you play the Race card- nothing else to contribute but spewing hate- this is not about Black this is not about White , this is about a known criminal and that's what he was according to his criminal record, being killed in an area he didn't even live in but for some reason decided to go to a high drug/gang area that's what Steeple Chase apartments are. Victim of his own circumstances? Maybe or maybe someone had had enough of him beating up his girlfriends? Bottom line is a Police Detective was his GIRLFRIEND...and CMPD directives say specifically you can not associate or engage in ANY TYPE of relationship with subject of questionable history, criminal history ect. There have been people fired from CMPD in the past for associating with criminals...Kameisha Bridges should be booted/fired/expelled immediately but she won't because she is what?? A minority . What dumb ass risks their job for a piece of ass and according to his obit a married piece? What else is she into or who else is she associated with?

No this is not written by a WM from CMPD this is a female yes another minority per-say who is so disgusted on how we are portrayed and what this agency has evolved into in the eyes of the public,press and each other.


Tina McEvoy said...

I am sicken that in this day and age cowards like you, write as if you think you have all the information. I've known Mikal since the day he was born he was one of the most stand up men I've ever known. He was a family man and a damn Good father. For you to say he was a "THUG" REALLY??? How dare you..He was twice the man you ever would or could be. Shame on you for being so obviously a prejudice human being an I use that term loosely. His children, not to mention his parents will miss his wonderful laugh and smile as will I. So get your facts straight before you trash a Good man. Tina McEvoy

Jacqueline said...

I'm sooooo glad I didn't read THIS article a year ago!!!! I don't know that I would have been able to handle it! How easily we judge when we don't know the facts. You have no way of knowing whether he actually committed the crimes he was accused of, how the "protective order" came to be, or the hell he and his children were going through for a year prior to his death! Mikal was NOT felon, therefore his "friend" did not break CMPD laws. Know the facts before you decide he was a thug, because he was FAR from it. Now the "person" who LIED on him over and over again, so that he would be arrested is the one you should write about! SHE is the reason he was shot and killed and she is still walking free!

Colleen LeGRande said...

Reading these lies and horrible opinions makes me sick.. My tears were streaming when I first read this disgusting Blog.. MY SON got up every morning and fixed breakfast for his children, packed their lunches, took them to school, picked them up,cooked their dinner.. He was at every football, basketball, and soccer practice and game. He attended every dance recital, boyscout meeting, school and church function his incredible angels had.
HOW DARE YOU JUDGE HIM. If you want to know about his character ask The principle of his children's school, their Dentist, their Doctors, their Coaches, BoyScout leaders, Dance Teachers they will all concur that he was an extraordinary man and a Loving Daddy. A man who thanked God everyday for his Family and friends.
I wrote the Obituary, because I was so thankful my son had someone like Miss Bridges in his life. She has more character and heart then most of the people I know. She is exceptionally smart and always striving to be her best. I am so sorry that because of me Miss Bridges had to endure such horrible accusations. But she is a strong God fearing woman who will always be Blessed..We will always love her and be forever grateful to her for being in our lifes.

Luke though,a 3 time Felon who never even met my son killed him. But the person responsible for his cowardly act (his friend his associate) Yes is still out there using the system. She is a liar , cheat and thief.
So what character do you really have when your hate causes you to hurt so many innocent good people. A police officer with character knows that you should always investigate the situation before forming any conclusions especially when you have the power to destroy someone's life

My husband and I miss our son every minute of every day. Our hearts have been shattered into a million pieces. But our greatest pain is not being able to take his 5 beautiful angels hurt away. His children love him more then all the words, in all the books, in all the world. Can you say the same?

Anonymous said...

Smh at Art and Shawn!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across this article....It never seises to amaze me how quick people are to judge a sitiuation that they know NOTHING about ! I first dispise this blog because it sounds like a breeding ground for disgruntled officers and folks who dont like Monroe (just because he's black), to go home and sit behind their little computers and post these kinds of cowardly opinions. I have known Kamesha for a very long time and it is obvious by your posts that none of you actually KNOW her. She has worked very hard to accomplish the things that she has and none of it has been because she is a "black female". I actually remember when her and Mikal met back when we all were like in the 8th grade.... I was only around him a couple of times, but he was the kind of dude that always kept everybody laughing. During the week of his death I remember seeing a bunch of his friends post pics of him and them as their facebook "profile picture", as a gesture of remembrance to Mikal. It's crazy how you guys take such little information and run with it and post such disrespectful things about someone. Kamesha refused to give this article any kind of energy; but being someone who knows her heart, this article is just WRONG! The only thing I can say is remember that there may come a day in life when your name is being dragged through the mud and I hope that you can take in what you are dishing out because they say karma is a b&%*.

Myia LeGrande said...

Mikal is my dad, and i'm about to be 15 now and I just happened to read this and I couldn't believe my eyes. My father was no thug, he NEVER hit my mother, she was a lying dirtbag. She used to steal from stores right in front of us. She made my dad pay for her to get out. She only wanted her money. But no where in this article does it say that the man who murdered my dad was my mothers BOYFRIEND. I loved my dad, I miss him so much. He cared about us more than anything in the world, he made sure we were always happy. My mother never cared about us, she would tell us to leave her alone and she never wanted to actually be with us, all she wanted to do was cheat on my dad and party. Miss Kamesha was and is an amazing woman, she loved my dad and me and my siblings. Don't you dare talk about them like that. My dad was a loving and caring man, everyone liked and loved him, I wish he was here today and its horrible growing up without a father, He won't be there to walk me down the isle, he won't be able to send me off to college, he won't see me graduate highschool. Just let him rest in peace in heaven, and let that man who murdered my dad rot in prison where HE belongs.