Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hartigan's Stabbing Victim Was Helped Briefly By CMPD

From the Charlotte Observer

Susan Bennett, a regular who said she supports Hartigan's, told the Observer it was police - not the pub's staff - that prevented anyone at the pub from assisting Baker.

Bennett said she and some friends were at the pub near Bank of America Stadium early Sunday when they heard a ruckus and went outside to discover that Baker had been stabbed.
Bennett said that when police arrived, she pleaded with officers to help Baker or allow her to help the woman. Bennett claims an officer told her he could see Baker breathing, and that police were waiting for paramedics. At one point, an officer briefly applied pressure to Baker's wound, she said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Capt. Jeff Estes, who heads the police division that covers the uptown area, has said his officers acted appropriately.

He said officers encountered a "belligerent" crowd when they arrived and that officers have to consider whether they should allow someone claiming to be a first responder to help, particularly when there is a chance he or she could be intoxicated. Estes said an officer applied pressure to Baker's wound with a towel.


Anonymous said...

How about asking this: Why does CMPD show the murder rate as being the lowest it has ever been when we have a murder almost every week? Sounds like someone may be fixing numbers.

Anonymous said...

Because the lying and the cheating have become a way of life at cmpd.

And he has involved so many people on so many levels that don't want to be outed that he has a whole cadre of accomplices in the numbers game.

All the sadder for Cmpd and for the many decent Officers that just want to do a good, honest job.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the new Security company for the EpiCenter has any Cmpd connections?

Just askin' !

Anonymous said...

why would an anon blame hartigans if it was really cmpd that did not allow assistance?

just wondering what their motive might be.