Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Marketing

Even the panhandlers have become politically correct!

His sign reads "Homeless, Hungry, Please Help, Happy Holidays"


Anonymous said...

Fuck that bum. I'd have told his worthless drunk ass to, "go get a job you scum".

Anonymous said...

Riiight, and how does that make you any better?

You are only a paycheck away from having an injury or illness that takes your job away.

What do you have then to survive?

You may not like what this person is doing but have compassion for a human being who has NOTHING and probably little education to work from.

I'm not a fan of beggars but when someone has a drug/alcohol problem, how does cussing at them help?

Why don't you stop being part of the problem and figure out how to be part of the solution.

You don't know what his story is but I bet this man with nothing is not as hate filled as you are.

May you find peace and compassion this Holiday season. Kindness never hurts.