Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Charlotte Observer Pulls Doonesbury Cartoon Over Abortion Issue

Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau is not one to shy away from socially sensitive issues, this week Trudeau is taking on the topic of abortion and state mandated sonograms.

However, the topic has caused a little turmoil with several newspapers electing not to run the comic, and the Charlotte Observer choosing to skip the Thursday installment.

According to the Observer's Peter St. Onge, the Thursday strip was deemed too graphic, and quoting Observer Editor Rick Thames "losing the one day won't disrupt the narrative of the week".

St. Onge also has Observer Editor Rick Thames stating: "Readers of Doonesbury expect its creator to delve into politically and socially sensitive topics. That comes with the strip. But our comics page is a destination for all ages. Many would find that one day's installment too explicit." More about The Observer's decision not to run Doonsbury is here.

Before someone shouts "censorship" let's be clear the Observer is trying hard not to lose customers, so maybe blacking out a comic even one that is always pushing the envelope may just be a sign of the times.

Which might just explain why the Observer's Thames keeps killing stories that might upset someone. I'm surprised the even run Peanuts, after all fairness on the playground should be a community standard and pulling the football just before Charlie Brown punts, is no longer socially acceptable.

Abortion is pretty graphic, but no more so than homicide or rape which seem to be an Observer staple. It can't be anymore graphic than the killing of 16 unarmed Afghans by a US soldier over the weekend.

Monday, Tuesday, and Today's strip are below, Cedar Posts with add Thursday's and Friday's here when they are published.

Thursday's Strip that Rick Thames felt was too graphic to publish in the Charlotte Observer.

Friday's Strip that Rick Thames felt was ok to publish in the Charlotte Observer.

More Doonesbury here.

Cedar Says: For the record, and I think I'm with the majority on this, I'm pro-life for me and I'm pro-choice for you.

Cedar FoLo: Well there you have it, all five of the weekday strip the ends with a totally lame punch line. And the Observer's Rick Thames felt it was just too graphic to publish the Thursday installment? Makes you wonder what else we are being protected from doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

YO know Cedar, rarely do I disagree with you, but you pointing out a lone soldier who possible had had enough is just wrong! That is just as bad as MSM!

How about pointing out the fact instead that HE along with many over there are sick of being sent into a war where only the USA upholds the "rules of engagement" that allows our military to be slaughtered!

NEVER does anyone mention all those who are being killed over there, nope, let's worry about one lone soldier who was pushed to edge BY the people he is supposed to serve!

Why don't you do some real investigation and start pointing out how many of OUR folks are VICIOUSLY killed over there?

Or wold that be too much?

Anonymous said...

Yo 6:01

I think you missed Cedar's point, which was simply that abortion is graphic and just because a newspaper doesn't want to offend anyone they are using "graphic" as an excuse.

The Observer reports graphic images either via words or photos every day and for Rick Thames to pucker up because he fears the Right Wing nut cases of Charlotte is wrong and lowers the status of The Charlotte Observer.

Anonymous said...

The real reason the Observer pulled these is they're not funny. Make me laugh or at least think. These were just partisan attacks.
Maybe Doonesbury's next set will be the doctor pulling the plug on the patient b/c the Obamacare manual says to?