Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chief Monroe Promotes Lower Crime Numbers - Again

Majors Vicki Foster (Sans Uniform and on her cell phone), Doug Gallant, Kerr Putney, Capt Martha Dozier, Deputy Chiefs Harold Medlock and Katrina Graue at Wendover Road CMPD Office.

WFAE's Lisa Miller has the details here.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the number of crimes dropped 7.1 percent last year, a development that Chief Rodney Monroe credited largely to officers keeping a close eye on potential criminals before they struck.

Monroe also defended his department's compilation of crime statistics, saying he's "willing to listen" to anyone who can prove the numbers are not accurate.

Monroe said the results show that hard work by police and cooperation with the district attorney's office and the community is paying off.

"Knowing who are offenders are, and paying close attention to them, has paid off," said Monroe, citing CMPD's strategy to focus on repeat offenders." That was the lowest number of homicides this city has seen since 1988, and we had a 96 percent clearance rate for homicides," he said.

Monroe countered criticism from some in the community that CMPD has manufactured lower crime numbers by the way in which they classify incidents.

One Charlotte-based blog site says numbers are lowered by classifying crimes to less-severe categories, such as vehicle thefts reported instead as "unauthorized use of motor vehicles," or drive-by shootings as "damage to property."

"The numbers are going down because these officers are working in the neighborhoods," Monroe countered. "Look at the homicide numbers, or the number of Crime Stoppers tips coming in.

They're coming down. I can't fudge that."Monroe said police follow the criminal code, adding, "The code is clear. We follow that."

Totals from the 2011 crime statistics report:

Homicides: 55 ... decrease of 6.8 percent.

Robberies: 1,612 ... 10.2 percent drop.

Rapes: 211 ... 8.7 percent decrease.

Aggravated assaults: 2,901 ... increase of 3.8 percent.

Residential burglaries: 6,352 ... 13 percent drop.

Commercial burglaries: 2,184 ... 8.1 percent hike.

Vehicle thefts: 2,665 ... down 21.2 percent.

Larcenies: 21,369 ... down 5.9 percent.

Arson: 159 ... 19.8 percent drop.

Cedar's Take: Magic with numbers, in October and November CMPD Officers arrested 32 suspects and charged them with unauthorized use, during that same time 6 suspects were charged with felony auto theft. There sure are a lot of people borrowing their neighbors cars.


Anonymous said...

He is so full of crap!
Let me ask you this, did he ever outright DENY he is reclassifying crimes? Did anyone ask him about the SHOP "program "?
He is on the ropes and on the defensive.
At least the MSM is starting to listen to facts from Bloggers and ask some questions.
Now they just need to follow up with some digging... And not falling for the absolute bullshit that rodney is so adept at.
Call him out and make him produce RECORDS and FACTS and put Them out...we need transparency... Not more LIES from rodney!

Anonymous said...

is the fly biscuit incident getting counted as an auto theft
charge? Last I heard it was murder and 2 counts of armed robbery.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12
With all the publicity, negative publicity, it really would be hard to reclassify this, right?
How about getting your buddy rodney to "
Open the books " on crime stats, show us the calls for service! Show us the MI's, tell us what SHOP is all about.
He won't ...,,
If you really want to do something useful besides be a front man for rodney, do something to stop the corruption!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12
If they COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT, it probably would just be auto theft or less, who do you think you are kidding?

You would have to be reeaaaallllyyyy stupid, or brain dead to not see what is going on at cmpd.....

No leadership or corrupt leadership, your only two options it seems at cmpd.

There is only ONE thing the top guy is really, really good at, coverups and lies, so I am told!

Oh, and lowering crime, ROFLMAS.

Anonymous said...

Can people just stand up in front of their "troops" and lie?

Seems they can and do.

Is this really the man we want as the head of cmpd?

Seems it is, so far.

But the tide is turning.

He is no leader.

And ANYONE that has been promoted and will be promoted to Command Staff since rodney took over will ALWAYS BE SUSPECT.

Why?? Because the only people that have been and will be promoted under him have been those fully on the bandwagon or those willing to remain silent, not speak about what is going on and throw their conrades under the bus when asked to do so....all for a promotion.
And everyone knows this about those promoted under rodney. Their silence is deafening.
A department top heavy with incompetence, yesmen, and people with no integrity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32,

You are nuts.

My only reason for the question is that the incident mentioned above should have had an auto theft charge along with the other charges, since the vehicle was located in fayetteville. We are still in January, it should not be too late to correct the numbers.

Not sure how you came up with all of the crap you just spewed, but get some help.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35
And you are funny!


Not so much, and the only "help" needed is for rodney to leave.

Misunderstood you is all, Dude.

You need to chill.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:08,


This is just my observation, but as far as Rodney is concerned, he is pretty much protected by the DOJ as longer as Holder is still in office. They are friends.

If you look at how Holder is stonewalling with the fast and furious docs and info, it seems very similar to the stuff that goes on here with public records and other facts.

My guess is about 2 more years, so if I was an honest officer at CMPD, I would probably go ahead and try to transfer out of the area.

That may seem lame, but right now it appears that there is too much support for ignoring facts and preventing them from coming to light and not much anyone can do about it.

Anonymous said...

If you were an honest officer, you would report what's going on and not stop until every crime and coverup were exposed.

Transfer out? How is that "protect and serve?" How is that brave?

That's lying and covering your own *SS. Just quit. Don't keep wearing a badge if that's the kind of person you are.

Anonymous said...

What a lineup that is, wow, is there an honest, honorable person standing up there?
Known liars snd self promotors, and if they aren't that, coconspirators by their silence and acquiesence.
This is the top tier at cmpd?
What a bunch of losers!
Oh yeah, Dozier probably just bought herself Major.
Cmpd is truly screwed royally!

Anonymous said...

It's a load of crap! The Division he cited for having the lowest numbers is getting killed on property crimes.

I can attest to the fact that they bundle their LFA (Larceny from Auto) together... Basically taking 5 and making them into 1; for reporting purposes.

CMPD RP&A and Crime Stats has been cooking the books for years.

Anonymous said...

RoMo is a friend of Eric Holder... so what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:44,

Stop trying to read me because you suck at it.

I am not a police officer or any part of cmpd. I am a family member of the victim of a violent crime in Charlotte.

I spent a long time trying to expose some things that were going on and could not find anyone, city or state that would help me and believe me I tried.

All it did was cause more than a year of deep depression due to the realization that there was nothing I could do regardless of the proof I had.

As a citizen and family member of a victim, I do wish that all officers would stand up and tell what they know, NO ONE wishes that more than me, but one cannot do it alone and there comes a point when you have to decide if the anger is turning your life upside down, and if it is, make a change.

Anonymous said...

Working on a book and expose right now.

It may not be finished in time to save cmpd, but it will expose the lies, the manipulations, and the corruption in Charlotte government and at cmpd.

And it will hopefully link government influence from DC to decisions made in Charlotte and extensions of the DOJ and departments here.

Am I afraid? Have I been "discouraged" from seeking information at every turn? In a word, yes.

Intimidation should not discourage anyone from seeking the truth and exposing corruption, at every level.

But this cmpd and charlotte city council control of the press must end.

After all, Charlotte is not a Police it?

Anonymous said...

How many Internal Affairs investigations has he shut down since arriving in Charlotte?

How many careers affected, threatened, or ended in the process?

Anonymous said...

There have been so many people whose lives have been turned upside down and ruined by Rodney Monroe and his egomania.
He continues to ruin lives of good people every day.
As does Harold Medlock.
It is amazing that either one of these "men" hold the positions they do.
I am told all the time of absolute horror stories about hostile working conditions by friends that work there.
I pray every day for the corruption to end so the men and women of cmpd can once again hold their heads up and be proud.

Anonymous said...

tell your friends to keep original documents of their own at home, and decide what else to do: file HR complaint, get an attorney, get together w/other officers that are trustworthy and tell, send information to people helping.

citynewswatch comments have a way to get encrypted email account. cedar and citynewswatch will take information.
CMPD brass is under scrutiny from wider sources now and this is the time.

Anonymous said...

I'd bitch slap any cunt that saw fit to yammer away on her cell phone during one of my press conferences.