Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Odds and Ends

CMPD To Fence In Thugs and Ghetto Rats - Friday afternoon, police emailed statistics and paperwork to the Charlotte Department of Transportation asking that a large perimeter fence to surround the Charlotte Inn on Independence Blvd.

According to a report aired by WSOC, residents in the Commonwealth Park neighborhood that backs up to the hotel say they fear for their safety and are glad that police are trying to come up with new ways to fight the growing drug and prostitution problem.

On Wednesday, suspected drug dealers exchanged gunfire in the nearby parking lot of a barbershop. On Thursday night, a man assaulted two police officers as they tried to arrest him for dealing drugs near the Charlotte Inn.

Police officers want CDOT to install a fence to protect the neighborhood from what they call mid-level drug dealers.

CMPD said there were 57 calls for service in the area in 2010. In 2011, that number more than doubled, to 121 calls for service.

Cedar's Take - Why don't we just turn the Charlotte Inn into the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Inn and Jail?

Foundry Cycles - Among cyclists Foundry is a recognized marker of a top of the line carbon bikes. To Cedar Posts, Foundry Cycles named Auger, Broadaxe, and Ratchet and a rather dark and serious website screams serious bike.

However, beyond Cannondale, Trek and Specialized names that I know, I wouldn't know a crank from a cassette, or a roadie from a cross. After all I still ride a 30 pound steel frame Schwinn mountain bike dating from the late 80's.

But I do know a couple of serious riders, guys like Patrick Harrington who ride for a living, dogging Charlotte's traffic and enduring our famous humid and hot Summers on two wheels.

Turns out Patrick is in the running for a year long sponsorship and a free ride on one of Foundry Cycle's products. This ain't your Walmart Huffy, these bikes start at $3,000.00 and top out at over $5,000.00.

Patrick will get to ride some serious hardware if he continues to hold his very slim lead over Asheville's Stephen Janes.

Let's help push a local guy over the top, log in with your Facebook account and Vote for Patrick here. Votes must be in by April 30, 2012. And I a guessing it will take 1000 votes to lock the deal up for Patrick.

Scammers Target The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center - File this under "is nothing of limits" Seems the scum of the earth have figured out people are paying big buck for prime seats at Charlotte most upscale performance venue.


Billy Fehr said...

That's a great head shot of Patrick. The photographer obviously looked through the glass to make such a timely capture of this authentic subject. Please vote, he's an honest candidate...

Anonymous said...

Now that's one way to "control" crime.....just fence the bad guys out .
How about doing real Police maybe foot patrols, arresting people, community involvement?
Expect more of this kind of "containment" as we get closer to the DNC.
Rodney is such a loser!!

Anonymous said...

10:56 am. As a matter of fact, the neighborhood is very involved and the police are very involved as well. There is a petition on line and a paper petition being circulated in the area to get the Charlotte Inn shut down. It has become a hub for prostitution, criminals and drug dealers. The neighbors are very proactive in reporting criminal acts, and the police have been very proactive and supportive as well. Maybe you shouldn't run your mouth and try and blame Rodney Monroe or the DNC until you know the facts.

Anonymous said...

So run the story on the Hornets wanting to change the name under new ownership. You need to rally the troops to get the Hornet name back in Charlotte when they give it up at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Why are drugs and prostitution illegal in the first place? Did we learn NOTHING from the 1920s?

Make 'em legal and the black market & associated violence disappear.

Anonymous said...

121 calls for service in a year? There are apartments that get more calls than that by UNC Charlotte. Amazing what you can dig up at city land.

But, but, I thought Charlotte did not get calls for prostitution. Didn't the crime stats prove that?

Curious. Are the leadership methods noted in the article below familiar?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56. That was a pathetic attempt to blame Monroe and the DNC. The neighborhood is very proactive and so is CMPD! Sorry to burst your little bubble.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't an attempt to blame Rodney, I AM blaming him and his unethical, sloppy, corrupt leadership.

Bursting my bubble ? That does not even make sense.

Go away, Rob.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:42 p.m. "Go away Rob." Paranoid much? I live in the neighborhood affected and am an avid reader of Cedar Posts' blog (which I enjoy). My point is that you are reaching for something that is not there (with regard to this story). We could not be happier with the police support we have received on this effort.

Anonymous said...

Due to a lack of interest, they are mandating officers that were not interested in the first place play on their kickball league.
this place is getting more and more ridiculous every day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:36
If the support has been so great from Rodney, why the need to barricade your neighborhood?

He wants no publicity like this to the run up to the DNC.

Kind of like China with the Olympics....whitewash, ship off and encapsulate/insulate trouble spots.

Grow up.....

Anonymous said...


Glad you are happy. You are the one living with it, so that is what matters.

I don't think 10:56 was blaming the police support you are getting. I think he/she was more frustrated with CMPD brass for a superficial fix. While a fence might keep the the drug dealers and prostitutes on the other side making things appear safer, it probably won't do much for a stray bullet, which is your real threat. I suspect you guys are on the same team.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Monroe and the suckups he promotes for covering what he is doing to the men and women on the street doing their best in difficult conditions with horrible morale thanks to how he has destroyed so much of the organization are the topic of the negative comments.

If the adjoining neighborhood to the prostitutes, drug dealers, vagrants, and bullets flying think a chain link fence will stop any of it or keep you safe, you are out of your minds. As per SOP for Monroe, you are being fed a line of temporary appeasement crap to try to shut you up because you have been making a public, truthful, show about how bad crime has gotten in Charlotte. Unfortunately they are still able to lie about what is going on in the whole of the city.

They are trying to shut you up because you are embarrassing them (brass and City Council and Mayor) for the Convention. If you want to be safe, you will not let up. It's no indictment of your local officers. It's a call for help for them, too.

And Rob, crawl back under your desk and think about what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

I guess they will leave the Charlotte Inn open at least until after the DNC 2012 event other wise where will the Obama's Secret Service guys go to get their Secret Service.

Anonymous said...

where are the crime statistics for the entire area? prostitution calls? drug calls? stabbings? robberies? shootings? break-ins?
CFS and arrests.

And, can we have them for the whole city?

Is rodney planning to fence in the whole city except for the DNC area, and just assign all 4000 local and out-of-town officers there for the 3 day convention?

Anonymous said...

Since Roy Cooper is running unopposed in the 2012 election, please expect concerns regarding CMPD, government transparency, and witholding public records to continue being ignored.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they gate and fence their own community?

That way they would have a lot more control over the situation, type of fence and entrance to the property.

If they have no association to do this, they can start one.

Anonymous said...

people should be safe without spending a ton of extra money because the CMMP money is being misspent.

This fence shouldn't happen and won't help anyway, but don't tell people living in Charlotte to go about their own security--that's what the police are supposed to do.