Friday, February 10, 2012

The Many Faces of Carlton Lamonte Ardrey

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police say they are searching for Carlton Ardrey a 25-year-old felon who has an extensive criminal record, in wanted in connection with a shooting outside Northlake Mall earlier this week.

On Friday afternoon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police had drawn warrants for Carlton Lamonte Ardrey on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a gun by a felon. Police said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Ardrey belongs in the hall of fame for dumbest crook, a true case of the beyond rehabilitation. Ardey has been arrested at least 22 times in Mecklenburg County alone since 2009.
























Anonymous said...

Our taxmoney at work. I wonder how many lives he's taken, and worse, how many welfare babies he's left behind? Our country cannot continue down this path without severe consequences in the future. The fall will be fast.

Anonymous said...

Yet more secret meetings at cmpd. And that nagging question as to why all the secrecy, why all the clandestine sneakiness if you are not doing anything wrong to begin with? Man, rodney and harold think daily of ways to make morale hit all time lows, and ways to screw people over, what is their problem, what is their motivation?
Are they just that stupid and inept? Not to mention their childish meaness and over the top vindictivness?
The "harold and rodney" show would be mildly amusing if the results of their bad decisions and total lack of any kind of leadership skills were not adversely affecting so many lives in tragic ways. And they both profess to be such "good" people, in what world would that be?

And look for more "safety" concerns and mandates for officers, not related to their real safety, but to.....?

And never trust anything they say, because there is always an ulterior motive that will benefit them and their huge egos behind every decision. They never have the greater good of the department or the men and women who struggle to do good work with no pay raises year after year while he and his posse take every advantage of the system to benefit them.

Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject, but I heard Ricky Robbins is making as much as a Deputy Chief.... Any truth to that?
As a hireback?

Even if not in salary, I heard he makes up for it in freebies.

This department under rodney gives corruption a bad name.

Anonymous said...

What happened at the Hickory Grove Compstat? Heard it was brutal.

Anonymous said...

Also heard Captain "Thing" got his clock cleaned pretty good in Compstat and he and Major RolyPoly threw his Lt. under the big ole bus. The bigger the head, the harder they fall.

I would think that would be a failure to supervise or lead. i mean, if you can't direct and teach and coach your people, isn't that on you? Weak leaders never take responsibility for anything, but take credit for everything.

They always look for a scapegoat, don't they? They NEVER take responsibility for anything.

And what has that done for the department? Weakened and divided it! Weakened the foundation, it will fail.

Anonymous said...

send in recordings from the meetings.

it's the only way to stop these scumbags

Anonymous said...

Tiny story on news14--more graduates at the Academy before it's shut down for incompetent management.

Why no press release, Rob?
Didn't want to draw attention to the fact that 500 officers' records are missing from the academy?

Afraid a reporter might ask about it? Or have you managed to shut everyone down for now?

Also, liars the whole time about the Puerto Rico trip wouldn't say that ONE recruit was brought back--if they are telling the truth now.
Why not say before? What's wrong with this recruit?

Anonymous said...

I did hear people were using recorders at meetings.

Just to protect themselves....because we all know they will lie without blinking to cover their own asses. So what do they expect others to do? It would seem recording is the ONLY way to get to the truth. Remember the edict: NOTHING IN WRITING, put nothing in emails, leave no paper trails to be requested in public info requests.....scumbags.

Anonymous said...

how is this edict coming out? verbally one on one? meetings? is there a memo?

Anonymous said...

Seems both rodney and harold are way out of their depth. As someone said on here before, they both were promoted way,way,way above their limited capabilities

The only thing they are really, really good at is screwing people over and ruining careers and lives.

And the " don't put anything in emails" is passed on usually by word of mouth, although sometimes in an email as in "do not respond to this email, respond in person".

Crazy, huh?

Anonymous said...

there are places outside D.C. and Charlotte that are interested in what's going on here. People are starting to respond to the overwhelming list of b.s. that has been documented. investigations are underway. keep it up.

even Holder has 34 people calling for him to resign because of perjury.

don't you think political interests and federal scrutiny will finally take hold now that these morons rallied to get DNC 2012 convention here?

they will truly be trying to drain the tills and get out of town in hurry because even with their egos, they must be realizing how badly they screwed up by drawing all that attention to themselves.

Anonymous said...

More and more people are becoming pissed as Medlock and Monroe think daily of new ways to phuck with people and their lives.

And they seem hell bent on pushing their personal agendas to the detriment of loyal employees and the department before they leave cmpd. And you know Medlock has made his deal with the devil, people feel sure monroe has promised to make him "interim" chief when monroe leaves. Thus buying Medlock's loyalty, and medlock can say he was "chief" .....a title he covets desperately.

So while they continue on with their rampage destruction of cmpd, many that were once "loyalists" have become sufficiently disillusioned that they are no longer willing to be tainted by either of them.

And they have started collecting their own data to protect themselves.

It seems the medlock and monroe show is not as sold out as it once was.

So keep on screwing with people, your true colors are flying high for all to see.

The latest will astound..Just wait for it......

Think about this.....officer safety is directly tied to receiving federal grants....

And yet more secret meetings.......seems the more questions you ask, the more it drives them under the radar, doesn't that make you wonder why the need for all the secrecy?

The M & M Show.

Anonymous said...

Typical male Negro behavior.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:56
Idiot, stop trying to stir up the haters, Rob.

Last time I looked, Medlock was as white as you can get.

Not that he wouldn't consider a conversion if it would help him get ahead.

Anonymous said...

From the Observer this morning:
"The city plans to spend up to $25 million on new police equipment, part of a $50 million federal security grant for the convention."

Could this be the reason for the "everyone must wear a vest" proclamation that came from on high after rodney talked to Eric?

I will bet that vest compliance by all personnel is part of the requirements for receiving federal security grants, want to take that bet?

So surprise, it wasn't rodney's concern for Officer safety that was behind the "new rule"' it was ONCE AGAIN getting his hand on the federal handouts...all about the benjamins, follow the money trail and rodney will be there every darn time!

Anonymous said...

Ricky Robbins was paid $111,995.18 in 2010, not counting the free car he is driving that the CMPD is not telling the truth about. He is being paid $40.00 per hour.

At a straight rate that would mean he had to work 70 weeks in 2010. Guess that means he got lots of overtime, too.

When he "retired" he was only being paid $77,696.32 per year, and I don't know if he had a free car on top of that at the time as well.

Someone should explain how Rodney Monroe's good friend is so invaluable that he had to be hired back at this exhorbitent rate, and driving a free car around on top of that, immediately after retiring. Why was that money available for Ricky Robbins and under what conditions and from what budget when Monroe and Walton continue to say there is no money for raises for everyone else?

Does this violate the amount paid to "retirees" and other regulations?

It offends the sense of decency and common sense to have someone off book being paid like this, but Rodney does what he wants and the City Council fools and Walton fool let him.

Show us the money.

Anonymous said...


Where did you get that $111,995 figure? I can't fathom that number at all. Now, could it be his retirement plus part-time combined to come up with that amount? That I could see and it would be reasonable to make aproximately $35K a year for what would amount to 857 hours, give or take. That probably fits the formula better. As for the car, obviously that needs to be added into the compensation. If he is in fact getting that $111K, plus retirement, then that is in fact beyond the limit and there is a problem. I know folks say that's how Rodney rolls, but I can't buy that figure without more meat. But, I get the point everyone is making. There needs to be tranparency, but city council needs to enforce this paradigm.

Anonymous said...

In response to the bullet proof vest grant here it is for all to see

Anonymous said...

All amounts cited are directly from HR records. I will email Cedarposts and see if he wants to post the information. Maybe he would be able to get an explanation for it, but the numbers are correct. That is what he was paid in the year. I don't know if it includes retirement money or is in addition to retirement money.

40hrs/wk x $40/hr x 52 weeks would be $83,200, for comparison.

other suits have alleged the value of the takehome cars to be about $7000

Anonymous said...


Didn't Ricky retire in 2010. That might explain the pay out being so hire. If they paid him for vacation time, etc. The real tell is what did they pay him in 2011. He was part-time the entire year. If that amount exceeds more than half a man year there likely is a smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

So what is he?

Is he part time?

Do all part time hire backs have take home cars?

Is he rodney's chief of staff, as he likes to brag about to anyone that will listen to him?

Is he a "consultant"' do "consultants" get to drive city cmpd cars???

Or is he just a "consultant" so he can be paid with grant money?

Is he actually working homicide cases????

Listen, it doesn't take any freaking smoking gun to know what is going on.

Rodney hires his buddies to pad their pockets, the same way he did with RayRay....and his daughters baby daddy, and his secretary.....abdvgetting hus daughter a jib with the city, and on and on.

How do you spell corrupt?

He has found a way to pay RR that won't show up on the books.

And he has given him way too many perks.

So what is new??

Anonymous said...

RR 2011 pay: $61,288.06 not counting take home car they are lying about.

Also interesting, before retiring, he was giving 7.5% raise 11-22-08, 2% raise on 9-4-10 and another 2.5% raise on 11-20-10 as some sort of parting gift maybe? Extra retirement pay while no one else is getting raises--he got two within two months, and then got hired back at a huge salary bump plus a take home car.

Please tell us where the money is coming from.

There are others.

There is much more paperwork.

Anonymous said...

ROMO managed to have parts of 500 officers' files disappear, but NOT everything.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a PAY STEP progam for sergeant????

Do those raises fall within those parameters?

Or was he given special "rodney raises" to bump his pay right before he retired so it would give him a padded retirement?

I suspect that is indeed the case.

Whatever, it is flagrant and most likely highly corrupt, unethical, and probably against all kinds of policies.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone in the FOP is capable of composing a letter to Curt Walton, copying City Council demanding independent analysis of salary adjustments.

Just a thought.

To uncover the lies.

Also for documentation for court.

For public corruption charges that may apply.

Anonymous said...

That 2% and 2.5% Wasnt that part of the across the board everyone got?
I cant speak for the 7.5%

Another thing. I never worked for or with RR, but everyone who has swears he is a great guy that went to bat for his troops.
Why all the hate after he has done his time???

Anonymous said...

What is hateful about telling the truth? He may be a great guy. There are lots of great men and women working in the department. That is irrelevant to the point, even if 100% true. There is no hate of anyone here. These are questions about justice.

Did everyone else get two raises in two months?

Did everyone else get an enormous raise and a free car while Rodney tells the whole force there's no money for raises? Don't think so.

He needs to explain the inequity and the funding sources.

Anonymous said...

That is not what I have heard at all.

What I have heard is that he is very much like rodney...out for himself and what is good for him, with a huge, huge ego.

And willing to cut corners by whatever means to get what he wants.

And also thinks cmpd is his own personal money tree and doles out "favors"... He is a procurer.....he likes for people to think they always owe him.

And he is also big on "paybacks" for any kind of perceived slights. Vindictive little man.

Take care of his troops? If it suits his schemes.

And for gods sake, does anyone really want him weighing in on department and personnel decisions that affect careers and lives? With his same total lack of fair play, ethics and integrity? I don't think so, but they have no choice.

Anonymous said...

to 8:46 from 8:02,
that is exactly my understanding.

the other comments about what a great guy he is are obviously apologists grasping at straws, but there is no argument with the facts I have provided.

That is the absolute truth. No opinion. Nothing personal. And there are lots more facts to come.

They just want to try to make an excuse and gloss over with trying to divert attention from the truth, but that won't continue.

Anonymous said...

The FBI just took down a Chicago PD Sergeant over about $5000.

Law Enforcement Officers breaking the law go to jail, too.

So do elected officials that know it's going on. Wait till we finish sorting through all the emails and financial reports. This will be fun.
Think it's a coinicidence all these locals are saying they don't want to run for office?

the IRS is pretty nasty, too. Remember Ness?

Anonymous said...

Not to divert from the fun facts on here but this article was about a huge turd running the streets of charlotte not Ricky robbins. Come on People if we want to effect real change here in this department we have to focus. Stop whining, document everything and protect yourselves. If we all focus on bitching nothing will ever change.

Anonymous said...

which turd do you mean? the criminal who has been arrested 22 times or the chief?

why are you so intent on only covering your own ass? you are supposed to protect and serve. stop hiding out and put the information out.

you obviously have direct evidence of corrupt actions going on. so do about 1500+ other officers cowering in the dark trying to protect themselves while the department and the city go down. is that your moral code?

Anonymous said...

Cannon's not running, but Roberts and Dulin are. Ha..................... Cannon only halfway smart enough to not draw legal attention to himself.

Anonymous said...

In 2010, the 2% cost of living raise that was supposed to go into effect July 1, 2010 did not go into effect until early September 2010.

The 2.5% half step increase is done on the officer's merit date. Any officers who were topped out should not have gotten a step increase.

If RR's merit date was in November, that would explain why he got the two raises close together. I don't have any idea why he would get a 7.5% raise.

Anonymous said...

He got the 7.5% raise.

The reasons seem quite obvious.

Rodney "took care" of his 'Lil exchange for his loyalty.

Not that it was really necessary, their philosophies are the same.....and RR loves throwing the chief's name around, loves the power it gives him......loves telling people he is the chief's "chief of staff"', he became mini ray.

But the better question , does any of this really surprise anyone? With RR's track record? And his reputation for sliminess?

This is what cmpd is now, join in the sliminess like so very many have, or do something to salvage what is left of what once was cmpd.

It really is that simple, do what is expedient, or do what is honorable and act with integrity.

Like most things in life, it is all about choices.

Anonymous said...

10:29 thank you for saying that.

now what do we do?

Anonymous said...

Some are doing all they can.

Others need to stop covering up, if they are already not in too deep.

People need to stand up for what is right....they need to go toe to toe with those corrupt leaders and back them down.

They need to go to state and federal agencies and take evidence, protected under whistleblowers.

When they see corrupt, unethical behavior they need to call people out on it and say NO, that is wrong and I won't do it and I will not go along with it.

It will take brave people of integrity to put a stop to the corrupt behavior.

That's what the people at cmpd must do.

Be an example.

Your job is to protect and serve......and that means to protect people of Charlotte from the unethical behavior in your own department that is destroying public trust and destroying cmpd.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are some naive people here. Do you really think exposing anything will change what happens here? You can expose every little corrupt thing but until there is a change in the council not a damn thing will happen. Officers are just trying to survive and with good reason.

Anonymous said...

How do you expect to survive without changing this?

Yes, most of the City Council (all of the old ones and the Mayor) and some of the new are either corrupt and stupid or just one of those things, but maybe the new ones will do something.

Either way, if they have it documented to them, as well as the City Manager, they will likely all be up for public corruption charges for letting it continue, especially if they are specifically informed. They have been specifically informed.

Consider a double blind survey conducted by an attorney paid by the FOP, assuring anonymity and attorney-client priveledge to report any and all atrocities.

The FOP should at least do something.