Sunday, December 25, 2011

Haunted Christmas Tree

So here's the story:

There is this lighted Christmas Tree and drifts out on to the golf course behind my house. By sunrise the tree is gone. This has been going on for years during Christmas week. One night it is on the green, another night far away in the woods. It is never seen during the day.

So I decide to go have a look, its like 5 AM of Christmas morning. The first photo I take is above. I have no explanation of the fog circling the tree. There was no fog in the area that I could see. Yet there is fog in the photo. I took another 12 photos with my Blackberry and not one of them recreated the fog circling the tree. An hour later the tree was gone.

Now I'm sure the tree is moved each night by one of our neighbors who uses a portable power source. Maybe the golf course folks are part of the mystery.

But the fog circling the tree, I'm still baffled.


Anonymous said...

Cedar I'm going to guess that you surprised a bird of some kind that thought the tree was a nice warm place to hang out during the cold night. Looks like you flash caught the panic flight of a small bird.

Or maybe the ghost of Christmas past?

alex amarxon said...

Clearly you do not see any barbs yet, so we have to make some. Using those wire cutters, cut the loops to leave just a hair of sharp wire to replicate the barbs...wood privacy fence