Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CMPD Reports 2 Small Children Struck and Killed

Two young brothers who were walking with their father to a day-care center were hit by a truck and killed Wednesday morning in west Charlotte, police say.

Photo Credit:Davie Hinshaw -

The children were struck by a Sears delivery truck about 8 a.m. on West Tyvola Road at Shady Lane, police say.

Friends and other sources have identified the boys as Kadrien Pendergrass, 5, and his brother Jeremy Brewton, 1.

A woman is seen walking along West Tyvola Road at Shady Lane in this undated Google Street View image. Based on photos from the Charlotte Observer this may be the exact same location.

The Offical CMPD Press Release:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Major Crash Investigation Unit are conducting an investigation into a fatality accident that occurred at the 4500 block of Tyvola Road, which left two people deceased. The initial call for service came in at 8:10 a.m., Wednesday, February 22, 2012. Due to the ages of the victims, their names will not be released.

Westover Division officers responded to multiple victims struck at the intersection of Tyvola Road and Shady Lane. When officers arrived, they located three small children and their father in the roadway. The victims’ father advised that he was walking along the edge of the roadway with his children. He was pushing a stroller while his 5 year old son was pushing another stroller. The operator of the cargo truck was attempting to make a right turn onto W. Tyvola Road when he struck two of the small children and their father. Both children were transported to Carolina’s Medical Center, where they were pronounced deceased by medical staff. The father and the other child were not injured.

Crime Scene Search arrived on scene to collect evidence and photographs as the Major Crash Investigation Unit were conducting their investigation.

The suspect, Dirk Jerome Brown, DOB: 06/11/1979 was arrested and charged with two counts of Misdemeanor Death by Motor Vehicle.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please call 911 immediately or contact Detective Kevin Allred at 704-336-8862.

More details from the Charlotte Observer here.


Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts that is the same location, the guy just rolled over them. I'd guess right about where that woman is walking.

But these people aren't right walking down the road at 8AM a five year old pushing a one year old and the daddy pushing another one which says your an idiot. The driver is an idiot and father an idiot. But no one was watching the five year old. Just freaking nuts.

Anonymous said...

maybe don't call the father who was working hard to care for his children, taking them to school and daycare, and just lost two of them an idiot, no matter what happened.

what is wrong with you?

you don't know what happened and even if there was some error in judgement that ended tragically, are you perfect? his two children are dead.

Anonymous said...

The problems is the lack of sidewalks in this neighborhood. Instead the city will spend 500,000 to pave a section in Dilworth no one wanted or needed.
It's a fact in many minority neighborhood (70% of Charlotte by todays count)a large % of the population walks vs owning cars. Will the City get their heads out of their butts and change this situation before more lives are lost?

Anonymous said...

To 7:57, If 70% of Charlotte is minority neighborhoods, doesn't that make them a majority?

HDLadee said...

How truly sad and devastating for this father and the family. Prayers and condolences to him....I couldn't begin to imagine the pain and guilt he is going through! As parents we ALL know the old voices in our heads saying, "If I would have only...."

Sad, truly sad....

Anonymous said...

The father does have some responsibility in this as well.

Why were the children so close to the road and why wasn't he paying attention?

People who lack the capacity to think using logic should not reproduce.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a disgusting thing to say about a man who had his his beautiful children mowed down on the side of the road as he was trying to get them to daycare.

You are a cold-hearted son of a bitch. Crawl back under your rock and shut up.


I hope you have not reproduced with your limited capacity for logic, obviously rooted in racism.

condolences to this family.

Anonymous said...

How many times have you seen some brother walking a couple of kids, across a street and he has no control of them, and you watch them jumping around like little monkeys and you just pray they stay on the curb long enough to get you past them.

Wasn't it just a few months ago on West Blvd that some black kid with his dad darted out into traffic. Dead at the scene there too.

Anonymous said...

go away racist