Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Shooting of a Black Teen

Carlton Pringle who is 17 lays in a Charleston South Carolina hospital behind a locked door that is guarded 24 hours day. Pringle is under arrest for pointing a gun at a Police Officer. Sadly Pringle is not likely to get up out of bed much less try to leave the hospital that saved his life, but Officers are taking no chances.

The week before Pringle was shot five times by a North Charleston Police Officer, he posed for the above photo that was later uploaded to Facebook, with a weapon that police say is similar to the one recovered at the scene of the Officer involved shooting.

Photo Courtesy of North Charleston Police Department

According to the Charleston Post and Courier:

"Pringle’s family has said he is a well-behaved boy who sings in the choir and serves as an usher at their church. Dominique Chisolm, his mother, has never known him to have a firearm, she has said.

Family members were not aware of the picture until Friday.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Chisolm said before referring any further questions to her attorney."

Police say the Pringle was seen running from the area where shots were reported as being fired. When he was chased by a North Charleston Police Officer he turned and pointed a gun and the Officer fired his weapon.

Ed Bryant, president of the North Charleston branch of the NAACP, said it could be an effort to smear Pringle’s name.

Regardless, it doesn’t alter their opposition to the police officer’s decision that day, a decision that has sparked ire among community members.

“Even if he’s on Facebook with a gun, that had absolutely no connection to him being shot by a police officer,” Bryant said. “It just means at some point in time he was seen with a gun. It’s just a picture.”

Cedar's Take: Choir Boy? Seriously? The mentality of the NAACP in the face of hard visual evidence to the contrary is beyond comprehension.

More from the Post and Courier is here.


Anonymous said...

And your point is?

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I'm tired of being politically correct and tired of holding my tongue. I am tired of making sure that the black teens, or 20 or 30 something males with the "Nigger for Life" or some other offensive tag tattood on their arm, neck, chest, knucles, etc. isn't a thug and wants to harass or rob me or my family. I am tired of black families, or should I say a baby momma and baby daddy, saying my boy was an usher at church and he doesn't do drugs or have guns. But when confronted with facts, well that just isn't true nor is it relative to what he was arrested, shot or killed over. Well, I have a news flash, it is, and we all know it and so do you. The behavior is tolerated and in some quarters endorsed. But there is no excuse or justification for this crap. I'm certainly not to blame.

These thugs look in the mirror and they see rightousness and entitlement. When I look in the mirror I see a tired guy that works hard to keep his family fed and create a path of betterment for his children so that they may have a future.

Today I saw the People magazine with Martin's picture on it entitled, "American Tragedy". Well, I wasn't there to know what happened. But something did and I bet most of us have a pretty good idea. But I hold my tongue because I wasn't there. I didn't know Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the media and 98% of African American's were there that day, but you sure would think so. Bottom line, this isn't an "American Tragedy", it's an eveyday occurrence in this country in some way, shape or form...and it's black on black crime. It's time African Americans start standing up and cleaning up their mess, I'm getting tired of it.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising the family and the NAACP will ignore evidence. A 17 year old man is posing with a gun on Facebook and then is shot after pointing said gun at the police, which was recovered at the scene.

Why can't people just say that it's a terrible thing and their son should have known better. But that would require people to take personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Why would they do that when race baiting works so well for them?

John said...

to me it's sad when any oyuth in America is gunned down and killed- whether he or she's murder is justified self defense or sheer stupidity on the shooter's side. I know there are bad cops out there. Nowhere NEAR the number of thugs (of all colors- hoodies or not) and even one bad cop is too many. I know that as American's, we feel we have the right to cary firearms and walk wherever we feel we want. But there are just CERTAIN circumstances where you shouldn't be out walking alone or with a group at night with a firearm OR a bag of Skittles. This guy was in broad daylight in a circumstance or situation that could have EASILY been avoided. And for poepl to even mention the facebook pic is ludicrous for BOTH sides of the argument. We need to pray ( or send well wishes/ happy thoughts for the non religious) for botht eh victims AND the shooters in this and all recent events.

Tiffany said...

Not really sure why "bad cop" is being mentioned several times but following this story from the beginning and looking at all the footage, pictures and articles, its plain as day that the teen 1-should not have pointed a gun at a police offcer and 2-ran! Yes this situation could have been avoided whether in broad daylight or the dark just by making the right choices! The only reason people run from the cops is because they are guilty of something! The Facebook picture is evidence that he does in fact either have a gun or has access to one. I think that this teen needs to take resposibility for his actions and be honest with his family who have been standing up for him! The crime in this area needs to stop!

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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