Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's Odds and Ends - Mostly Odds

CMPD Officers stood by and watched 30-year-old Antoinette Baker bleed out after a bar fight at Hartigan's in Uptown Charlotte?

That is what FOX Charlotte says:

Cedar's Take: The facts are pretty loose at this time, so it is hard to fault CMPD Officers for not doing anything. However a CMPD Officer preventing a first responder from rendering assistance is something Cedar Posts has encountered first hand in the past.

Note to Ms. Duncan as an RN you out rank the CMPD Officer. You should have stood your ground and you should have taken action. I sense a lawsuit on this one if the facts check out. "We don't have the proper equipment" is BS, and Rob Tufano is uninformed as well. CPR no longer requires face masks since the method has been updated to just chest compressions.

How to save a life in two steps. Stop or at least slow the blood loss. If the victim is not breathing or her heart has stopped chest compressions might just do the trick.

Standing around with your hands in your pockets is not acceptable. Neither is stopping a nurse from rendering assistance.

Reality check: African American Female bleeding extensively = probable drug user, and high Hepatitis/Aids risk. I would rather wait for the EMT's too.

CMPD needs some education on this matter.

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The entire list is here.

Then there is which is the other side of the coin.

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The ACC Football Championship Summed Up in 140 Characters - Clemson-Cavalierly Eagled Hokies in a Hurricane like Devils+Demons stung by Yellow Jackets Wolfing a Terrapin w/Seminoles on their Heels.

Raligh's News and Observer Columnist says Ban TASERS - "When it comes to protecting the public, I want all cops to have any tools they need - except the stun gun, which for most law enforcement agencies is a Taser."

The News and Observer's Rick Martinez who is also New Director at WPTF an AM News/Talk Radio Station in Raleigh, goes on to say "Stun guns are billed as nonlethal force alternatives, but they're not. I've found three cases this year in which stun guns have contributed significantly to the deaths of three North Carolina citizens.

Based on news reports of the past year or so, I sense an increased reliance on Tasers, and I think it's because they're relatively easy to use.

I suspect that's what happened last week in Scotland Neck when 61-year-old Roger Anthony died after being stun-gunned. Anthony reportedly failed to stop pedaling his bike when a newly minted police officer ordered him to do so.

The shock rendered Anthony brain dead, and he died shortly after being taken off life support at Pitt County Memorial Hospital. Scotland Neck Police Chief Joe Williams said his officer fired his Taser when Anthony appeared to put something in his mouth. Family members have described Anthony as a sickly man who suffered seizures, and that Anthony was hard of hearing and may not have heard the officer's orders.

Scotland Neck Mayor James Mills said Anthony could never be considered a threat, and he wouldn't be surprised to see a lawsuit over the case.

Charlote Police Chief Rodney Monroe ordered a review of the tasers and officer training after the July death of 20-year-old Lareko Williams, who was shocked by a Charlotte police officer. Ironically, Williams's death came days after Taser International was ordered by a federal court jury to pay the family of Darryl Turner $9.2 million.

Turner, then 17, died after he was shocked by a Charlotte police officer during a disturbance at a Charlotte grocery store in 2008. Taser officials told me they will work to overturn the Turner judgment. The City of Charlotte paid the Turner family $625,000 in 2009, although it did not admit guilt in the case.

Fayetteville's police chief also ordered a safety review in August after Michael Evans, 56, died when he was shocked by the same Taser model used on Williams. An autopsy found Evans died from a lethal dose of cocaine, but that the Taser shock contributed to his death.

I applaud the police chiefs for their safety concerns, but it shouldn't take another Taser death to demonstrate that stun guns should be shelved for good."

The entire editorial is here.

CMPD's Gina Cook Still in the News - Not the Main Street Media just the inside news. Cook who according to CMPD Rob Tufano is still on the CMPD payroll at 60k a year, has had a pretty big year when it comes to Domestic Violence. Since CMPD is trying to keep a lid on the K-9 Officer's actions its hard to tell fact from rumor but at least once since her incident last summer Gaston Count and SHP have encountered Ms. Cook's crazy behavior.

One could only hope that Charlotte's Civil Service Board meets this week to send her packing once and for all.

BCS will be LSU vs Alabama - Yawn..... and Rick Reilly sums it up as "The first LSU-Alabama game was more boring than Tim Tebow's porn stash. To play another one will be like remaking "J. Edgar" or attending a goiter convention."

But that's not why there should be no Dullapalooza II on Jan. 9 in the Superdome. There shouldn't be one because it makes the BCS honchos liars. This is their Twitter handle: @EveryGameCounts. But how can every game count if it doesn't matter who won the first one? The rest of Reilly's rant is here.


Anonymous said...

Simply put there is a great percentage of police officers who will not with empty hands take on a person armed with a knife, hammer, axe, etc. This may be because they are scared...or b/c they're smart. Without the taser device everyone with a knife, hammer, etc who takes one step too many towards a cop will be SHOT. If the critics of the tassel are OK with this, then Great! The officers will be happy to appease

Anonymous said...

*tassel - taser

Anonymous said...

If a CMPD Officer stood by and did nothing I'm not shocked. If a couple of them stood around and watched her bleed out I'm not shocked. If they refused to give their name I'm not shocked. If her family sues and is awared a million bucks I'm not going to be shocked.

The deparment has gone to hell.

Thanks Chief Monroe.

Anonymous said...

Another racist post from the redneck mouth of the south Cedar Posts!

Anonymous said...

Please wait for the facts, and I am not talking about Faux News "facts"..if it bleeds it leads news.

Also The Observer does another fluff PR piece for Rodney, what, does he have something on the Editor??

They failed to mention how the incompetent Katrina Graue "lost" a significant number of the new Chargers. She does seem to have a huge problem with actually telling the truth. She did not want CC to know exactly WHO was driving the new cars.or how many they had...Mostly Rodney's Posse or "favored" ones...

Nothing racist about calling Rodney, a corrupt Chief, corrupt is corrupt, no matter what your race. CORRUPTION has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with integrity and ethics, which Rodney is sorely lacking.

And CMPD is Phucked up, thanks to Rodney, Curt Walton, Foxx, etc.

Anonymous said...

FYI....they have a suspect in jail, provided detectives have all the evidence they need, she killed her, not a CMPD officer. I'm willing to bet no amount of CPR was going to help this victim. Before you rush to judgement, wait for the medical examiner to weigh in.

Here's a commentary...sound familiar...single black female, 30 years old, with 6 children out drinking at 2am. I so hope that this was a very rare occurence, but sadly, I suspect not. I also sense that there isn't just one father involved here either. I also suspect that we, the tax-payers, were supporting her to some degree. Getting real tired of this story.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:43,

Who killed her, how many kids she has, how many fathers they have etc. is completely irrelevant and does NOT give a police officer the right to refuse assistance to someone that is dying.

The refusal to assist or allow assistance is the point here, nothing else.

There is a good chance that we will never know if she could have been saved because no one was allowed to try, and if it is determined that she could have been saved, CMPD will spin it.

It is the same egotistical, unaccountable attitude that has run rampant within CMPD and has made many lose respect for the department.

Anonymous said...

When police arrive on a scene, their first priority is scene safety. Without that, Medic won't even come in. In a bar fight, the first concern is to get the scene secure. Once it's secure, Medic is notified and they come in. You are right, I'm not going to render aid to anyone if the scene isn't secure. And typically by the time the scene is secure, Medic is there. So yeah, if I just get the scene secure and Medic is 30 seconds out, I'm not going to be doing anything anyway. I don't have the equipment and medical professionals will be there in seconds. Yes, the department says that we are given masks and gloves to provide aid. How many cops carry a large CPR mask on their person? Where are you going to put it?

The news is not reporting the 100% truth about what happened out there.

Anonymous said...

I was there and all the police did was stand back and watch her die. The police wouldn't let anyone near her. Just kept yelling help is on the way and get back get back. Never seen anything like that in my life and dont ever want to see that again. If you think CMPD is gonna help you than you are wrong. They could have done something rather than let her die alone like that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:54,

Do you know how long she was denied assistance?

Anonymous said...

The first responder that was not allowed to help said it was the BAR OWNER that pulled her away not police.
A bunch of hypocritical morons on the frigging page!

Anonymous said...

FYI the Murder suspect is WHITE

Anonymous said...

The Observer's story says "Bar Owner" and FOX story says police. Who is right? Either way it is wrong. Just to leave someone lying there. Cops are wood heads, bar owners are jerks the place should be closed down.

And as Cedar Pointed out the "facts are pretty loose at this time".

Anonymous said...

Once the bar owner pulled her away, the officers that arrived on scene didn't know what happened nor who was involved. Sure would hate to have my killer finish me off under the gise of helping me.

Ok, maybe with lots of witnesses there that might not happen....but the officers arriving don't know what happened or who was involved and I can only imagine how many people were offering up their opinions. It's a very confusing time and they are doing their best to get scene secured and getting the right aid. Until you walk in their shoes reserve judgement.

Now, what were all these witnesses doing while this fight was going on. Anyone step up to help? Sure doesn't seem like it. I'm betting it was entertainment until it turned deadly.

Anonymous said...

You guys have no clue what you're talking about..... CMPD's first responsability is to secure area NOT PROVIDE FIRST AID....They are the POLICE, NOT EMTs!!! So, one drunk lady that "recorded" the event is upset the cops didn't do anything to help??? What the hell does "recorded" mean? I know what it means, it means she was in the bar with her camera phone recording the entire fight instead of HELPING her the lady. If she had stepped in in teh beginning this lady might not be dead..... CMPD is there to arrest those who break the law and protect citizens from being harmed by others. Check and Check.

Anonymous said...

she was attacked from behind with a broken bottle as she was leaving the club

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the nigger mouth was running, and she pick the wrong white girl to mess with. Normally this would have ended with the bottle over the head. But I guess nigger momma just kept mouthing off and the redneck whitey stuck the bottle to her neck and down goes the black bitch. Not cool at all. Look at the damn mess she made in the parking lot. Look at the police standing there doing nothing. I'm thinking nigger momma had a knife or sumthing to keep this fight going and everyone was cheering them on until redneck girl put the hammer on nigger mouth. scratch two whores of the roles of society. Cool by me.

Anonymous said...

Is this a gay bar? I mean a LGBT bar? Or just a post football game hangout?

Anonymous said...

Not my comment but an interesting point of view.

I'm sure the folks that witnessed this murder did everything in their power to stop the fight before it got to the point where someone was stabbed to death. Standing around watching this incident makes you as guilty as the suspect.

As a nurse, Duncan should know the dangers of blood born disease. Why should the officers risk their lives to jump into a 'pool of blood' with only a pair of latex gloves on? Treat all blood as if it were contaminated, right Duncan.

tygrr94 why not come out and say the police didn't react sufficiently enough because the victim was black. The only racist here is you for even suggesting that's why they didn't provide first aid.

Its tragic that someone died at this time of year. However, at 30 with 6 children partying at Shenanigans Irish Pub should have been the last thing on her list of priorities. She should have taken her own advise and "enjoy family."

Another great story Fox Charlotte. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Cedar Posts said...

Hummmm the "N" word. Could ya'll note put the "N" I double grrrr word in the comments.

I just have to log in somewhere and bleep it and I'm on the road so doing it via BlackBerry is really hard.

Anonymous said...

OK...i was at Hartigans...I got to the woman and was trying to apply pressure to her neck and was pulled off her...idk about the police aspect of it, but the bar is def at fault, because being a first responder and then the nurse being there and not allowed to help by the "co-owners" is unbelievable...I'm going public with my story if you were NOT there and didn't actually see what about keep your mouth one deserves to lay on cold concert and die the way this woman did

Anonymous said...

Lesbos in mortal combat to the death, sounds like s bad late night movie.

Anonymous said...

She had is coming, she had be drunk and mouthing off all night at the white girl. You could see it was going to be big because the crowd kept it up. It was a death match and the crowd got what they wanted. But it was over pretty quick when the blood started shooting out of her neck. People screaming and yelling a couple people throwing up. But they will be back at it again this weekend like nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:39,

Thank you for speaking up for this woman. Please post where/when the story airs so it can be followed.

Anonymous said...

why is the suspect allowed to drive a bus for CMS?

Anonymous said...

Its a known gay/lesbian bar. I live across the street and can say that they hardly ever have issues at all. I always see tons of Taxi Cabs showing up late at night, which is a great sign. I have heartbroken that this lady died. I'm also saddened that it was handled the way it was. Someone should have helped this young lady. With her laying on the ground bleeding out like that, it pisses me off nobody was able to help her. The bar owner that pulled that lady off of her should be held liable for SOMETHING

Anonymous said...

So this is a known gay bar, we;; that answers a few questions.

Here you have a Black maybe a woman at a Gay bar and she/he/it is bleeding I'm not touching a thing.

Kudos to the couple of brave people who tried to help. But the Cops aren't that stupid. Cedar knows the drill, if you are not trained in HAZMAT back away. Let the Medics clean up the mess.

Sad fact is the odds of that person having some sort of virus is about 50/50 I'm not taking a chance. I'm telling her/he/it they are going to be ok and that help is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Observer cut off their comments on this story. So plese keep it PG.

Anonymous said...

it seems odd that she was there with her brother and sisters. Is that typical?

Anonymous said...

It was a bar did anyone ever think the RN could have been intoxicated.......

Anonymous said...

It’s sad that someone has lost their life due to an act of violence, it’s also sad that the non educated POS that likes to slam CMPD has no clue what they are talking about. If you think you can do this Job, by all means stand up, shut up and grow some freaking balls and just try. It takes a special individual who is willing to give their life for someone else. CMPD Officers risk their lives everyday taking the chance that they may not see their loved ones. Would you Haters do that? I don’t think so. I know many Officers who have given assistance to suspects, and victims that were trying to hurt them. Leave race out of this article, it has no weight. I guarantee you, that the same ones screaming racist and slamming the Police are the first ones to call 911.

Anonymous said...

Why has the SVD lost 5 experienced, valuable, and knowledgable detectives back to patrol in the last 16 months? Why are others looking to move also? What's going on up there? Sounds like a mess to me!

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that the vic was going to die. There was nothing anyone could do. This is what happens when to break a beer bottle and trust the broken glass into someone neck. The bleed like crazy all over the pavement and then they die.

Anonymous said...

that is not actually true. If you can stop the bleeding, you can get them to surgery. Here is an example.

fortunately, this guy had some help.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 5, 2011 10:43 AM

Your an IDIOT!! Don't post anything that you have no knowledge or experience in DUMBASS.

Anonymous December 5, 2011 10:59 AM

You got it right, scene security also comes first to rendering aid. You can't help if the scene is not secure. And you said it Medic will not come in until the officers on scene advise that its okay.