Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Odd and Ends

DNC 2012 - Is being promoted as the "Most Open Convention" in history. So there is something a miss because at the start of yesterday's six hour "Media Tour" DNC staffers told the 500 or so media types gathered that remarks made during the day long event would be off the record.

In other words media day was top secret and not to be reported.

But leave it to local trouble maker Mark Washburn to make waves with his "How odd: A secret meeting only the media could attend" story in today's Observer which is here. WBT's Chris Miller was pulled aside after he tweeted that the meeting was "off the record" and Jarvis Holliday who is writing for Charlotte Magazine reported the say theme in his column which is here.

Cedar's Take: The Paranoia spreads.

US Airways - thinks passengers are idiots. I'm pretty sure they are right, most passengers don't know that they are being fed a constant diet of bull shit while seated in their cramped seats like cattle.

Aside from the debate about cell phone and iPad use, the one thing that really grinds my gears is Flight Attendant Nazis claiming "We have been cleared to land" even though the aircraft is clearly more than ten miles from the runway.

For the record, your captain is not cleared to land until your aircraft in the only one on the approach and the runway is clear, this is normally inside 2 miles.

When asked US Airways flight attendants claim its an "FAA requirement". Of course they lie again.

In fact the prelanding announcement is not even required, from FAA AC No: 121-24C

"A prelanding briefing is recommended and should include the following: seat belts must be securely fastened; smoking materials must be extinguished; tray tables must be secured in their stowed position; seat backs must be in a fully upright position; food, beverages, or tableware must be picked up; and carry-on baggage and movie/video screens must be properly stowed for landing."

Cedar's Take: Dear US Airways there is no requirement to "lie". Look for "Ten Lies Your Flight Crew Tells You" Next week.

CMPD's Missing Fingerprint Cards - The saga continues. Sounds like the State Justice Academy is about to release their audit of CMPD and the results aren't going to be pretty. The biggest area of concern will be records and that will include the MIA fingerprint cards.

The main concern is how many of Chief Monroe's recruits have gaping holes in their background checks because the documentation is missing. With DNC 2012 right around the corner this is not good news.


Anonymous said...

RoMo going to have to throw someone else under the bus for the 991 screwup Campanna already got the bus last year.

Make that two people one for the finger print cards one for the 911 mix up.

Anonymous said...

It does seem that a lot of passengers pack their brains in their checked bags before getting on a plane.

The cabin has to be prepped for takeoff and landing otherwise objects can become projectile especially if hitting turbulence.

Maybe the phrasing was off but for the "nonseasoned" flyer they may not pick up on those small details.

The company has to protect itself so if passengers are told to put items away and one doesn't and gets impaled then they can't blame the airline, as much as attorney and his roaches on the plane would try.

Just a little safety precaution that's all.

Jeff A. Taylor said...

CP, I remain convinced that the "missing" fingerprint cards are somehow related to the Marcus Jackson fiasco.

The rumor was -- one I could never nail down -- that CMPD absolutely knew about Jackson's restraining order barring firearm ownership. But that that info -- along with other sketchy issues in some recruits past -- was officially "scrubbed" at some point. "Losing" the fingerprint has then hit upon as a way to deflect attention from the scrub job and effectively plead incompetence -- which as we know from long experience -- is never punished in Char-Meck government.

Oh, and for kicks Rob, who shot Antonio Stukes again?

Anonymous said...

Compagna fell on his sword for rodney at the Academy, remember?
He has been Rodney's boy since then.
So no surprise that he would cover his own ass and rodney's by throwing someone under the bus....and he did it so fast, no investigation yet and BAM!

And I believe Jeff Taylor is correct, somehow Jackson is behind the missing records.

Remember also, rodney has effectively REMOVED anyone at the Academy and replaced them with "his" folks, starting at the top with the Major that was promoted before she was eligible soon after rodney arrived. So it is a stacked deck out there, with people now that owe rodney and would do whatever he asked.

Like the rest of cmpd now. said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that audit!