Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CMPD Epic Fails Look Back Project

The Charlotte Observer's Tommy Tomlinson tried a social experiment a few months back. I'd guess it didn't work out so well. Tomlinson's idea was to ask for readers to play a part in the telling of a story.

The trouble was/is Tomlinson was a better writer than 99.9 percent of his readers. Cedar Posts doesn't have that problem and so I hope this works out a little better.

Here is my idea, every time some major fiasco, management failure, lie, death, or cover-up is exposed another one takes its place and the media runs after the newest "big CMPD story" and the public forgets the now "old news".

Tanisha Williams replaced Lavatae Evans the rapist who was released only to rape another victim minutes after CMPD Detectives let him walk. Now Tanisha Williams has been eclipsed by the death of Danielle Watson.

These failures taken one at a time are not so severe as to demand that Chief Monroe resign, but the baggage is adding up. The trouble is keeping track of all the misdeeds, something Cedar Posts finds overwhelming. And so a plea for help.

Name your top ten CMPD screw ups, lies, misdeeds or tragic mistakes, post it as a comment along with the date the "event" happened.

I've already named three:

Tanisha Williams CMPD Officers look the other way.
Lavatae Evans given a free pass only to rape less than 20 mins after being questioned.
CMPD Dispatch confuses Plums with Flying and Danielle Watson dies.

Here are two more:

Deputy Chief Katrina Garue misplaces 50 brand new CMPD Police Cars.
Officer hit by stay bullet, CMPD explains it as a "paint ball" attack.

The "events" that get meantioned the most will posted first, then we'll keep the list on the sidebar and keep a running record as the hits keep coming.


Anonymous said...

1) That most unfortunate Marcus Jackson thing...
2) Anyone remember Alvin Fant?

Anonymous said...

how about the officer dating the felon?

Anonymous said...

Gina whats-her-name and DV issues?

Anonymous said...

What about the documented gang member that was hired, going through the academy before they caught that one. Bet you can all guess the color of his skin and why he was fast tracked through the hiring process at a certain napoleonic figures instruction.

Anonymous said...

august 2010 - Arvin Fant ditched his notes in the Montgomery case and copied from another officer

December 2010 - laian McClellan trial- Notes again not turned over because swat kept a secret database.

february 2010 - Brian Cloninger rigs lineup

December 7, 2011 - Officer Jones assault

December 2009- Marcus Jackson on duty sex assaults

months that follow - Cheif Monroe lies about previous suspensions on Jacksons record

January 2010 - Officer has sex in fuel pizza bathroom while on duty

January 2010 - officer on private patrol falls asleep in police car while watching porn

2011- missing officer fingerprint cards

November 2011 - special victims detective dating a convicted felon she met as a result of his criminal history.

August 2011 - Gina Cook beat up girlfriend...Again

Here is 10 in no particular order

Anonymous said...

I named my allotted 10, (sorry about the typos) but my personal favorite is when Monroe made up those fake parking passes for the basketball game, not sure of the date.

could someone please include that one in your list

Anonymous said...

The Officer in Lowell, Mass. That was arrested for fighting and drinking.

The female Officer arrested recently for DUI.

The SHOP project being carried out in total secrecy.

Ooops, don!t forget how he started, lying about his degree and what it was actually in.

His promise to be at EVERY crime scene.

Just to much more!

Ghoul said...

Please don't forget the murder and cover up of cell phone tower repairman Wayne Furr. Police roll up to a report of suspicious activity at a cell phone tower. When they arrive there is a truck with the name and phone number of a cell repair company on it. Instead of seeing this and putting two and two together, an officer enters the tower with gun drawn, in a building that hums loudly, and confronts the repairman at 2AM. Repairman is shot and killed, what really happened we will never know since CMPD investigated if CMPD did the right thing.

Anonymous said...


Shut the F-up. Don't try to quarterback what you have no clue in which you are talking about. Hey dumb ass, you think you can do a better job than these Officers. I can tell, you are the type that will curl up in a fetal position and suck your thumb when in a stressed environment.

Anonymous said...

1) removal of calls for service and significant event log (and any other real information) from the website
2) Monroe's incredible amount of vacation time.
3) Waste of money on uniforms and building renovations

Anonymous said...

1. Tasers
2. RAC/Lieutenant process

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, only one thing should matter here because it
Dominos everything else:
Rodney's inability to ever tell the truth...about anything. Which has constantly caused coverups and secrecy.....about everything.
When a pathological liar is in charge there will be NO good outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:49
Mr. Angry Man is back, watch out.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why you read the Blog and comments if all it does is make you so irate....not healthy.

Anonymous said...

The Vicki Foster debacle.....filmimg a pilot tv show and revealing she would drag her feet if called upon to help someone that didn't hold her beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 9:50

Not irate, I find it funny that all you do is complain and yet do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Ghoul, The cell phone tower incident was before Monroe's time.

Secondly, it was ruled justified by the grand jury and district attorneys office. When police officers are involved in a shooting, it's always presented to the grand jury.

Anonymous said...

So 8:49 which one of these foul ups were you involved in?

It sounds like you have a problem with impulse control. If this blog causes this much stress for you again, why do you stay?

So when your gun is out and a rat toots do you just start shooting!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Jeff Taylor mentioned Antonio Stukes,
Was there even an investigation, a REAL investigation?
Or was that all hushed because of the security teams connection to Vicki Foster.
Why was no one charged with that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:49

You are freaking hilarious. Not with the PD. I unlike you was raised to show respect to law enforcement. I respect their jobs and the sacrifice they make daily to protect your sorry ass. You must write for the Observer, because you are an idiot. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

February 2009 - Monroe purchased a laminating machine to make up his own CIAA parking passes for friends and fsmily.

This is my favorite. Not because it was even close to the worst of the issues, but because it speaks volumes to Monroe's insane ego and sense of entitlement.

That one incident should have been a heads up to all of us of what was to come.


you did an excellent rundown in early 2010. Came across it while doing a search for the parking pass issue.

Not sure if using that works with your plans, but that article is here.

Anonymous said...

And the same time he did the fake parking passes remember he became irate that the one parking lot wouldn't 'honor" the fake pass and he had a colossal tantrum?

Now that was a Foreboding of things to come!

If there ever was anyone that ABUSED POWER it is rodney.

It was clear from the beginning that he had no respect for cmpd or its policies or directives and he was going to do whatever the hell he wanted.....with impunity and protection from Curt Walton.

He has appealed to the baser traits of human nature at cmpd and unfortunately he has "recruited" many.

Corruption breeds corruption, and it is rampant at cmpd under rodney. He and Medlock are definitely two of a kind.

I hope whoever said they were writing a book or expose has got ALL this stuff.

The Major at the academy is Shari Pearsall.

And a huge screwup is when they disappeared the Significant Event Log, Calls For Service, Annual Reports,
And initiated SECRET programs like the SHOP Program and goodness knows what other SECRET programs have been started and what other coverups we haven't found out about.... yet.

Dirty Dealings.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any doubt in anyones mind that he is a "dirty cop" from anyone I talk to at cmpd.

The RAC/LT fiasco is the biggest testimony to the enormity of his ego and his complete disregard for following procedures, his arrogance and feeling he is somehow above the law because he IS the law. He is calculating and dangerous.

And he always leaves others to clean up his dirty messes and take the blame for his "mistakes".

With promises to always "take care" of people he screws so they will hang on and not expose him. I hear that is one of his oft used and favorite phrases, "You will be taken care of".

Anonymous said...


I think everyone would agree on the 5 you listed.

My only exception might be Danielle Watson because for me the jury is still out on it.

I am having a hard time with that one because I have heard that the officer tried to call the boyfriend back and no answer. It seems like a mistake that could have been corrected if the boyfriend had given a damn. although it is true that they could have replayed the tape of the call and checked the name of the business, so I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Newest dead body in South Charlotte......working on if it is a murder or suicide??????? Really?????!

Anonymous said...

He has lowered crime. How many times?

Anonymous said...

Now they are calling the death of the guy in the car "suspicious".

Gunshot wounds, knife wounds, what is it?

Man, they do not want another homicide right now....

Watch this one closely. Very closely!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 19, 2012 5:20 PM

They will change this one also so that it won't show up in NIBRS/UCR. They will somehow rule it as a natrual death.

Anonymous said...

Who could forget CMPD Brass Email Request for LE Exam Info

Anonymous said...

How is the "Cooking School for Gang Bangers" coming along? Has Rotney found that grant money yet?