Saturday, December 3, 2011

Charlotte's WBTV Reports Billy Graham Dead - Opps!

Early this morning WBTV Weekend anchor Kristen Miranda reported that the Reverend Billy Graham had died. (he has not)

The good news is that the Reverend Graham is very much alive, the bad news is someone at WBTV now has a much higher power to answer to, than senior management.

Nearly 30 minutes later the WBTV Anchor corrected her error.

“We got some bad news from CBS News this morning–some incorrect information that the Reverend Graham had passed away,” Miranda said. “We can tell you we’ve checked with Mission Hospital in Asheville and they tell us that is not true.”

It is pretty clear that WBTV had some sort of major lapse in judgement.

At 4:00 PM This afternoon WBTV issued this statement:

On Saturday during its early morning newscast, WBTV News mistakenly reported the passing of the Rev. Billy Graham. Our show producer read what he thought was a breaking news crawl about Rev. Graham on an off- air network feed.

He made the decision to air the information without checking it first. That was a mistake.

Within minutes, other staff members contacted the hospital where Rev. Graham is being treated, to find out that he is doing well in his recovery from pneumonia.
We made an on-air correction immediately.

Accuracy is the most important ingredient of any newscast. We at WBTV strive every day to make sure that the news we deliver is accurate, fair and useful to our viewers.

Today we made an unfortunate mistake.

We apologize to Rev. Graham, his family, the staff of Mission Hospital in Asheville where he is being treated and most of all our viewers.

We will be reviewing exactly what happened and we will take steps to make sure that it does not happen again.

-- Dennis Milligan, News Director, WBTV


Anonymous said...

I bet someone is looking for a job. Honestly they should replace the entire weekend staff. Everyone should pay the price on this screw-up.

Anonymous said...

they also reported the faulty brand new TASERS were instead in need of a "software UPGRADE"

as did most networks.

Ch. 14 got their first story right. Hoping for more.

All who keep letting this charade continue by acting as PR agents for Chief Monroe's actions should be fired and replaced.

Anonymous said...

Being "First" is not going to happen, thanks to twitter. Better to just get it right.

HDLadee said...

I like Miranda, she is funny. Hopefully, she will not get canned over another employees serious gaffe.

Of course, WBTV, as whole, is still under the Rodney, keep my secrets, regime.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to be "first" to air the story...I hate it when one station says "you heard it here first" then you turn to another one and they say the same thing...who cares where you here it first!!

Anonymous said...

Cedar is on top of this stuff he tweeted the WBTV gaffe yesterday morning and again right after WBTV issued their statement.

He also tweeted the stabbing Uptown early this AM. I am not so sure he is really just one person maybe he is two or three.

I know who "The General" is but not sure if he is Cedar Posts or what his connection is. I know many CMPD folks who say the General is good ppl.

I suggest if you want to stay on top of things follow Cedar on Twitter.

There is a link on this page somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Cedar and citynewswatch are the only two places you will get the real news and stories!!

Thanks to them both!!

Yep, another body to add to the count......and I heard Monroe was there, with Medlock AND Gallant......whoa....but as usual, useless as anything but "BRASS ORNAMENTS" as the real work got done by others.

Anonymous said...


Irony alert.

Cedar Posts said...

9:52 I saw that after I posted the story from my BlackBerry. Started to correct it but had a very poor signal and then forget all about it.

Thanks for makeing me laugh at myself.

Anonymous said...

Cedar: I see you have been texting and driving again. When news hits the old reporter side of you kicks in. The heart gets to pumping, and the adrenaline gets to flowing. Ive seen it many times. Be careful on that road. You have much to do before it all ends especially with the additonal weight put on your shoulders lately..

Anonymous said...

Nice screen shot of the WBT heifer. Hope she is canned for the screw-up.