Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Wrap Up!

Grave Robbers Stike Again - Authorities are searching for thieves who have stolen more than 50 burial vaults from a Lincolnton cemetery since December.

The most recent theft was discovered Wednesday when someone found 10 vaults missing from Forest Lawn Cemetery on East N.C. 150, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. The 10 vaults are valued at $10,000, authorities said.

But the Sheriff's Office said more than 50 vaults - worth about $30,000 - have been stolen from the cemetery in four separate thefts over a three-month span. The earlier thefts were reported on Dec. 16., Dec. 26 and Feb. 16.

Cedar's Take: Something about this story doesn't make any sense, if ten are worth $10,000.00 then why are 50 only worth $30,000.00? The story in the Charlotte Observer also says the men used a pickup truck. Isn't a vault a concrete vessel that weighs hundreds of pounds so stealing ten in a night wouldn't be impossible but you would need a fleet of trucks.

Dead Chickens In a Cemetery - File this under "Only in Rock Hill" From the "Local Paper" A woman says several men were performing a strange ritual involving dead chickens Tuesday at a Fort Mill church.

The woman was near Flint Hill Baptist Church on Flint Hill Road about 6 a.m. Tuesday morning when she saw several men in the church's cemetery, according to a Rock Hill police report. When the men saw her, they ran toward a mobile home park in the area.

Deputies found two shoe boxes containing dead chickens, flowers and bird feathers, the report states. Pictures of the boxes and their contents were placed into evidence.

Deputies could not locate the suspects.

The Great Beaver Hunt - Mecklenburg County Park and is set to begin a project that will cut down on the number of beavers in two county parks.

The project will focus on Beatty and Park Road parks and could begin as early as next month because officials want to prevent further damage to the trees surrounding lakes and streams.

Officials will lay wire fencing around shoreline trees. If the fencing is not effective, traps will be set and captured beavers will be put down.

Officials said beavers are usually allowed to work without problem in many nature preserves and parks in Mecklenburg County, but the extensive damage in the two parks forced officials to protect the environment.

Cedar's Take: So to "protect the environment" we are going to kill the beavers? Sure why not after all Beavers are a menace to society.

Thanks to Jeff Taylor for pointing out the above video showing the destructive nature of Beavers.

Cedar's FoLo to Yesterday's Post: Last night CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe held an open forum question and answer session with the residents of Charlotte's upscale Eastover neighborhood.

After the event Elizabeth Leland a reporter with The Charlotte Observer cornered Chief Monroe and asked the Chief about the accident and why he wasn't issued a ticket in the collision. Monroe's response: "We don't write tickets in accidents. I was treated no differently than anybody else." Then he turned to Paul Zinkann for some cover.

Zinkann agreed with the Chief and added that a motorist would be charged only if there was "personal injury or a clear delineation of fault."

I imagine that the Observer reporter didn't earn any points with the Chief by the out of the blue question. But Cedar Posts, gave Rob Tufano a heads up on Wednesday 24 hours before posting the story when an email was sent asking for a copy of the accident report and a statement. As usual Tufano ignored Cedar Posts' request.

Having waited for Tufano's reply Cedar Posts meantioned the Chief's accident via twitter around 9:44 on Wednesday.

The Observer's story posted late yesterday is here.


Anonymous said...

unused stacked polyguard vaults

Anonymous said...

Cedar you can bet Webster is PO'd at the Observer for screwing up his dog and pony show. I would have loved to have been there for that.

You can wager that RT gets an earful this morning.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he has to go back to drivers training? Every Officer involved in a crash has to go to drivers training for a couple of hours. Probably not. The rules dont apply to him. Plus three accidents could get an Officer fired. Also the money the city will pay the other drivers. Special treatment for someone who doesnt have to follow the rules.

Who hired Marion Barry's friend is beyond me. Yes the two know each other. We all know Marion is a crack head. Watch the video. The thought process is crazy.

Anonymous said...

This is what happened in Detroit, Memphis, Washington, New Orleans, Oakland, and Gary.

A certian group took control and ran those cities into the ground.

Look at the great cities of New York and Chicago what do you notice?

Yep white people run the show.

Look at Charlotte, Monroe, Leake, Foxx, Jones, Foster and so on.

Anonymous said...

Grave Robbers = Vampires

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact the Webster has had six "fender benders" at least two on I-85 in the last year.
They don't report these and don't report every time he smacks someone in the parking deck. He can't see over the hood of that Crown Vic, so they need to give him a SmartCar.

Anonymous said...

So Zinkann said there would be a ticket only if there was a clear clear dilineation of fault. I was t-boned by a 16 year old unlicensed driver who ran a red light and hit me at 50 mph. The codes on the accident report indicated "inattention" and "failure to obey traffic signals" on her part. The witness who stayed also confirmed the driver ran the red light. When I asked the officer why he was only ticketing her for not having a license, he told me they no longer write tickets at accident reports.