Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Wrap Up

Chicago's NATO Protests - Charlotte's primer on the DNC 2012 Protests to come will hit full stride this weekend in Chicago. With few arrests and no real violence the Chicago warm up has so far been entertaining.

Friday afternoon "Occupy" protesters joined a group of nurses only to split from the group and head off in a different direction using the street and traffic to cause chaos along Chicago's Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River. Caught in the mayhem, those who ventured into the area unaware.

What was at first a peaceful protest by nurses was infiltrated but "Occupy" anarchists who overwhelm the nurses protest and once the march was underway spun off and headed across traffic.

Changing of the Guard - In this photo released by the Royal's press office, Queen Elizabeth looks on as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chat with King Hussein and Queen Rania of Jordan.

There is a changing of the guard going on across the pond, and this photo taken during a celebration of the Queens jubilee just about sums it up.

CMPD Offers Bounty on Felons -  Charlotte-Mecklenburg police launched Thursday a new program to target felons carrying firearms in the community. According to CMPD, the program urges members of the community to call a dedicated phone line to provide information on the location of a known felon with a firearm.

The anonymous caller will be eligible for a $500 reward if an arrest is made as a result of the tip.

To reach the firearm tip line, call 704-336-6000. A dispatcher will collect the caller’s information and send officers to the area. Callers need to be able to provide the felon’s name or a detailed description of them as well as where the felon is located at the time of the call.

Callers do not have to leave their name, phone number or address.

Cedar's Take: Cash for rats, might work, I'd guess they need to up the amount. Wonder if can you collect more than once on the same thug? Considering they'll be back out on the street inside 24 hours and have another gun 30 minutes after they are again "riding dirty".


Anonymous said...

The old saying I'm sure that is still on the street. Snitches get Stitches.

Anonymous said...

This blog used to be fun, now its starting to get annoying

Anonymous said...

So to get ten guns of the streets it will cost taxpayers a cool 10K?

We is the cost benefit study? Why doesn't anyone else see the stupidness of this?

We are paying extra for something we are already paying for, our police department.