Monday, May 7, 2012

Auto Break-Ins Greet Charlotte Airport Travelers

More than 2 dozen cars were broken into over the weekend. The full parking lots made for easy picking, as nearly non-existant police presence and lack of operating security camera gave crooks the upper hand. Unlike shipping center parking lots were owners ar away from their cars only an hour or do, cars at the airport cas are left unattended for days at a time. The total number of cars broken into during the crime spree may not be known until later this week.


Anonymous said...

They will be counted as ONE.

And who would be in charge of CMPD "security" at the Airport?

Business as usual......

Should be great fun when everyone is arriving for the DNC.

Anonymous said...

Just for minimum security, pay for a ride from home to the airport. Cheaper. Like insurance. Or remote parking. Does Charlotte have remote parking? A private parking lot with bus service to the airport terminal, someone paid to watch for things like break-ins of the cars?

Anonymous said...

@12:26 That would be Jerry Orrs responsibility.
Charlotte Douglas has its own PD.
You cant blame that on Monroe.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:34
There IS a CMPD Sargent and Captain "assigned" to the Airport.

Why are they there? What exactly do they do? If the airport has it's own PD, why are two Members of CMPD assigned there?

Wouldn't their time be better spent working in their own PD in Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

Dear Rob,
The money comes out of CMPD & the City.
There is a CMPD Sgt. & Capt. assigned.

Wouldn't YOUR time be better served looking for those crime stats or working on pulling your head out of your ass, or Monroe's, instead of reading Cedar Post?

If you're going to read Cedar Post, how about responding to the true allegations that are posted and sending answers to questions submitted?


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with those drain/storm tunnels, Harold!

It just keeps getting better.....they are so clueless!!

And their arrogance, egos and lack of humility will be their downfall. And people that have been and continue to be
disrespected and mistreated will not honestly be sorry.

Anonymous said...

You people are the largest group of hypocritcial whiners ive ever seen. You demand facts from the PD but you can't even back up your own complaints yourself about the PD. And all of this is why none of you will ever change anything and will just come here to CP and whine.

Anonymous said...

When the people with the greatest power abuse it and the people around them, what do you expect? When it goes to court, YOU LOSE. Guess you can't shred fast enough and you can't get everyone to lie.
There's no point trying to meet such a stupid argument. Of course the chief controller and hider of facts would try to say people won't give facts.

Again, just give the information and then no one will "whine" about asking for the truth. Demanding facts from the Police Deparment. Outrageous.

What complaints can't be backed up?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19
You make me laugh....once again, you are the biggest whiner.....ALWAYS whining like a baby about the "whiners".

If it bugs you, why come here? And if you have some "facts", we are all ears!

Plenty of facts have been stated on this Blog....but for some strange reason, the corruption continues.

The latest is about the transfers from the Academy and the cover up and lies....just the latest.

Anonymous said...

12:03 you're right. and rob and monroe and walton, etc... and scared because the SBI investigation and the other independent investigation will be exposing that and much more.
People under oath who have been coasting on autopilot and letting this corruption flow over and through them out of fear better wake up and start telling before they are on the wrong side of the court room.

Anonymous said...

And again, you prove my point. You use these catch all terms of corruption and cover ups and then cite vague generic rumours without facts to back them up. Is this a high school chat room. Whehhh, i heard sallys going to prom with bobby and didnt tell anyone. Your a joke which is why no one with authority pays any attention to you freaks.

Anonymous said...

you're a scared sweaty little man who spends all his time hiding the numbers and memos and files that need to be released. You and your friends think that will help keep you all from charges. It won't. Too much, too late. You'll have plenty of time to reflect after since you're not coming to the right conclusions now.
people haven't been vague. we've been very specific. you just won't answer. put out an open statement that you will answer any question that doesn't apply to an ongoing criminal investigation, and I will supply a list.

thanks for clearing that up.