Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CMPD Spending Spree Continues Unchecked By Charlotte City Council

CMPD won't detail up to $25 million in DNC-related equipment purchases, according to the Charlotte Observer, in fact we may never know where the money goes.

A story in tomorrow's printed editon of the Charlotte Observer says that "A year ago, the Charlotte City Council voted to give City Manager Curt Walton power to approve DNC contracts, leaving council members -- and the public -- in the dark."

But class clown Warren Cooksey told the Observer he didn't realize he had voted in February 2011 to give Kurt Walton leeway to grant contracts. He said in retrospect that might not have been the best decision, and that such police spending should be debated in a public forum.

"We are relying on trust," Cooksey said.

Cedar's Take: D'oh!

But we do have inside information as to what Chief Monroe is spending your tax dollars on. Like this "urban assult command center"

Walton signed the contract to have it upfitted to Chief Monroe's spec's and it came in under 250k. It's a bargin!

The entire Observer story is here.


Anonymous said...

Not only is it total unadulterated bullshit that Medlock and others are spewing about it being a security risk, it is insulting to the intelligence of every ciizen of Charlotte and I fervently hope the ACLU takes cmpd and curt walton and city council to task and to court.

Does Medlock think we, the tax paying citizens, are blubbering, drooling idiots?

They do not want the Public to know the absolute frivilous, unncessary "toys" Monroe is buying, and the other ways he is wasting our money.


This non transarency protects monroe and walton, PERIOD.

There are VERY LITTLE, IF ANY, dsclosures that would compromise security. That is a total untruth and being used to scare the public.

This is outrageous, and every member of City Council that voted to allow this should be ashamed and held responsible for allowing Walton and Monroe and Medlock to conduct clandestine spending with NO oversight!!

Do you think you can trust Monroe, who has proven he is corrupt and a liar? And Curt Walton? Who has abetted Monroe at every turn?

Good god people, wake up to how your city government is operating and your money is being spent by cmpd.

Just another huge scam monroe is running on Charlotte. And Medlock and Walton are in on it with him.

Does it not say VOLUMES that Charlotte is the only city that has not disclosed?

Does it not bother one and all that this is the umpteenth time that monroe has refused information that the public has a right to know?

I guess he and cmpd attorneys can stop shredding now.

It is nuts that monroe and walton are allowed to continue their outrageous behaviors unchecked and with total impunity!!

What do walton and monroe have on people??? What other explanation would explain it?

Anonymous said...

lots of morons look good in orange jumpers

Anonymous said...

What should the City of Charlotte spend tax revenue on? And what amount? I know. The city should spend 10 million dollars, and every damn dime should go toward honoring, praising and above all worshiping the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him). Since he came here what has he done? LOWERED CRIME! Is this trifling, morally devoid city not safer, because of the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him)? He put this city on his broad shoulders, lifted it out of the pits of despair, and singlehandedly brought the criminals to their knees. Now he stands at the ready, always ready, with his loyal dogs at his feet, DC Grrrrrr Putney and the puppet medlock. On Friday he will anoint the newest chosen one, and she will take her rightful place by his right hand, ready to rule and proclaim, CRIME IS DOWN, CRIME IS DOWN, damn you!
Yes, 10 million dollars, for rose petals to cover the ground where he walks, for wine to celebrate his deeds, for granite to engrave his holy words at every entrance to this city and for a golden Crown Victoria to be his chariot. Mayorr Foxx will declare a month of celebrations and rename every city facility and school in his honor. There should be a parade through downtown, with the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him) on the shoulders of his dogs, and the people will bow down, and chant his name. I dream that the city will make this so.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet my small paycheck none of us are going to see those funds directed towards giving us officers raises...but at least Curt Walton got his 3% raise. The poor guy makes $240K. I just hope he can make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

That thing looks like a bad pickup van from the 70's. How much extra did we pay for the tacky paint job? was that his cousin's buisiness or something?
Hey Rob, can you find the P.O. for that, please? Paint jobs aren't top secret.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I think Cedar is joking, about the big purchase since that is Bill Murray's EM-50 Urban Assault Vechicle from the movie stripes.

Juat Saying!