Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WBTV Praises Chief Monroe Then Calls Him Out For Not Having a College Degree


Anonymous said...

If the lower crime stats were true, this would be great.....they are not.

instead of pontificating on his greatness, investigate his corruptness.

hell, his wife could do all of his course work and he could be a Phoenix....

Anonymous said...

That fucking liar. If I had put down on an app that I had a Colege degree, and it was later found out that I did not, I would be fired. Anybody else would have been fired as well. But Rodney gets a free pass on this. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rodney lied on his application saying he had a degree in Criminal Justice when the degree he had been given, although not really earned (debated, I know) was in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Then he lied or was so stupid that he meant it when he said he thought he really had the degree because he was confused and didn't understand. Just like he didn't understand the difference between the 6 hours he actually earned on campus and the 120 hours he was required to earn to get the degree they gave him anyway after lots of arm twisting and an enormous scandal where many all around Rodney who knew about the corruption and had stayed silent lost their jobs and reputations for their complicit behaviors while Rodney moved on to Charlotte with tearful empty promises.

Then there is what's surely on the background check done for Rodney and presented to Walton, Council and Mayor. Either that company was incompetent and missed LOTS of things including this, or Walton & co. thought they could cover it all up for some reason.

All the poeple covering for him will be exposed along with him. And if history is a predictor, you would be lots better off speaking up first. The secret, anonymous "whistleblower" on the degree scandal did the right thing. Public records which showed he also charged more than what was allowed for the classes he did take are the other part of what exposed the story.

People telling the truth and public records... it's working.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts is nothing but racist trash cop hater. Why don't you crawl but under your rock!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:17
Hi Rob, hope you are having a good day!!

And the POLICY, REQUIREMENTS, DIRECTIVES, whatever you want to call the RULES before Rodney, required a Masters Degree for being considered for Chief in Charlotte.

Hiring Rodney was just the beginning of the lowering of standards at cmpd.

But the mess he has made, the corruptness, that's what you get when you compromise your ethics and integrity and accept someone who proved from the get go he was comfortable with lying. And obviously Walton and City Council were comfortable with those first, telling lies.

He should never have been a contender, he was not he has proven over and over and over ad nauseum.

He has turned Charlotte into a case study of how not to "lead".

He is a joke, a not funny joke.

Anonymous said...

federal labor laws require that a business follows its own polices. Not make them as they go along and only apply them to certain people. Maybe another Federal Judge will tell Rodney he is wrong again.

Anonymous said...

Get'em Nick!