Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lynx Guy Still Unidentified

Nearly ten months after he was first spotted the FBI and CMPD are still looking to identify this guy.

The unidentified individual was wearing a dark-colored knit hat, a dark shirt, and dark pants with vertical white stripes on the sides of the pants when he was spotted in a restricted area along the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) LYNX Blue Line in the uptown area of Charlotte, North Carolina, in April of last year.

Police report he was observed acting in a suspicious manner on a security camera, and the incident was later reported to the FBI who are also still searching for this guy.

Cedar's Take: Guys like Akmhaad-Jihad make me a little concerned, even more so since he was apparently surveying the area just weeks after Charlotte was named as the focal point of American Political Power by hosting the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

What is interesting about this short clip is that clearly the guy was being watched as the camera pans to the right for a split second just as the film ends. Which leads me to think the operator was bored and was just passing the time, and then realized what was going on but not soon enough to have officers on the street check him out.

We would all like to think this guy was just a curious tourist or homeless guy just aimlessly wandering around. Guess again.

The uninformed public believes that the business of "Holy War" began with 9/11 and ended with the recent death of Osama bin Laden. The truth is it began with people like Akmhaad-Jihad surveying some obscure docks in Yemen where a US Navy Destroyer would refuel months later. The same Akmhaad who was, walking the streets around the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon or studying the foundation plans of the World Trade Center while an engineering student at Cornell.

This guy is a bigger concern than anyone is letting on, at least until he is determined not to be a concern.


Anonymous said...

Cedar the guy looks like just your normal black homeless guy, but he has an iPhone.

I had no idea they hadn'd caught him yet.

Anonymous said...

"Akmhaad-Jihad" Cedar the Abab whatever it is called is going to be protesting your stero typing all Arabs.

I agree with your thinking but what makes you think this guy is a Jihadist?

Anonymous said...

and WHY didn't the camera operator who panned to watch him call for apprehension and questioning, when the reporting at the time & the FBI said he had taken measures to intrude the system where you weren't supposed to?
Rodney's going to do a great job protecting Charlotte and the visitors.
So will Harold. Maybe if they can't find this guy, that should be an indication they're not up for it.
racist names not necessary.
If Rodney and Medlock were smart at all, they would be working with the Muslim community to try to identify if this guy is known.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "International Division" of the Metro Police can get on this. I hear Metro has hired some excellent people from Craigslist and since Walton can spend $50 million however he wants in secret, maybe he will be throwing cash their way.