Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chief Monroe's 3rd Reported Accident in 18 Months and Vilma Leake is a Passenger

Cedar Posts has learned that on Thursday February 16, 2012, CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe tested the laws of physics again by having another accident with his CMPD Crown Vic. This time oddly enough while in the company of Mecklenburg County Commissioner Vilma Leake.

Based on the accident report the Chief had stopped at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center to pick up commissioner Leake around 5PM.

As the Chief exited the drop off area onto 4th Street he cut across four lanes of traffic failing to yield the right of way, striking a car and a city bus.

Cedar's Take: Honestly can you imagine having Vilma Leake in your car? No wonder the Chief crashed.

This is not the Chief's first fender bender, in fact this is his 3rd reported accident in 18 months. My first reaction is to give the guy a break, after all police officers do their work behind the wheel and log thousands of miles cruising Charlotte's streets. But Chief Monroe is for the most part an administrator, an office stiff who every once and a while responds to a crime scene, which means code 3 lights and siren.

Here's something to think about; if the chief has a hard time behind the wheel in normal traffic how does he handle the car while busting red lights and dodging pedestrians? Keep in mind the Chief's car doesn't have a dash cam so any accident would be his word against the citizen he t-bones.

A copy of the accident report is

Chief Monroe's prior accidents occurred on August 25, 2010 and October 21, 2011.


Anonymous said...

What else can you say about this douche that hasn't already been said?

Next he will have an official "driver", taking a cop off the streets. Which may be safer in the long run for the citizens!!

Such a loser!!

Anonymous said...

Now now, Vilma was in the car and everyone knows she's a mighty fine looking woman. Hard not to get distracted. It wasn't his fault.

Anonymous said...

So leme get this straight Webster rolls Vilma into the passenger seatn tgen tries to cross four lanes of 4th street traffic?

I think the chief gets a free pass cuz you know even if the chief is sitting on a stack of phone books there is no way he could have seen around her big ole fat head.

Case dismissed!


Andrew Murray DA

Anonymous said...

So, again our Chief of keeping the law in Charlotte breaks the law by not reporting the accident? Or is there a report, and they are breaking the law by not releasing the public records? Or is the DA helping break the law--if he he knows and is letting this go on?

Cedar, will you write to each City Council Member, the DA, and the Chief and get an official answer for reports on all three accidents, any lawsuits that have been filed, all damage costs, and the reason there is no camera in the Chief's car (realizing it would not have been on for this occasion-sep. issue)? Please let us know who actually answers and what they say like what you did for pre-election.

Anonymous said...

Did the chief take an breath and urine test as required by city policy after any of these three crashes?

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:28 hold on with your crazy black helicopter talk, Cedar said "based on the accident report" in other words there is a police report.

Monroe might be able to hide the dead bodies of murder victims but he can't hide taking out Charlotte citizens in broad daylight in front of the Government Center.

I'm sure he called dispatch and reported himself as 10-50. Likewise I'm sure anyone who heard the call was yucking it up.

I know it made my day.

Anonymous said...

what is the policy on how many preventable wrecks an officer can have before he/she is terminated?

Anonymous said...

So Leake and Monroe are in a car together they get smash a car and a bus and the local fish wrapper and the local boob tube people don't report it?

Not even a footnote somewhere, am I the only person that thinks that is strange?

Anonymous said...

3 preventables in one year your are cited for termination. Doesn't mean you actually are. Anyone know if the other two were preventable?

Anonymous said...

You know good and well, that the previous two wrecks in which he was involved in was not his fault. They were covering it up and changing the numbers codes for the accident report.

It should be asked if he had to attend the eight hour driving class for any of the wrecks, which he was involved in. I'm sure he was at fault in one of them. Why does he not have a DVMR in his patrol car? Just because he is the chief, even though he doesn't act like one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 23, 2012 4:22 PM

Good luck on that happening, the chief taking a urine test. I'm sure he has some un-written SOP, which excludes him from having to take one.

Anonymous said...

Cedar keep digging, there are more than 3 at least 2 last year and 2 in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department 600-002
Interactive Directives Guide Vehicle Damage & Review Procedure
Effective Date 01/08/2010

1. Any CMPD employee involved in a crash while driving a city vehicle will have
the crash evaluated by the Driver Training Supervisor. Any CMPD employee
involved in a preventable crash in a city vehicle will attend driver training.
However, there are exceptions to this rule.

The Driver Training Supervisor will make a determination for training based on
the following criteria:

a. The number of preventable crashes an employee has been involved in.

b. The specific circumstances related to the crash.

c. The value or effectiveness of training based on the circumstances of the

2. The criteria and process for training will be as follows:
a. Employees involved in one preventable crash within a three year period
will attend four hours of driver training.

b. Employees involved in two or more preventable crashes within a three
year period will attend eight hours of driver training.

c. At the conclusion of all training sessions, the Driver Training Supervisor
will complete an evaluation and recommendation form and submit it to
the employee’s chain of command.

d. The driver training sessions will consist of a detailed Smith System
review and practical driving exercises related to the specific type of
crash in which the employee was involved.

Also, there is a City policy for employees about driving

Anonymous said...

Cedar the Observer picked up your story and blind sided RoMo during the Eastover Neighborhood meeting.

They just posted the story online and not so much as a Hat Tip to you for breaking the story. Rude, just plain Rude.

Here's the link Monroe Fender Bender

Cedar Posts said...

For the record CP emailed Rob Tufano two days ago asking about the accident. As usual nothing but Crickets.

So if Chief Monroe was caught off guard, he needs to chat it up with Rob.

As far as the Observer goes, I think once in the last 24 months they gave a byline to Cedar Posts. Usually it a "Local Blog".

But it is great that you guys noticed. Thank you for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

I promise you vilma will get a nice check from the city from the injuries she will claim. and the chief will not be attending any remedial training since he doesnt really "attend" most of the required training. and you will never see any footage that is on any dot cameras

Anonymous said...

Let's see what the other guy's insurance company has to say to the City of Charlotte. Maybe they will start to get to the bottom of it.

No clear fault? Cross four lanes of traffic to park at an angle behind a bus, cutting off a guy in traffic so he couldn't avoid hitting you??

Wonder what happened with that guy so he would say he didn't mind the monroe not getting a ticket. If he keeps saying that crap, hope he doesn't mind paying for his own car repairs.

Other requests for public records have been ignored as well.


Hey City Council, how much more will you know about and allow?

Cedar, please ask them, too... so it's all on record.

Billy Fehr said...

This Blog is the most amazing blog in the region, hands down. As a matter of fact, this blog is why I stopped blogging...

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me, he had to ask Paunchy Paul to verify what he was saying?

And has Paul the Peahead gone back to CIB? Couldn't he hack it in a division?? And isn't it nice that FOR's (Fruends of Rodney's) can just pick and chose where they want to work?

Rodney, Paul, Harold......they all truly deserve one another.

And did Harold really compare providing security for the DNC to providing security for the CIAA.

Is he really that stupid!? They are apples and oranges. And if he really believes that it is the same, lohe is dangerously stupid!

Anonymous said...

from wcnc...
Monroe spoke Thursday evening at an Eastover neighborhood association meeting. When asked by the Observer why he wasn't issued a ticket in the collision, Monroe said: "We don't write tickets in accidents. I was treated no differently than anybody else."

Monroe turned to Maj. Paul Zinkann, commander of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, for clarification, and Zinkann agreed. Zinkann said a motorist would be charged only if there was "personal injury or a clear delineation of fault."

if i remember correctly, wasnt cmpd gonna start issuing citations to officers involved in preventables? someone write that down and keep those statements close by in case you get in a wreck and they try to cite you for it.

Anonymous said...

There was clear fault. It was the idiot that flew across four lanes of traffic to park diagonally (probably also illegally) behind a bus because that's what he felt like doing, and he caused an accident. Thank goodness he didn't mow down any pedestrians.

What was he trying to do, drop Vilma off at the bus stop?

Why no alcohol test, as required?

If he were any kind of decent leader and not an arrogant prick that operates above the law, he would have insisted on it. And he would have insisted on his officers writing him up at fault instead of making them feel too scared to do the right thing and hedge their bets.

And that kissup Zinkann. No need to explain.

Did anyone check his phone?

Anonymous said...

"We don't write tickets in accidents." So the next time someone is involved in an accident and a police officer attempts to write a ticket, I would think this is all they will need for a defense. Thanks, "chief!" You continue to provide us with exemplary conduct.

Anonymous said...

Writing a ticket is up to the officer's discretion at an accident. If they want to, they can, most do not.

If you read the accident report, Chief Monroe is listed as at fault. The code for driver #2 is zero on the right side. That means "no contributing circumstances." If you read the narrative, it also puts Chief Monroe at fault in the accident.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all give the chief a break they were just trying to make it to the chicken box cafe on n tryin st to pick up supper..u should try the porkchop sandwich its glorious

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:04 At the very end of you blog, you wrote, "Did anyone check his phone". Are you referring to the time when Major Paul Zinkann made fun of a homicide victim in the North Division via text messaging. If I remember correctly, didn't the text message make fun of the fact that a homicide occurred approximately 8 hours before a ComStat meeting. If I am not mistaken, he actually sent that to Deputy Chief Graue, (Major Graue at the time) who read the text message out loud during the ComStat meeting. It got a big laugh. It went something like this. One crack rock, $20, one knife used to stab the victim, $25, one homicide 8 hours prior to ComStat, PRICELESS.

Is that why you are saying we should check his phone? If it is city issued, then I guess it would be the same as an email sent on a city computer. These are your leaders folks.

Anonymous said...

Slow down Rotney. You scarin me Look out fool, we gone have a wreck up in here. OOOOOh my check, I mean my neck. Rotney, next time keep your hands to yourself and on the steering wheel until we get to the cmpd parking deck. I done told you about smoking that weed while driving. HE GOT WEED HE GOT WEED!

This was the official statement given to CMPD by Vilma.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48:
Ah, but neither Monroe nor Zinkann said, "Writing tickets is at the officer's discretion." He said, "We don't write tickets in accidents."

If he were smart, which he continues to prove he isn't, he would have insisted that he receive a ticket.

Judging from the clogged traffic court, I don't believe "most officers don't write tickets" at accidents, but I'd love to see the data that substantiates that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:41:

Do you have a date on that CompStat meeting? Name on that homicide? rough date range or street/neighborhood that it could be looked up? Anything to narrow it down?

Anonymous said...

New nickname,Crash Monroe. He can't steer the police department any better than he can a city vehicle. I always was taught crossing 3 lanes of traffic was a ticketable offense.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 24, 2012 3:09 PM

That's a great new nickname for him. It had me ROFLMAO!!

Anonymous said...

The best comment here is the one that says if RoMo was smart he would have told the officer to write him a ticket. Of course he isn't smart and so he didn't.

Anonymous said...

Zinkann is a boot licker supreme, a toady that woud surely dime out his own mother if he thought it would benefit him in any way. He is SPINELESS and without class, so his behavior does not surprise me at all.....cut from the same cloth as Graue, Medlick, Galant, etc. Rodney's Personal "fixers", the lot of them....pathetic bunch of rodney pleasers.

Maybe that is why rodney decreed that no more notes would be taken at Monday morning Command Staff meetings......another layer of secrecy and total non transparency. No notes means people cannot make a PIR.
He is one sneaky litte devil!
How do you spell corrupt? Give me a R O D N E Y!

Anonymous said...

When did this "no more notes at Monday Command Staff Meetings" rule get instituted? What was the stated reason?

Did it come out of his mouth, by memo, by one of his minions in is presences or out of his presence?

How are people supposed to take direction and goals ? How are they presenting information? Does this iclude things done on computer or only hand-written?

Paranoid isn't probably accurate when the investigators are getting closer. But people need to make their notes as soon as they wealk out if nothing else.

Consistent truth will be key for depositions and testimoney.

Anonymous said...

RoMo with Leake in his car = Driving Miss Crazy.

Anonymous said...

The Officer was correct in not issuing a summons to the Chief. If this Officer issued summonses to ALL persons in crashes and not this one, that would be different. This was and is a MINOR issue and should not have even made the news.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:47

Nice try, Rob. It is not his first crash.

How long before he seriously injures someone with his really bad, horribly arrogant driving?

Maybe it's time to take the old man 's keys away ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:41

The date of the homicide would have been around May 15, 2010. The victim was Thomas O'Leary. Happened on Searngan Road. The ComStat meeting would have been the very next day. Poor guy was the brunt of Deputy Chief Graue and Major Zinkann. I bet the victim's family would be upset if they knew how jokes were being made about the murder of a family member. In case you are wondering this is not the first time Zinkann has been caught laughing it up in reference to a murder. He was just seen last month laughing and joking around on tv while out on another murder scene. Again, these are leaders folks. CMPD rookies have some really nice shining examples of professionalism.

Anonymous said...

Zinkann should never have made Sgt,, much less Major.

Leaders LEAD, he FOLLOWS. Like a little lap dog.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you should point out the Chief Monroe's accident late last year was not his fault.

Of course I've been behind him at a traffic light waiting to make a right turn on red. He's one of those can't make up his mind drivers who start to go and then stop four feet out into the intersection.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think we called Zinkann Sergeant Zero when we were stuck with him in Baker 3? .... A real zero scared to death to make a decision.

Anonymous said...

Zinkann's name is all over "First 48" for Monroe.

Zinkann's name is all over the finances for Blue Hornets and he covers very well to keep the records hidden. He won't even say who else is on the Board of Directors (which isn't allowed). But his name is documented. So are lots of other people who received requests for information about the money and refused. There will be no pleading "I didn't know," not that it would be a legal excuse anyway.

Zinkann's name is on some other pet projects, too.

And then he stepped up to the microphone to make a statement to cover for monroe again on an accident it seems obvious he caused. He doesn't get tired of it, does he?

What else is his name on?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:47
I don't blame the officer for not issuing a ticket to this chief, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't have received one. This is NOT a "MINOR" issue, however. When he stepped into the role of chief, he was supposed to also accept the responsibility for demonstrating the higher standard to which people with that level of authority. Instead, he sees himself as an exception to the standards as opposed to someone who should be setting the standard. He is an embarrassment, a small man -- and I don't mean in stature.

Anonymous said...

Cedar. A thought comes to mind as to the reason for all of monroes accidents.Maybe the reason he cant see well enough to drive that vehicle because of the darkest of dark tint he has on the windows. Dark Tint such as his requires the driver to take extra precautions before executing an action. The tint distorts your perception of the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles when it is that dark. Its just a thought and by experiencing it myself I pay extra attention to details before pulling out in front of someone.

Anonymous said...

7:55 I think you got it with the window tint comment. If you're CMPD then you know the chief is the only one who has windows tinted that dark.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that beyuond legal standards? I've seen it up close. Seems like it's darker than allowed by law.

Anonymous said...

I think this is funny! A blog about Vilma. I guess u really haven't leaned how to deal with her. Like she dealt with her kids, not @ all. LMFAO.