Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harlem Globetrotters Continue Their South Carolina Boycott

The Harlem Globetrotters will bring their unique style of basketball to Charlotte on March 24, 2012. The fabled American Basketball Team will play 37 cities along the East Coast this year, yet the will not spin even one basketball in South Carolina, continuing their NAACP backed boycott of the Confederate Flag Flying state.

Two weeks from today you can find the team strolling onto the hardwoods at the Cable Box along with the familiar sounds of bones and whistling that is Sweet Georgia Brown by Brother Bones.

The antics and funny business, the four point shot and excellent ball handling skills have become a staple of American culture.

But the Globletrotters provide more than entertainment. they also do a great amount of charity work, including donations of unsold tickets to underprivileged kids.

So why forsake South Carolina?

The 2000 letter that brought the Harlem Globetrotters into the flag flap and helped fund the NAACP's continued idiocy.

The Globetrotters South Carolina boycott like that of the NAACP has no real impact, the only people that feel the financial distress are the hourly employees who rely on the venues for part time employment and the kids who would normally be treated to a free ticket.

So why is the team that helped break down social barriers, building on the divisive efforts of the NAACP? A team the owes much of its success to kids who dream of trick shots and amazing ball passing and so is the team penalizing the kids?

The continued boycott has only one benefit, to give the NAACP something to talk about. Removal of the Confederate flag will have no benefit to anyone, so if the Globetrotters where are as smart off the court as they play on they would play South Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Let them boycott all they want...supposedly (well used to be) in America WE THE PEOPLE not just one minority race, had rights to freedom of speech and expression!

Anonymous said...

When are the Harlem Globetrotters going to become multi-racial and add some Asians and Wasp to the team?

Anonymous said...

Stupid article. Its called freedom of speech and expression. I say good for the Trotters and South Carolina. If the Globetrotters needed SC they would end their boycott and if SC needed the Globetrotters they would take down their flag. And by the way, the Globetrotters are multi-racial, they have had Asians, Cubans, Dominicans, Caucasians, etc on their team. They currently have two white guys and two females on their team.

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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