Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Wrap Up!

Mayor Foxx and City Council - London bound on your nickel. File this under "You have got to be kidding". While suggesting that Charlotte taxpayers accept both a water rate increase and a 10% property tax increase, Charlotte City Council members and Mayor Foxx plan to fly to London on a "fact finding" mission. Cost to you the taxpayer nearly 6k per person.

Cedar's Take: I think Kevin Siers spells in out rather nicely. More from Kevin Siers here.

Billy Graham On Amendment One - Rev. Graham is urging North Carolina voters to support a proposed amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage.

In comments issued Wednesday from his home in Montreat, Graham said he believes the home and marriage are the foundation of society and must be protected.

The 93-year-old Graham said the Bible is clear in that God’s definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. He urged voters to cast ballots for the amendment on May 8.

His complete statement is contained in a full-page ad slated to appear in 14 North Carolina newspapers throughout the weekend.

Graham’s son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, recorded a message last month in support of the amendment. Franklin Graham’s sister, Anne Graham Lotz, has also said she supports the amendment.

Cedar's Take: The "between one man and one woman being the only legal domestic union" concept works for me. Frankly I don't care what you do and can't understand why we need a law to enforce common sense, except as a tool to deal with some people have a twisted logic. As I've said before the majority North Carolinian's have a pretty good sense that being gay "just ain't right".

Seriously if Bill and Ted's excellent adventure means they want to get married why should I care?  I don't.

But what really grinds my gears is that we have become a nation of loud and shrill minority voices who we the "majority" spend all our time trying to appease, pay for, accommodate and make exceptions.

Curt Walton's Extraordinary Event - Attracted less than 40 protesters yesterday morning. There were no arrests and the hand full of protesters, several who were children were gone shortly after Duke Energy's shareholder meeting ended.

CMPD Officers keep a watchful eye on dangerous Duke Energy Protesters
Photo Credit: Davie Hinshaw
According to sources, inside during the meeting at least one of the shareholders criticized Duke Energy CEO James Rogers and the company for its use of coal to power electricity-producing plants.

Outside the protesters chanted slogans, carried banners, and made speeches critical of Duke Energy policies, but a group of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers watched nearby and did not interfere.

CMPD officers had cordoned off a one-block area around the Duke Energy building early Thursday morning, setting up the Extraordinary Event zone.

The city’s new Extraordinary Events ordinance permits authorities to limit protest activities and items that can be carried into a pre-announced zone. Earlier this week, City Manager Curt Walton announced that the zone around the Duke Energy building an area formed by South Tryon Street, Stonewall Street, Graham Street, and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Read more here:

Cedar's Take: As many had predicted, Charlotte's new ordinance giving a wide ranging and long list of "rules for protests" has become a recipe for abuse of power. The ability to virtually declare marshal law in response to even the smallest protest.

More photos of the Duke Energy protest here.

Andrew Murray Seeks Death Penalty - In the case of the State of North Carolina v. Mark Anthony Cox,  prosecutors announced in court Thursday that they will seek the death penalty for the murder of Danielle Watson.

Cox attacked Watson as she closed down the Flying Biscuit Cafe, on the night of January 13th, she was two months into her first pregnancy.

Cox, a 22-year-old convicted felon, was indicted on charges of murder, murder of an unborn child, robbery with a dangerous weapon and felonious larceny several weeks ago. He was on probation after being released from prison after serving time on robbery and breaking-and-entering charges, when he attacked and stabbed Watson several times.

Tiger Woods at Quail Hollow - Woods shot a 71 Thursday, leaving him six strokes off the lead after the first round.

Wood's performance was just dull, there where few great shots, and he didn't implode or throw any clubs, which left the Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler writing about the fans instead of the former PGA Tour star -

"As always, Woods’ appearance on a golf course caused some interesting fan behavior. As he walked to the first tee before a crowd of thousands, at least three fans held up smartphones to take his picture – a violation of course policy. As marshals told the fans to put their phones down, one lady piped up: “You’re not supposed to be taking pictures!”

When the man taking them expressed some displeasure, she said, “Well, you also happened to walk and stand right in front of me.”

Right before Woods hit his first shot of the day, another fan’s cell phone went off in his pocket. As the fan scurried away to general anger, one lady shrieked: “Are you kidding me?”

Scott Fowler's complete take on Tiger is here.

Kate Upton Cat Daddy Dance - Cedar Posts will not stoop to posting a video of Kate Upton just to drive page views, but CP thinks Kate Upton is a crazy sexy girl. If you haven't seen her "Cat Daddy Dance" in her barely there bikini then you aren't following The Weather Dog on twitter who tweeted the following on Tuesday:

"So what is so great about Kate Upton dancing to "Cat Daddy" in a bikini? She doesn't even look like a cat!

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:


Anonymous said...

OMG, "just ain't right"???? Seriously? I am sure if you had a gay/ lesbian child you would be one of those that would try to "pray away the gay".

So, it's okay for you to "lust in your heart" after every young thing in a bikini, but gay "just ain't right"? (How old are you anyhow? Don't you think you should use a current photo?)

Marriage is man made, and it "ain't" all that sacred, take a look at the divorce statistics and see how many people are staying 'til death do them part.

Why the Bible Thumpers are so very threated by gay marrage is beyond me. Probably why they were so threatened by interracial marriage: ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Monroe, Medlock, Gallant and Estes will crap their pants when they are confronted with a real live riot.

The total Lack of responsible, mature, adult, tempered leadership will be apparent. There will be a lot of indecisive, screaming, yelling, running around like chickens.

The troops do not respect their "leaders"' mainly because they are not treated like "grownups" ....the troops are not treated with respect. They are manipulated and berated and embarassed and publicly humiliated.....great way to "lead", huh?

Good Luck with it are gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

In a world full of the PC I'm glad that Cedar speaks his mind.

The LGBT idiots don't bother me, they can do whatever they like.

But I just don't understand butt bandits and rug munchers. Y'all want to be gay, that's just swell, with me but being married is a union of a man and a woman.

Y'all want to be a gay couple fine but it this state being married is reserved for hetrosexual couples only.

Don't like it move to California.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the amend one ban here are the reasons.

1) We are using religion to justify our politics.

2) This country has laws to protect against religious discrimination and we say that we embrace all other religions, so how can we use religion to make a law? It seems backwards to me.

3) To create the ban would be a judgement. We all judge, everyday, but still, according to Matthew 7 it is wrong. So what is worse? allowing gay marriage even though it is wrong according to the bible and not our own sin, or judging and creating the ban, which is also wrong (judging)according to the bible and would be our own sin. I think the bible intended for us to worry about our own sins and did not intend for us to force our religious beliefs on others.

4) It does not affect me either way, unless I just want to be bothered by it. Therefore; I should not have a say in the matter.

I probably did not explain my point very well, but I think anyone can figure out what I am trying to say.

If anyone has a good argument, I would like to hear it.

On another note... I heard Foxx was not part of the London trip?

Anonymous said...

Once more, being gay is not a choice, but the way God made people.

"Don't like it, move to California"..... now that is an intelligent

People have used religion throughout history to discriminate against anything they don't understand and continue to do the same.

Andrew said...

Please keep your religion out of politics. I'm a republican but I'm really bored w/ you people down here.

Anonymous said...

@9:45; please go back then. I'm sure that where ever you are from will be simply overjoyed to see you again. Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

I am a hetro Baptist RCF, but I believe Billy Graham needs to stay out of this.

The 1st amendment of the US constitution states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".

So, for all of those people that want to determine this issue based on religion, please think carefully, because you wont be able to complain when your 2nd ammendment rights are messed with.

Anonymous said...

Years from now people will read about this debate and shake their heads.

Today's same-sex unions are viewed in much the same way as interracial marriages were in years past.

Nowadays what sane, self-respecting person would publicly speak out against interracial marriages?

Can you see where this is headed, people?

Anonymous said...

I don't need the bible to tell me being a fudge packer is wrong.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:45 pm. Seriously you think being gay is because someone is made that way? So you believe that God who has clearly said being homosexual is a sin made it possible for the human being made in his image to be gay because of a genetic mutation? You have to be the most ignorant person I havr ever heard of. I guess under your thought process a person being angry is a genetic mutation. Nothing to do with the way the person was raised, the social environment they grew up in or just simply a personal choice they made to be gay? Seriously homosexualality is a CHOICE!!! Not a condition

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:11
Clearly your choice is to be IGNORANT.

The Bible is a fairytale.

It is amazing that bigoted, ignorant, hate mongers like you still use the bible to selectively use parts of it to push their own ignorant, backward agendas of prejudice and fear.

My guess is that you are like those pastors and right wingers that protest too much', got a little latent stuff going on.

And to 2:57
Really, "fudgepacker".... do you know how many of your heterosexual friends practice "fudge packing"? My, you
would be shocked!!!

Hateful, nasty people like you that are so afraid of and
threatened by this issue make good people of tolerance
embarassed and sad.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:17
Ok. First of all I am not hate mongering. I don't care if you CHOOSE to be gay. I personally don't agree with homosexualality but I don't have a right to judge and I am not. I'm sure there are alot of things I do that you would not agree with.

What I am saying is that you, or anyone else, are not predisposed or genetically destined to be gay. It is a choice to be gay or straight.

You may have been influenced by society, the media, your friends and family but it was a choice to be gay. Just like its a choice for me to be attracted to people of a certain color. I simply don't find my self attracted to members of opposite races. Because that is not what I find attractive. It is a choice for me.

Just like your attraction to members of the same sex is a choice. Don't blame genetics for your choice because you feel socially awkward about your decisions. I don't care if you are gay but don't ask me to change my views to fit your lifestyle. If a majority of people choose to adopt ammendment 1 and you don't like it. Then move to a state that you do like.

Anonymous said...

Is there a single argument out there that supports this amendment that is NOT based on religion?

Anonymous said...

I am not gay.

And YOUR"choices" are based on your personal bias and prejudices.... and are certainly not based in science or reality.

Gay is not a choice, it is inherent in the DNA, got it?

You really show your lack of education and ignorance when you say it is a "choice".


Anonymous said...

Show us the proof and not a figment of anyone's imagination that being gay is about DNA. It is only about choice. Frankly when I was in college and mistakingly hitched hiked into town I was and my friends were picked up by a homosexual which I found disgusting and never again have I hitched hiked. Do it behind closed doors and not in the open. Gays are disgusting from my view point and always will be. DNA. Give us a break. Just like Obama and hope.

Anonymous said...

You are pretty disgusting, really.

What the hell does Obama and hope have to do with this?

How do you "mistakenly" hitchhike?


Anonymous said...

Three calls to 911 about shots fired at the Charlotte Rugby Club and NO REPORT TAKEN.


Did anyone go out to take a report, or is Rodney making up his own personal rules about this also?
You don't take reports now of shots fired? Good to know!

Did anyone actually go to the scene and take a report and collect any of the .22 caliber casings found?

No, because they did not want any reports taken about shots being fired.

And there you go......exactly what people have been talking about.

Anonymous said...

2:57 Gays back Obama 110% and mistakingly because I was too lazy to walk. No you are the moron.

Anonymous said...

I want to be clear I hold not hatred for Gays, Dikes,Nympos, Perverts, or another freaks of nature. I could care less what the bible says or if your DNA is screwed up or you are some sicko dude who sees a hairy ass and gets a woody.

Just keep your lifestyle out of my face and away from my kids.

And I think I speak for a vast majority of not only my neighbors but of all Americans.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have plenty of hate in your heart for anyone that is not like you, I woud be willing to bet you are a racist, too. And probably think women shouldn't have the vote.

You, son, are the freak of nature.

And you are wrong about the majority of your neighbors being as intolerant and as ignorant and as hatefilled as you.

And I sincerely hope none of your kids is gay/lesbian, for they will be SO screwed you.

Now just go crawl back under your rock.

Anonymous said...


You don't speak for me and you are waaaay off topic.

Going back to the issues of amendment one, have you considered that if you support the amendment and try to force homosexuals back in the closet, one of the kids you are so worried about might marry a homosexual because they are trying to conform to something they are not. Would you prefer that? They might even have kids, so what if it is in the DNA?

Amendment one does not protect the institution of marriage, it does harm.

Anonymous said...

Lot of name calling and etc but no proof that a person's DNA is responsible for them being gay. No proof. Just words with no substance. I wonder how many parents would open their arms to predators in their neighborhoods? That's what some gays are or at least the one experienced I had 50 years ago. Not all are the same but do it behind closed doors because some actions are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

4:44, there is typically no report done for shots fired, which is not a part one offense anyway. Why would any officer waste their time doing a report because someone shot into the air? If no one got hit, no object got hit and no one was shot at, then it's a waste of time. That has absolutely nothing to do with Monroe.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:57 How about "Discharging Firearms within the City Limits"? If you locate the suspect you can make the arrest and take the weapon. May not be a Part 1 offense but at least you get the suspect and more importantly you get the weapon. Most likely nothing will happen in court, to the suspect, but you still have the weapon.

Anonymous said...

There have been some studies suggesting DNA such as Xq28, however; funding for such studies dried up years ago, so no one can say 100%.

Either way, gay people don't bother me. I hate public displays regardless of gay or straight. It is disrespectful of the people around you.

I don't think I have ever known a gay female,so I can't speak to that, but gay males are often the most honest and supportive friends you could ever have.

Anyway, this amendment is not just about marriages, although it looks that way on the surface (NC already has a law against gay marriage), it is also about the value we place on the US constitution, and how much time and money will be wasted in court if this is passed, and other straight relationships this law may affect.

bottom line, if this is just about gay marriage, we don't need it, we already have a law for that, and the consequences could be quite damaging.

Here is a link to a letter written on the topic by law professors around the state.

Funny, this is the first time I ever agreed with Obama on anything.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was pretty ambivalent about the amendment and thought it was unneeded until the likes of Obama, Clinton, Biden and the rest of their communist sycophants decided to chime in. That was all I needed to know that voting for the amendment was the right thing to do!

Anonymous said...

10:46: So good that you know your own mind and are not swayed by others opinions.

Seriously, could you be more ignorant or prejudiced?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are the ignorant and prejudiced one. Just because 10:46 has a different opinon than you you result to name calling and spite. Where's your tolerance for someone who has a different outlook than you?

So based on the way you are acting it seems like everyone who is for amend 1 is dumb and ignorant and that gives you to carte blanche to act however you want? so everyone else has to learn some tolerance and acceptance but you don't have too? Seems pretty bigoted and bias of you to hate someone just cause they don't agree with you. So when you can learn to respect the fact that I and many others will vote our beliefs tmw then perhaps I can learn to actually listen to your side of the argument.

You want tolerance and understanding for you and you gay friends. Where's the tolerance and understanding for those that don't agree with homosexualality?

So yes I will vote in favor of amend 1 tmw because that is my legal right, my moral obligation to myself and my opinion. You don't have to like it but respect that I can vote how I choose without having to justify it to you or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"But what really grinds my gears is that we have become a nation of loud and shrill minority voices who we the "majority" spend all our time trying to appease, pay for, accommodate and make exceptions."

Way to go, Cedar, you Putz.

You've just demonstrated that you either don't understand or respect the founding principles.

The measure of a democracy is not in majority rule, but in the recognition of minority voices.