Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rodney Monroe Suspends Next CMPD Recruit Class

On Friday word floated out of Chief Rodney Monroe's office that he was suspending the next CMPD officer recruit training class. The next class was to begin February 4th. The Chief justified the cancellation by saying that the suspension of training will save money.

It is unclear if the suspension is for the class to begin in February or the following class.

If the rumor is true it will be the first time in the history of CMPD that training has been suspended.

But that may only be half the story. Word is that the North Carolina Justice Academy is in the process of revoking or suspending CMPD's training certification, because of the ongoing finger print and records scandal.

Attorney General Roy Cooper's office has been in the process of auditing CMPD's records and apparently found hundred's of missing documents, including medical records, social security numbers, back ground check paper work and FBI finger print cards.

Word is that the audit also found fault in policy and testing.

This is not the first time, testing has been an issue at Charlotte Police Academy. Cheating and then a request to provide answers to help Chief Monroe memorize the questions and correct answers has seen more than one CMPD staffer thrown under the bus in the past. It will be interesting to see who the Chief volunteers this time.

Cedar Posts emailed CMPD's Rob Tufano for clarification and confirmation regarding the training class cancellation, and NCDOJ audit Saturday but as usual nothing but crickets.


Cedar Post might have this one wrong, word late Friday was the the February 4th class is still on. No additional details about the NCJA audit, might this rumor be bogus as well, we shall see.

Cedar's Take: If this proves true, I would expect Charlotte City Council will call Monroe in for a private chat. After an expensive recruiting junket to Puerto Rico last year, pricey new uniforms, office renovations, and spending like there is no tomorrow it strikes Cedar Posts as really poor management to shut down the Police Academy and cancel any recruit class.


Anonymous said...

Skip the talk and just fire his corrupt ass.

Save the taxpayers a lot of time and money, stop being afraid of him and send him onto his next PD to destroy.
And Sherie and Katina Graue while you are at it.....Part of the coverup.

And would some MSM person please ask for clarification, paperwork and justification for the SHOP program I read about here and on citynewswatch? I think the AG should be investigating that and a lot more, also.

Anonymous said...

A majority of the files that are missing the info you talk about are from 20-30 years ago. Stuff that was moved numerous times etc. There may be a checklist marked off in the file that everything was done but, the actual "FBI check" (nothing more than a computerized criminal history) aren't in the file. Yes, Monroe has pushed for the hiring of known gang members and people with misdemeanor arrest records but, this thing isn't all his doing. I believe the all exalted now Deputy Chief Putney (salute expected) was out there as staff when some of this took place

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22
It really doesn't matter how many times they have been moved. They were found MISSING on RODNEY'S watch, and I believe he was the one, with his buddies Katrina Graue and Sherie Pearsal, that tried desperately to cover it up. SS numbers, health info and other personal confidental information is missing, gone. Do not minimize the severity of what has happened under the current exalted leadership.

And who has done away with all of the leadership training at the Academy?? Along with just about any other kind of training. Leadership training that is desperately needed, for rodney.

And do not even try to throw Putney under the bus on this.....he was a low level recruiter.

Anonymous said...

The city council of Charlotte has no balls. But hopefully they will get rid of his SORRY ASS. Then then will notice the big mistake the made by making him the Chief of Police over more qualified individuals. Could it have been a black thing?

Then there is Vicki Foster who is just as corrupt by lying all of the time. Basically to hide her indiscretions, concerning her business etc. etc. Plus Katrina I haven't forgot about you also. How in the world can you lose 50 vehicle's? Loaned out to ROMO's thugs to parade around Charlotte at the taxpayers expense.

City council just same time, energy and more of the tax payers money. Just get rid of him once and for all. He has made a bunch of bad decisions and better officer's have been thrown under the bus. Now it's his turn and I hope that the department does lose their certification.

Anonymous said...

Could someone Please tell cmpd Command Staff how to conduct themselves at a "suspicious death"" i.e. HOMICIDE scene. Seems we are now calling HOMICIDES SUPICIOUS DEATHS, did anyone catch that euphemism?

Harold Medlock and some hooded member of CS were on the news yucking it up at the "suspicious death" crime scene.

Crime Scene 101, do not be disrespectful at any crime scene.....there are always cameras.

Unprofessional and childish.

And he's the guy that will be in charge of the DNC? Great!

Anonymous said...

I have got to ask the question, is there NO uniform Code at

Do people just grab whatever is available as they go out the door?

I will not be surprised to see someone with pajama bottoms and a "pair of panties" on their head at the next crime scene.

I've never seen such a mish mash of UN uniformly dressed police personnel.

With all the vast monies rodney has spent on uniforms, you would think that cmpd would look halfway presentable...

It is just another example of the lack of leadership, direction and real discipline under rodney. Another example of rodney's lack of respect for directives and policies.

Hell, I heard people are buying whatever non approved jackets they want and throwing cmpd patches on them and wearing them with impunity......another example of piss poor leadership.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are often dead on with the news you report, but this one I think is a big miss.

I know there is a lot of talk about the NCJA review and some issue with reporting and record keeping but I doubt it is that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:03
If it isn't, which i doubt, it sure as hell should be a big freaking deal.... Or there is something seriously wrong with the NCJA

Anonymous said...

Wait for it..... He is dead on again, Dude.

Tis IS a real big deal..

No matter how Tufano tries to minimize and cover it up...,,it's a big freaking deal.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, it may be the next class.

Anonymous said...

if this is true this sucks..because the people in the class have already been promised a job..and if moving here from another city or state, already quit their job and moved here in preparation to start the Academy! Now what do they do?

Anonymous said...

mIt is not the NCJA, it is the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards division. I heard they told CMPD the next class would not happen until some things were cleared up. Supposedly, some of the past recruits had some qualification problems and were let in anyway.

Anonymous said...

9:33 thanks for setting me straight. This might explain why Rob Tufano told one local reporter this post was totally bogus.

The reporter said NCJA and that gave him the out to say bogus.

Thanks Again