Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Man Shot by CMPD Officers Speaks to FOX News

Fred Daye tells FOX News about the night he was tazed and shot by CMPD officers.

Cedar's Take: Fred Daye is a troubled man, and you can tell from this FOX News interview, he's a few fries short of a happy meal. But his statements, and those of a witness give considerable weight to the idea that CMPD Officer Clifford Flowe's use of deadly force may have been an accident.

The word around CMPD is that this was a "bad shoot" and that it was a combination of different things that went wrong from the start. But go back to last week's Cedar Posts and listen to CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe's statements to reporters here. Where is Chief Monroe now?


Anonymous said...

I responded to this same guy a few days prior this shooting incident. He was much more 'whacked out' at the time then what you see in the Fox video but we were still able to talk him down and get him in a Medic truck without incident. Sometimes it just take 5 or 10 minutes of dicking around on the side of the road talking and shooting the breeze with someone to get them calmed down and trusting. I determined during our chat that he was a former Marine and then we just went from there and shot the shit with him about our military service. Next thing you know, he's giving us the same story about trying to find his brother while we are walking over to the ambulance. We get his coat off and the cops search it and his bag, find nothing, call done. End of story, no shotgun required. If you are in control of the scene you can (for the most part) make the interaction as agressive or as calm as you choose. There is nothing stopping you from putting the guy down if needed but that should be a little further down your list of options. I was not on this second call and can't speak to the facts of that incident. I have been around a while and I know every call can't go smoothly but I know, at least in my case, we got the guy off the street without any shots fired. I'm curious how long they were on scene interacting with the guy prior to the taser deployment/shotgun AD.

Cedar Posts said...


Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Nice arm-chair quarterbacking there 12:39!

How about giving this guy your cellphone number and he can call you during his next episode?

You can't speak to the facts of this incident but can refer to it as an "AD"? The only thing YOU control at the scene is YOU.

You're a toolbag.

Anonymous said...

First, he has my number, it's 911.

Second. If you know the (narrow) parking area where this shooting took place then you have to question how a trained officer (who, I'm sure is a great guy) can miss with a long gun. He hit the guy with one pellet in the tip of the elbow (intentionally?). Also, don't you have to verbalize a taser deployment. If you do have the all facts on this incident then please share. Explain to me so I can better understand what happened. I'm open and I want to know.

Third. We all try to informally AAR these incidents so that we can learn from the good and the bad. Our comments on this blog have will never have any bearing on the outcome on the investigation of the use of the taser or shotgun. Lots of cops, fire, and ems read and comment here so why not share when you can so that others can learn.

Last. Your commnet indicates that it was not an AD. So help me understand the intentional close range taser hit/shootgun miss senario. If there is more to know to help make better sense of what happened then I'm all for it. You know in any of the emergency services we are under a higher level of scrutiny and to just not reflect on and review our actions and the actions of those we work with on any incident ever is simply not realistic or prudent.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a nieve, know it all little twerp. Regardless of what happened yesterday, last week or last year, all that matters is what happened at that exact time frame. My guess is you spend the majority of your time stopping soccer moms for running stop signs and have not come across one single intense volatile confrontation. And when you do, I hope no one chimes in with what they would have done. The bottom line, go home safe.

Anonymous said...

12:39 toolbag.

First, this is a public forum. This is not a place to discuss police tactics, the good, bad or ugly, of any sort. Nor is this a location to have an "AAR" or discuss the pros and cons of an incident where NO ONE has access to the facts of the case. Again, this is a public forum. Conjecture, guessing and assumption are not they way to conduct any sort of proper critique.

Second: I'm sure with these spectacular verbal skills of mind control, this (and every other police related incident that has happened for the last six months since you've been on) would have turned out much differently if only YOU had been there. Your superior skills notwhithstanding, you weren't there.

Lastly, my comment indicated only that I have no idea what happened (other than what I saw on the news)It should have occurred to you that, unless you were there, neither do you. Apparently, it didn't.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:39,

You are rational. The public appreciates this. 11:04 is the toolbag. Ignore it.

Anonymous said...

This evening it was said and I quote "use of deadly force was in error".

That is the official line coming out of command and we were told there would be no futher discussion about it. That we needed to move on.

Flowe, is a good guy and it sounds like he made a mistake. But CMPD will never give us the details.

Anonymous said...

Accident or not, I thank him for wearing the badge and going out to deal with criminals and the mentally unstable so the rest of us can sit back and criticize.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:39

Are you medic or CFD? Most others posting are thinking, my opinion because you intentionally left it vague, that you are CMPD. I know your not because of this " We get his coat off and the cops search it" not we searched him, my partners etc. you did say your number is 911 so I guess your CFD or Medic?

I think that your assumption that the shotgun was an AD is a bit premature, it very well could be but there is just not enough information availible to determine. I will admit I had the same initial 1st impression as Cedar but I heard a little more description about the suspects actions and no longer think that sympathetic fire was the cause. Regardless of my thoughts on this I still acknowledge that I have very few facts and my impression of the event is only slighty better than a wild a** guess.

Here is a resource for all reading, check Force Science Research Center (google it). It's one of the only resources that does scientific study on Police Force issues and spends a great deal time on action-reaction times.