Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Wrap Up! - Black - White and Baseball Edition

Tara Servatius Obama Photo Dust Up - CP is a fan of Tara Servatius, the petite scribe and former talk show host has been a target of the right for sometime and has a lot on her mind.

Monday Tara posted a rather distasteful picture, that was almost cartoonish in nature along with her take on the President's sudden objection to North Carolina's proposed gay marriage ban.

The photo was that of a gay leprechaun with a pot of gold, photo shopped with Obama's face and a bucket of fried chicken which you can see here.

The trouble with the photo is two fold, first the depiction of the President included a bucket of KFC.

There is some ongoing joke about black people and fried chicken. Lenny Kravitz actor/musician was recently asked what he liked most about Charlotte and his answer was "Price's Chicken Coop" so there you have that.

Second the photo was a distraction from Tara's point about North Carolina, a must win for Obams's 2012 election and the vast number of liberal minded young people in the Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham area that the Obama campaign is courting.

Yesterday Tara resigned as a contributor to The Meck Deck and the Charlotte Observer's Peter St. Onge did a happy dance with a personal attack that included:

"As for Servatius, once one of Charlotte's most dogged reporters: The former WBT talk radio host/Meck Deck blogger is running out of platforms to belch from. The beauty of the First Amendment is that she can rev up a new blog anytime she wants, maybe even for an employer willing to laugh at her next Obama joke."

Five days after she posted the photo, it has become a national hot issue and Tara has more exposure than she ever got with talking for 3 hours a day on WBT.

Huffington Post story of Tara is here and the Charlotte Observer's personal attack on Tara is here.

Charlotte Knight's Baseball - Opening Day is just two weeks away and Knight's Baseball will get things started this weekend with Knight's Fest.

Included in Saturday's events is a game between CMPD's Blue Hornets and the Chicago Finest at 1:30.

The Charlotte Knights web-site is here The CMPD Blue Hornets web site is here.

CMPD Crown Vic's Shed Paint - By know you may have noticed that some of CMPD's white Crown Vic are losing big chunks of paint. Staff at Autobell's Piper Glen location tell CP that every time CMPD cruiser 673 rolls through the car wash, it leaves behind a trail of white paint chips.

The trouble is the aluminium parts that Ford used were contaminated in the manufacturing process and the paint did not adhere properly. Good news the unpainted surface is aluminum and won't rust.

Ford has issued a national recall and has proposed repainting the cars, but that would require taking the cars out of service. CMPD apparently doesn't like that idea and claims they don't have enough cars to take the two dozen or so effected Crown Vic's out of service, so the cruisers will roll on leaving a trail of paint along Charlotte's streets.

Trayvon Martin - It seems to have taken longer than I would have expected for Al Sharpton to show up in Florida.

Trayvon was black, and Zimmerman is Hispanic and there in lies the issue and the issue is race. When it is Black vs Latino and white authority decides Black loses. The cry is justice for Trayvon but the issue is much deeper than justice.

Travon Martin was staying with family when he decided to walk to a nearby Circle K in an area troubled with break ins and petty theft. Zimmermand the shooter is clearly a nut case police officer wanna be. How Zimmerman received a permit to own a gun is beyond me.

On that rainy night Martin fit the profile of trouble wearing a hoodie shuffling along then fast walking avoiding eye contact, hands in his pockets. Had police intercepted Martin before Zimmerman the encounter might had ended differently. The key is might.

What is lost in the story from Main Stream Media is "the talk". At some point in each young man's life his parents should have the talk. Because America fears black youth many parents have cautiously explained a simple fact to their boys, you are black and if you act a certain way you will be considered a threat.

My parents some where along the way explained the cold hard facts to me. Long hair and blue jeans with holes in them made people think stoner, druggie, junkie, loser. They also explained that respect for authority is also imperative, something lost on many teens.

Americans have a habit of cubby holing people, based on age, skin color, dress style of hair.

Wearing a hoodie up over his head Trayvon Martin was "profiled" as a threat, had police responded and had Trayvon rushed towards the police the result would have been the same.


Anonymous said...

Come on African American man saying he likes chicken doesn't negate years and years of tasteless, racist jokes about chicken and race. Neither you nor Tara is really that clueless.

Tara may have started out as a responsible reporter, but she has evolved Into a shrewish, narrow minded arbiter of nastiness. Her negativity and hostility has made it impossible for her to engage in civil, sane discourse. Much like rush Limbaugh and Anne coulter. The "cartoon" was racist and in abysmal, classless taste.

And if CMPD could locate all those new Dodge Chargers Katrina Graue said it "lost", maybe they could take the cars needing paint as per the recall out of service without any disruption.

Garth Vader said...

"wearing a hoodie shuffling along then fast walking avoiding eye contact, hands in his pockets" equates to "trouble"?

Wow, swastika much, CP?

Anonymous said...

Tara is not, and never has been, a reporter. She has been an editorial writer who tried to masquerade as a reporter, but Anon 9:13 is right: her increasing, unceasing negativity combined with her unbelievable arrogance is like that of Limbaugh and Coulter--picking and choosing facts to fit the story she wants to tell as opposed to letting all of the relevant facts emerge. Good riddance to her.

Anonymous said...

I pity the parents, and for them maybe Trayvon was a good kid.

But out of sight he was a thug wannabe. So cop wannabe and thug wannabe meet up on a dark rainy night. Thug wannabe gets mouthy cop wannabe says put your hands on your head and thug takes him on. Gun goes off end of story.

I expect if the real cops saw him they would have weapons drawn as well. Of course the cops would have planted a gun on the kid and this would be a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I'm with you on Tara but you have to admit the photo was pretty stupid and there are so many that make a better point.

I hope she learns how to video blog and keeps telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

You know how the kid was acting all tough and full of himself. Sure the media shows only his football photo but take a look at his facebook page, oh wait it has been deleted.

Gang signs, talking about needing money carrying a "9" jackin someone and how his hoe is a b.

That is how these people roll.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon, RIP dude. Chances are you wouldn't have made it to 20, seems you just don't have the street smarts.

Anonymous said...

Cops would have a tazer in one hand and a shotgun in the other..He should have shot him in the leg or arm, not in the chest...Come at me like that and you will hold one.

Anonymous said...

"A tazer in one hand and a shotgun in the other"? ....Ummm I'm sorry you are thinking of Rambo-cop, he doesn't exist.
"he would have shot him in the leg or arm" ...if a cop shoots it isn't to maim, so that probably wouldn't have happened either. They also don't try to shoot guns out of peoples hands FYI.

Anonymous said...

I liked Tara. Sorry she is gone.

Sure the photo might have been over the edge, but her harmones probably helped with that since she just had a baby. The pic didn't actually hurt anyone and I would not care if Obama did want to dress in drag and eat fried chicken. I like fried chicken.

I do care that Obama has not terminated Holder or anyone in the DOJ for allowing thousands of firearms to get into the hands of the mexican cartel while laundering millions for them without tracking it. Also when they caught the main suspect they gave him $10, and told him to keep in touch allowing him to cross back over the border, hundreds dead and no one has been held accountable for that. There is alot more outrage over this picture.

So really, this silly picture does not bother me one little bit.

Anonymous said...

OK 6:14 let me make this clearer so you can understand..You missed the point!
Lets see the word Cops is plural. One has a tazer. One has a shotgun. One doesnt fire. One shoots and wings suspect..As a cop i wouldnt shoot to kill unless i see the weapon or am absolutely sure suspect has one. Thats for me to decide. You go your way I go mine. Zimmerman is a civilian, cop wannabe so he killed him. I guess all cops should shoot to kill in every situation...thats all wrong..But if you are scared go ahead away. And who said anything about shooting the gun out of his hand, COWBOY!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:49
If you think it was just a "silly picture"' you are truly ignorant of history and totally ignorant of what stereotyping does to people. It is not "silly"' it is harmful and perpetuates racism.

Anonymous said...

"As a cop I wouldn't shoot to kill unless....."
Hey Mr. Clueless, your not a cop, you don't have the training, the courage nor the mindset to be a cop. So, your opinion is dumb and you would prob just wet yourself before you started taking aim at people's feet and hands. But good luck with that sharp shooter.

Anonymous said...


If you are going with the history card to support your racist claim, you lose. History shows that fried chicken was practically a staple of the south.

Contrary to your belief, African Americans do not own the market on eating fried chicken. Have you not ever noticed that the Colonel Sanders is a WHITE man?! Further more "Kentucky Fried" represents the south, NOT race.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12
Rationalize, or try to, all you want......the racist association between African Americans and "chicken" is real and exists in the very real world.
Any stereotypes are harmful, whether they be gender or race related.

Anonymous said...

Obama likes fried chicken. It is a fact. The post was directed at him, no one else. It cant be racist if he actually likes fried chicken.
Keep the stereotype alive if you want to, but Obama does not seemed concerned about that...It is the cholosterol.