Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig on his Degree


Anonymous said...

Wow, a Police Chief that is honest about his degree.

Don't know anything about him, but he seems intelligent and well spoken, so unlike someone we know here!

Boy, we sure got the short end of the stick, huh?

Thanks, Curt Walton.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rodney did you notice FOUR STARS? Get it Rodney? Four Year Degree and you get Four Stars.

In your case you only get two, for your half as degree.

Anonymous said...

DON'T TELL HIM!!! He'll spend another million dollars to get fancier uniforms.

And maybe platform shoes.

Anonymous said...

Points for honesty, but points taken away for University of Phoenix. It's a fucking diploma mill. Come on! You're giving this slob credit for "university" of Phoenix?

What a load of shit. This is like the old days of getting a Doctors of Theology from an ad in Rolling Stone, or off the back of a match book cover.

Again, Come On!

Anonymous said...

9:23 you crack on a degree from Phoenix all you like, sure it is not Duke but it is a real degree unlike Chief Monroe's favor he got from VCU.

In fact there are dozens of doctors, lawyers and military professionals who have bachelors degrees from Phoenix and advance degrees from Harvard, Yale and even Duke.

Anonymous said...

I for one would rather have an HONEST phoenix than what we have.
With HONEST being the operatve word.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely would rather have someone that has a degree that they EARNED.

Everyone knows, at CMPD, exactly who Monroe is. He came in not telling the truth, and he will leave the same way.

And all those "good" people that follow him while knowing in their hearts what a manipulative, lying, dishonest person he is are just as culpable for the demise of CMPD as he is. And all the professing to be such "good" people means nothing, as we all know, actions speak way louder than empty words.