Monday, February 13, 2012

Charleston County Deputy Chase Response Videos

The first video shows a Dodge Charger rolling down Interstate 526 north bound at more than 120 mph. The sedan passes an SUV on the left shoulder, then a car and a pickup. The Charger reaches 133 mph and passes police cruisers. The driver a lieutenant from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office is responding to a high speed chase nearly 20 miles away.

In the second video the deputy continues to try to join in the chase. At one point he joins two other cruisers then breaks away for the proverbial "head em' off at the pass".

The Charleston Post and Courier posted the videos questioning the need for Lt. Ransom Williams 30 minute wild chase. The full story is at the Post and Courier which is here.


Anonymous said...

That is some crazy shit. He wasn't even near the chase and went cross county to get in on the chase for nothing. The guy they arrested wasn't a felon and not worth the risk. Just crazy shit. Had he hit someone and he came really close a couple of times he would have killed them.

Anonymous said...

that guy should be fired and prosecuted. he could have killed a whole bunch of innocent people.

check his psych profile.

check his past arrests.