Friday, April 13, 2012

Born to be Wild - Rodney Monroe Loves Harley's

Nothing says "big city" like a presidential motorcade led by a dozen gleaming Harley Davidson Police motorcycles.

Trouble is Charlotte doesn't have a dozen Harley Davidson motorcycles and a presidential motorcade led by two "dirt bikes" followed by four BMW's motorcycles would look just odd.

So what is a police chief to do?

Why buy some new motorcycles of course, Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Since the BMW 1200's don't present the required diplomatic image, Chief Monroe has apparently decided that he'll just park the BMW's and continue to pay on the lease which won't run out for another 3 years.

Train some more officers to ride the Harleys and poof "proper image".

Never mind that the Mecklenburg County Sheriff has six Harley Davidson motorcycles because after all they wouldn't match.

Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of the CMPD Motor Unit. It takes some real skill to handle a heavy fully loaded Harley Davidson. The job might just be the most dangerous assignment CMPD has. Forget the terrorist threat to the president, just worry about idiot drivers. No doubt these guys will earn their paychecks during the DNC 2012 event.

But do we really need to buy some more motorcycles? I think Charlotte and Mecklenburg County taxpayers have enough motorcycles to open a dealership.


Anonymous said...

Once again, Rodney just does whatever the hell he wants with no oversight.

You are right, the motor unit is clearly one of the most dangerous jobs at CMPD.

BMW motorcycles are used almost exclusively all over the world for Police motor units.

They are safer: ABS, manuveribility, speed when needed, lighter....and for the Officers that have to ride them in all kinds of weather and all day, more comfortable and better protected from the elements.

Like full face helmets and protective gear, jackets, pants, boots, gloves, winter and summer protective gear, they are of THIS century.

Like everything else with rodney, it is all about appearances with him. I was told He just likes "the look" of Harley's.

He is a Dinosaur and does not have a clue about modern any area.

He has so far successfully taken CMPD back in time, to a department with no oversight on budgets, personnel.
To secrecy, no transparency, coverups.

CMPD is a Banana Republic.

This is just another example of hundreds of his total disregard for how money is spent.....Rodney gets what rodney wants, and he wants what he wants when he wants it!! To hell with safety, money......

Anonymous said...

What budget is this coming out of?

Is this part of what Curt Walton is approving out of DNC 2012 $50million funds, which he can do with no CC approval?--Oh, wait, he HAS to have CC approval if they say it's a sole source requirement. I'd love to see that statement: "We have to sole source to Harley Davidson because they look really cool"

If it's from regular budget, this better go all over the press, too, as that jackass tells us he desperately needs a tax hike--and there's no money to pay for raises for officers.

Or there's his secret third favorite: asset forfeiture money which they keep misusing. And the lawyer who keeps helping him hide derives her salary from that money, which is also not permitted by law.

But, we don't need laws in Charlotte when we have the man, right?

Anonymous said...

As anyone who knows that has ever been down on a motorcycle, road rash ain't no joke !!!!!

Yet I heard Rodney does not like protective gear because it "looks like a spacesuit"....that is just how superficial and completely out of touch he is.

If he gave a crap about his Officers as he so loudly and insincerely professes, protective clothing would be required.
And they have ventilated breathable summer gear!

The cops in Europe look professional AND protected!!

And full face flip helmets are great for cops!!

Anonymous said...

And so it starts.....the media manipulation running up to the DNC.

Seriously, a "drug roundup". It looks like they arrested FOUR homeless people.

FOUR arrests is NOT a roundup. Captain Patterson should be embarassed, as should Tufano and Monroe.

Does the public get yet that crime is off the charts in Charlotte?

Simple reason why:
Monroe and his co conspirators have been so busy trying to give the APPEARANCE of lower crime by putting huge amounts of time and energy into manipulating numbers, covering up and trying to hide that fact, that actually seeking modern day solutions, or any solutions, to preventing crime has never been a priority. And the results of Monroe's lack of leadership and management skills have come home to roost in a big way!

(also heard about a new Major that has completely adopted the Medock style of leading: screaming, intimidating and threatening. Trickle down dysfunction.)

Jeff A. Taylor said...

There was a lot of crazy crap I could put up with in CLT, but once the rule of law went by the wayside we were on the way out.

As I've said before it all starts with the corrupt CLT legal community.

After several decades of winking and nodding to get paid, of facilitating fraudulent land deals (always taking a cut), of propping up functionally illiterate judges, and actively threatening clients with financial ruin should they attempt to blow the whistle, the justice system has ceased to function in Meck.

Monroe is just a symptom, not a cause. Accountability and transparency from beat cop to superior court judge to US Atty is the only solution.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Disagree on one thing... Calling Monroe a symptom is like calling a nasty weeping pustule a symptom of chicken pox.
He may be a shining result of corruption all the way to the top.
But he is a "symptom" that will surely kill you.... As he has done to CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Jeff A. Taylor,

I agree with you on that. Corruption is rampant throughout Meck and NC govt.

I know someone that filed a case against the state pro se, about a year and a half ago, and the case was dismissed on a motion that it was not filed within the proper time limit. They used the amended date to dismiss, not the original filing date (which was definitely within the time frame). The judge retired before the dismissal judgement was even mailed, so there was no way to file a motion to reconsider. Now seriously, there is no way that was a mistake, because if the judge had any intention of hearing the case, he would not have been planning to retire at that point.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous April 14, 2012 at 3:39 p.m.

The corruption runs even in the court system. I would say that the judge who handled this issue, got paid underneath the table somehow and someway. Now that he has retired, there is no way of ever finding out.

Anonymous said...

lawyers used to be afraid of committing misconduct in front of judges, not in collusion with them.

officers used to be afraid of the chief catching them committing misconduct, not the other way around. and on top of that, any officer who dares report illegal activity within has to be afraid of demotion or false reports about them being made to slap them 'in line' very few have the backbone to stand up and tell the truth anyway. Where is the support for each other and doing the right thing? Biding time until retirement?

Anonymous said...

Yep, everyone knows that three DC's have lied to HR, on more than one case it is said. Oh, and a Major, too And one can only imagine the "chief" has backed them up to avoid the lawsuits and publicity.

I know it sounds crazy, but how can these people live with they just rationalize the hell out of their lies? Do they have a conscience? How do they rationalize all their dirty little dealings with their professed faith?

Corruption really is viral and it seems contagious.

citynewswatch said...

share what you know

Anonymous said...

I hear from my friends at CMPD that these "grown men and women", these supposed leaders of men and women,continue to insidiously 'get back" or retaliate against people that have stood up to them.

They are the worst kind of playground bullies.

But I would hold those that "go along to get ahead" and don't speak out about what is going on every bit as guilty. All those people that know exactly how people are being singled out and continuously being "punished" for not kissing ass, and these include Officers and members of Command Staff, they will have to one day look these people in the eye that they are screwing over by their very silence.

From the stories I hear, I don't know how anyone continues to work there and is able to hold their head high....they should be hanging their heads in shame.

But one must believe if there is any justice in this world, that the truth will prevail. That there are still some honest people at CMPD that will make a difference.

Anonymous said...

The "rumor" is that Medlock is up to his old "tricks" of abuse of power....using his rank to coerce people into carrying out his vindictiveness.....and instead of saying, " that is not right, that is an unethical, and perhaps illegal "order" and I cannot and will not act on it", most everyone I have heard about does his bidding as if robots, throwing their "friends" right under the bus.

There is also another rumor that his dirty dealing may be about to catch up with him in a very public way! When you have so many people involved in your little schemes, there are just bound to be leaks....and some people do have integrity, they just lost it for a while.

Anonymous said...

What is the rumor?

Anonymous said...

I heard something about him, too.

Could be the same thing.....

So far can't confirm.....we shall see....but people are sure talking, and usually where there is smoke there is fire?!

But it seems "they" have gotten even more arrogant and blatant about their vendettas!

Anonymous said...

"throwing under the bus" is really vague... please consider being more specific in an email, which can be done anonymously, and then researched to sort out facts. it will help.

citynewswatch said...

last comment was supposed to be marked with link.
some things are already being researched

Anonymous said...

Face it, common knowledge: If you are a member of the "inner circle", a FOR, or just simply African American, you will not be held to the same standards as the rest.

You would literally have to commit a homicide in the middle of day with cameras rolling before You would face any kind of discipline.

And it happens over and over again.....and everyone I talk to that works for CMPD knows it.

citynewswatch said...

can you send names/incidents not disciplined? is this what you mean when you say DC's lied to HR, or was it other issues?

Anonymous said...

Citynewswatch there are no names, links, etc. Because this is all rumor and innuendo. There are some disgruntled people and the "my friends cousin who has a friend whose brother works at cmpd" said.......don't wait by the computer you will never see any "proof". Even the ever pompous Eddie Levins can't fabricate any proof

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24
You are tedious.
And people have seem what happens to ANYONE that tries to get proof to anyone of the corruption.
And Edfie Levins is o e of the few at CMPD that have integrity... And they hate him for his honesty.
And I m sure you are one of the ass kissing corrupt minions !

Anonymous said...

Proof is there, it's coming!
Enjoy your freedom while you can!
Corruption is its own reward.

Anonymous said...

"A few disgruntled people"?

Give me a freaking break....

More like the whole freaking PD.

Morale has Never been lower!

It is hard to have a good attitude when you see the results of the dirty dealings and corruption Daily.... And they seem to continue to get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24
The only people "fabricating" anything are the DC's, Major's and Captain's who are determined to give the (false) impression of low/no crime.

Rodney knows that is the only way he keeps his job, the impression of lower crime.

When the extent of the coverups, the lying, the corruption is finally revealed, even the false impression of lower crime won't be enough to save him.

And watch carefully what happens to's a little harder to get "rid" of him, he is a Major, they can't banish him to the Watch Commander's Office. He should really watch his back very carefully, they will be out to "get" him any way they can.

They are certainly not above lying and "fabricating" to carry out their they have shown again and again.

One can only hope he has kept detailed records in order to protect himself and not be blindsided.

citynewswatch said...

anon 3:24,
You are wrong that there's no proof. I have included plenty already on my site. Cedar has included plenty. Pundit House and others do it regularly.

It must have really ticked you off to have to feed a story to local media saying crime was UP and so we need license plate readers, in order to try to quash the facts in the citynewswatch story about the dirty little secrets of what you are doing with storing data for a year and a half and planning to put up stationary readers all over Charlotte which will do the same, violating constitutional rights of innocent drivers. Those public grants and spending are public information.

Where are your crime stats about the alleged spike in license plate thefts? Even if there are some, it doesn't justify what you're doing. Or withholding all the other crime stats.

LPR's in Charlotte are not new. Don't be bitter about research from outside local media you do your best to steer.

What a load of junk you dished out. Your covering will catch up with you because you can't make sure EVERYTHING is done invisibly. And targeting certain individuals won't continue working. Check your list of incoming lawsuits. Some people will testify honestly.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you city news watch except for one are stationary readers against someone's constitutional rights? driving is not a right and the tag that is read does not belong to the owner of the car. It belongs to NCDMV. you pay for a registration so you are allowed to drive a car on NC roads. You HAVE the right to walk. but tread lightly as walking in public is just that, a public domain where cameras and such are completely legal. its the same as stealing someones trash when its curbside. its not stealing when its in the PUBLIC domain. The liberals here need some thicker skin. if you are doing nothing wrong....guess what??? chances are cops wont mess with you. ive been stopped and been asked for consent to search of my vehicle. i had no problem with it because i had nothing to hide.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:39
You are right.....he had better watch his back.

These people will stoop to anything to get rid of and shut up anyone they vaguely perceive as not spouting the "party line".

If you are slurping the koolade you are golden!

It's just amazing the ease with which they lie and cover for one another.

I did hear from a friend at CMPD about something shady that happened at the academy.....troubling to say the least if true.

citynewswatch said...

you should say no to a search with no probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. That is your right by the U.S. Constitution. Innocent people are free.

The problem with the LPR's, on car or stationary, is the collection and storage of data without a warrant--which would require probable cause to be presented and approved. Current SOP for mobile LPR's says they are keeping data a minimum of 18 months. There is no SOP for Stationary. But NO SOP is sufficient to overrule law.

The CMPD is NOT permitted to compile a dossier of the movements of innocent citizens as they go about their business in public. It's the picture of private lives that is the invasion of privacy. It has nothing to do with who owns a license plate.

Add to that what happened in D.C. when the LPR vendor took the data which was acquired by police, and it's worse.

Add to that the component of stationary cameras which target citizens which live in and travel through certain parts of town, that makes some citizens under more scrutiny than others--some having more private movements stored in databases, possibly for profit, and definitely the possibility for corrupt use. It adds an additional component of unfairness to the already unconstitutional issue.

Driving may not be a right, but freedom is. People seem to forget that when the government uses the kind of scare tactics often in play. Walking in public is free. Yes, garbage is fair game, but there are rules about what police are allowed to do and if they have reason to follow you and collect your information, those movements must be approved and documented FOR CAUSE.

Anonymous said...

what happened at the Academy (now)?

Anonymous said... puppets dance....

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23
I assume you are speaking of all of Monroe's "puppets".......
He sure does pull all their strings. And as long as it advances them up the old rank ladder, they are quite compliant!

These people have no compassion, no empathy,are not the least bit introspective, have no loyalty to the truth, no core values, are dictated to by ambition and ego....look it up in a first year psych book.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't anyone suspected of committing fraud, misspending grant money, lying, covering up,genut lying under oath...shouldn't these people be referred to the DOJ to be thoroughly investigated?

Anonymous said...

Looking from the outside in and reading these I see what always appears to be about a dozen or so disgruntled employees of cmpd. Most probably working their first real jobs and maybe you should understand some things:

Charlotte is now 55% minority now. Cmpd will never have another white chief.

Rodney proved you don't need no stinking degree to be a chief.

UCR sets how crime can be reported. Read the rules on it. Pretty straight forward. And no, regardless of who you may have heard it from, cmpd is not breaking those guidelines. Even based on your rumors of proof that are coming any minute now, non appears. Number of victims is still down.

You can quit and look for another job if you would like. You obviously have a terrible attitude anyway.

And I hope you never use your own internet connections to post here. Ted keeps a log of all the IP know, just in case.

Anonymous said...

If you are trying to scare people from posting on here, it won't work. "Ted" can keep all the IP addresses he wants, it isn't against any rules or laws to post the TRUTH, right?
So let the addresses be kept, I am sure many more than 12 disgruntled people woud just love to testify.

UCR sets the rules and you are stupid enough to think people don't break them? Really??

Let me tell you one way it's done, as if you don't know.
Someone goes to a call and talks whoever is making the complaint out of making a complaint, simple. No report taken.

Ever hear of the SHOP program?

Ever hear about bundling crimes?

Ever hear about District Captains making deals with businesses that if they get special attention, a marked car parked out front for example, they won't report larcenies?

And many more creative ways to sidestep UCR.

Maybe you should understand some just what lengths people will go to to keep crimes off the books.

And I have no doubt that they have probably gotten someone to hack Cedar Posts......but they really can't use that info publicly, they would have to say how they got it. But they can use it for their own personal retaliation.

Anonymous said...

who the hell is Ted?

Anonymous said...

desperate threats, indimidation from people becoming more exposed and more vulnerable to their own misconduct and worse.

pathetic. probably illegal. just in line with what CMPD top-paid staff has become

Anonymous said...

And they continue to try to "punish" or jam up people they don't like.

Their childish need for retaliation knows no bounds.

If they spent as much time on actually trying to improve CMPD and make it a more effective, cohesive place where people actually looked forward to working at, they would be ahead of the game.

But it is their juvenile need to "get back" at people that have disagreed with them that occupies a tremendous amount of their time.

But it is just more evidence of the total dysfunction in leadership that allows or even encourages this type of behavior. And it is amazing that they have enlisted so many people to "help" them, that so few stand up to them and tell them no.

Anonymous said...

I have been told by employees that have been at CMPD for 20 years and more that they have never seen such immaturity in the top ranks.

Their compulsive real need for "getting back" at people is really pathological. And leads to many, many abuses of

Couple this with their lack of leadership and managerial skills and lack of integrity and it is a recipe for corruption.

They dole out "favors": New cars, primo off duty jobs, promotions, primo assignments, primo "training programs", promotions, promotions, and did I say promotions? (And if you are "in", just ask RR for whatever you want, and he will "procure" it).

There is so much wrong and corrupt it just pervades the whole department now, there is no place that is untouched by it.

And that crap about following UCR guidelines is, from what I am told, crap. And what happened at the Academy? Lot of buzz about it..

Anonymous said...

No word on what pot the money is coming from?

and who will drive these behemoths? is there training money and safety equip. money, too?