Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tasers Back In The Hands Of CMPD Officers

Watch WBTV's Story here.

Cedar's Take: CMPD Officers are once again equipped with TASERs. The six month lapse created by Chief Monroe in a bureaucratic quagmire since he doesn't understand how to transition from one product to the next and taxpayers are out nearly 2 million bucks because a couple of CMPD meatheads couldn't count to five.

If you're a lazy cop, you're not going to like the 5 second stock max, because that means you're going have to get on these idiots like you should have be doing in the past. No more just zapping away until your backup arrives.

For most CMPD Officers the new TASER is bulkier and just another thing to get snagged by a seatbelt.


Anonymous said...

Are these the same "brand new" Tasers they received a few months ago that had MAJOR software problems and had to be sent back?

A total waste of money, there was nothing wrong with the other Tasers except "User Error"....a little more training may have prevented "mistakes".

Or maybe not lowering standards and allowing subpar people into the academy to begin with...maybe make very sure they can count to five.

Just padding the coffers of Taser, Inc.

I am sure they will be VERY thankful to rodney, if you get my drift.

Just another day, and another deal done!

Can't wait to see who ends up with all the contracts for the DNC.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the percentage of officers would carry them if they were optional?

Anonymous said...

Actually the tasers were due to be replaced before this past summers death. That was the catalist that made it happen quicker. Most of the depts x26 tasers were out of warranty and the design was nearly 10 years old at that point. The new Tasers were a wise choice in my opinion.

The new Tasers did not have a software problem, they were delivered working how they had been designed to work. CMPD command wanted a feature to function differently and Taser came in and made the programing change. They were never defective and were never sent back, deployment was only delayed to make the changes and test it.

Cedar Posts said...

Anonymous 8:14

Thanks for your input and the details.

Wonder why CMPD never made any of these points public?

Each is very valid.