Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charlotte Awash In Funny Money?

Late Saturday CMPD Officers responded to the Regal Cinemas at the Stonecrest Shopping Center for a robbery call of sorts. While no gun was used the movie theater was still out $120.00. Thieves stole the money by passing counterfeit $20 dollar bills.

According to police officers the funny money was of very high quality and they dubbed the fakes "superbills" as they are so good the only way to tell that they are counterfeit is under ultraviolet light.

While it is hard to imagine that true "superdollars" or "superbills" (those so perfect that experts think they are the work of the Russian Mob or North Korea) are in circulation in Charlotte it is something to be on the look out for.

How to spot a fake $20 in six easy steps.

Cedar Posts emailed CMPD's Rob Tufano for additional details regarding Saturday's incident so far nothing but "Crickets".


Anonymous said...

I think this is just another one of many crimes CMPD would just rather you not know about.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of counterfeit currency. The only true way to determine if it is fake is UV light. The security strip will glow a different color depending on the denomination. The bill itself won't glow whereas if it is reprinted on paper, the paper itself will glow. That pen that stores use is useless. That looks for starch in the bills (common with paper, but not money). The new tactic is bleaching a $1 bill and then reprinting it with a $20 value. This will then have the fibers and the texture of real money.

This crime has nothing to do with CMPD wanting to hide anything. The US Secret Service investigates all counterfeit currency.

Anonymous said...

How to spot a counterfeit $20:

It says "Federal Reserve Note"

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