Thursday, March 22, 2012

Charlotte City Manager Says of the 9 Percent Tax Hike "Let Them Eat Cake"

Charlotte City Manager says Charlotte doesn’t have enough capacity to borrow money this year or in the future. Walton went on to tell council members the city has only $5 million in borrowing capacity, which he said “wouldn’t build a police station.”

The City Manager then went on to outline 900 million dollars in pet projects including a half a dozen new police stations for $57 million and $64 million on a new “joint communications center” to handle all 911 and 311 calls.

Cedar's Take: So in order to build things like the trolley line to nowhere, and $121 million in Rodney Monroe's special project, Walton tells Charlotte City Council he wants to raise taxes on the peasants, and when told the peasants are taxed enough Walton might as well of said "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (Let them eat cake).

Charlotte has functioned without a precinct system for 100 years. There are reason both pro and con this should change, but building fancy police stations rather than giving our Officers a raise should make us all call for his head.


Anonymous said...

Amen!! Ive wondered why for several years there is always money for BS projects such as new precincts, but when talk arises about raise we get the same lame ass excuse "the city is broke".. How come he gets a raise every freakin year???? Replace the bum!!

Anonymous said...

Not only does he get a raise but everyone in his office that cater to his holy ness.

Anonymous said...

Walton is an idiot, like most everyone else in Charlotte government.

When you have idiots running the city with virtually no monetary oversight,, you get corruption at every level.

You can blame Walton, but his absolute power that has corrupted absolutely has been enabled by City Council and the citizens.

Much like his puppet Monroe. Monroe has dismantled and destroyed CMPD.

BUT, he has not done it alone. The many, many egocentric people that he has surrounded himself with that go along with his corruption to further their own "careers" are probably more responsible.

They have not provided the essential ethical checks and balances that are so necessary to maintain a police force with a foundation of honesty and integrity.

You see it over and over and over.....the members of Command staff that have literally sold their souls to "get ahead". That have acquiesced and whatever sense of any kind of decency they may have had is traded for RANK. They were set up by Monroe, they faced a fork in the road and by their choice of choosing personal "glory" over what is best for CMPD, they have contributed mightily to the downfall of a once trusted police department. They can rationalize however they have to to face themselves in the mirror, but somewhere in their layers of personal deceit, they know they have chosen personal advancement over the good of the organization......and that is a personal failure of morality.
To put it coarsely. They do not have a strong enough sense of ethics, they do not have a moral compass, they value their own advancement, they don't have the internal fortitude or balls to take a private or public stand against the corruption that has become CMPD under Monroe. Covering for Monroe has become the primary objective of the people Monroe and Medlock have promoted.

And Walton knew when he hired Monroe he was hiring someone willing to lie,to cut corners and had a dubious reationship with ethics and honesty. And that says volumes about Walton. What more do you need to know about a man?

He cut corners with Monroe, where else has he compromised ethics, honesty, and integrity?

Anonymous said...

Do the man not look like a jackass?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar,
Maybe if they "found" those missing Dodge Chargers the duplicitous Katrina Graue said she could not "find" they could have the recall paint job done on those Cars with the crappy paint?

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Save money? How about the extra 75000 per year for the "staff sgt." another created rank without any concern to anyone else. Or the $400,000 price tag for a new welcome center at the LEC? or the repainting of the new command center because romo did not like the color? officers will never see a raise.

Anonymous said...

Six new Police Stations?

Just another of monroe's edifice building waste of money....

I am sure Officers would vote for RAISES instead of Monuments to Rodney THAT ARE SUPERFULOUS AND NOT ESSENTIAL!

The current Offices work just fine.

The citizens of Charlotte are being duped every day!!

Where has all the money gone, Walton?????

Walton needs to go..... And take his corrupt Police Chief with him!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday The Crime in Charlotte blog posted the criminal justice survey results, and listed the cost of the survey at $23,000 for 501 telephone interviews at an average of 19 min. each ($45.90).

If I was an officer,I would be furious that this city was willing to pay $137 per hour to telephone surveyors with a list of predetermined questions and answers.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't outraged you aren't paying attention, that's for damn sure.

I first contacted my lovely councilman and the at-large members, then was pissed enough to contact the others.


Anonymous said...

I think Walton's head would lot nice on a pole.

Anonymous said...

I am shicked that no one has attempted to hack into the records for this locale to see what is actually going on in government. Where is anonymous when you need them.