Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Observer's Expose' on Rodney Monroe

The Charlotte Observer's long awaited "investigative" report on Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe has finally come to print.

The above photo has nothing to do with the story.

Buried in this morning's Sunday paper, the story is overly long and reads like a high school history book. It lacks depth, offers nothing of fact and will leave most Cedar Posts readers flat.

However, it does acknowledge that Chief Monroe has his critics, "the blogs":

Anonymous bloggers regularly spew vitriol, accusing the chief of fudging data to make it look as though crime is going down, questioning his ethics, even suggesting he’s pretentious for wearing the customary five gold bands on the sleeves of his dress uniform that signify he’s the chief.

Read more here:

“Chief Monroe has run the city’s police department like his own fiefdom,” one blogger wrote in November. And then in March: “Rodney Monroe is a man of poor judgment and questionable moral character.”

It’s difficult to say whether a few disgruntled officers are feeding the blogs or whether dissatisfaction within the department is widespread. Monroe’s critics, including current and former officers, declined to talk on the record.

Read more here:
The report saves the only shocker till the very end; that Chief Monroe now claims to have another apparently real degree. "In February, he earned a B.S. in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix. Asked why he never announced it publicly or mentioned it during several interviews over four months, Monroe said: “It’s personal to me. I did it for my own personal reason.” "

CMPD's bio of Chief Monroe has recently been updated:

Chief Monroe holds a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from University of Phoenix.

The entire article by the Charlotte Observer staff is here.


Anonymous said...

The Observer's fluff, along with Monroe's thinking that he is a "rock star" will just continue the disgrace.

But that is ok, the DNC 2012 will be his undoing.

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a pitiful, biased piece of claptrap written by an obvious fan and FRIEND of Rodney's.

Totally lacking any kind of journalistic integrity or detachment.

This confirms every suspicion about the Charlotte Observe.....they will print lies and refuse to do anything that resembles investigative, unbiased reporting when it concerns Rodney Monroe.

Another degree??? He did not legitimately earn his "other" degree, so this would be his FIRST AND ONLY DEGREE!! And he inadvertently admitted that he lied about what his "other" degree is in.....saying he has always wanted a degree in Criminal Justice. Isn't that what he put on his resume his "legitimate" degree was in from VCU. He lied on his resume....number one reason for firing him, he lied, on paper.

I am just as sure that "Marvette" participated in his "new" degree.

What a bunch of total hogwash.....

The truth is coming, because they are not that smart, their huge egos, their deluded sense of invincibility, will be their undoing in the end, in Federal Court....for everyone, even the Charlotte Observer, to see and hear...because the TRUTH does set you free.

Anonymous said...

what a total bunch of propaganda crap from an immature writer. This is what she's been working on for months?

"spew vitriole"???
How about expose FACTS. It would have been nice if she had. For example, it's not just the obnoxious nature of his uniforms, it's million dollars the millions of dollars he spent on them while he and walton only give themselves raises. No money for officers... wish they could... what a shame... but good job everyone...

And you would think in a week where it was just announced the case for Marcus Jackson would be going to trial in Civil Court AND Jackson's getting out of prison, she might have asked about it... since Monroe was caught lying more than once about all of that.

Even if she was lazy, she could have asked him about any of the other already-docuemented lies on record involving millions of dollars. She could have asked him why so many of his people are suing him, successfully, for his abuses of process, and so many others are complaining (instead of laughing of 'accusations' of being a bully and having his wife explain he's not). She could have asked for the crime statistics he refused to turn over, or asked why he is breaking the law by refusing. She could have asked about why they are burying records at the police academy and under SBI investigation.

Or she could have done some of her own research.

This would apply to all local media.

Sorry if investigating practices like these seems like "spewing vitriole" to Ms. Leland and Mr. Monroe. They could just answer the questions instead of attacking.

And I know for a fact CMPD is still reading the blogs daily, so he is still "untruthful" about that, and she got that wrong, too.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Now all of a sudden and supposedly he has another degree. Really.

When will everyone quit believing the shit Chief Monroe is shoveling? And take action to get him out of there.

It's to late because the damage is already done to the truthfulness of the department. There is no such thing as ethics any more within the department. It just comes down to the officers that are willing to screw each other over.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's monroe, but walton and every single city council member that put him in and keeps both of them in power (because council can fire both of them) are responsible.

so, for everyone that keeps voting them in, and does NOTHING to write, show up at council meetings, and demand to throw out liars and abusers, look at yourselves, too. you need to be working some channel to get the proof out.

if you are afraid for yourselves or your jobs, get the sorry FOP off its ass to hire an attorney you can speak to with protection and get this going. How many more years of tyranny can this city survive? Now that the truth of exploding crime numbers is starting to trickle out,...

Adam Butler said...

It's not ethical for journalists to quote anonymous blogs or posters who comment anonymously on the aforementioned blogs.

If some would reveal their identity and be willing to go on the record perhaps you'd find the story you were looking for.

Anonymous said...

Adam Butler...
Are you serious??

Real journalists quote and cite "anonymous", "unnamed"' "background" sources all the time. If they can confirm three sources saying the same thing..they will run with it.

And don't you get it??? If you go on the record, you are finished, kaput, done for.

Real journalists need to take a look at all the documented data citynewswatch has on his least all CMPD and CMPD lawyers haven't stonewalled on. IT'S CALLED INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING for a reason, the key word being INVESTIGATIVE.

citynewswatch said...

Every single thing on my site is documented, sources given.

These have included published articles, statements made by Monroe in public and recorded in front of City Council and other places, emails with city employees' names given so they can be confirmed, copies of contracts, copies of policies, public records requests denied for no legal reason, crime statistics, crime reports, vendor information, ordinance and finance information from the city, information about grants other places Monroe worked, contracts Monroe signed regarding "First 48" and the timing of Vicki Foster hocking her private security company's reality show to the production company at the same time Monroe encumbered the CMPD with that show (and ensuing lawsuit), expenditures for what were supposed to be charities but are being hidden (even though not allowed), lies about misconduct, unprecedented hopscotching for promotions unrelated to ability, records of over 500 officers "missing" from the Academy even while Monroe claims excellence with a CALEA audit, refusing to answer for 50 brand new police cars they say they lost--even though we all know who's driving them--the secret SHOP program to keep shoplifting statistics off the books, denial of those records as well, using city attorneys to shield Monroe from questions, claiming he had earned a degree on his resume which was a job requirement and then saying he "was trying to show he took classes with that emphasis" ... and now he's a Rock Star?

That's the short list. It's all documented. Claims of anything else are total junk.

Local television hosts and newspaper fillers need to wake up and be responsible or just change job titles. I never reveal private exchanges, but will say generally that I am bored with complaints of "being cut off by CMPD Public Affairs if we run any stories that are negative."

Good. Cut THEM off. Do your jobs.
No one on the force or elsewhere will talk to you until you start doing the right thing. It should indicate something to you that so many officers are afraid to speak on record, or even off. Or you can keep praising Monroe's actions in the face of all evidence presented, and no one will talk with you on record. Even the City Council member wouldn't go on record. What a coward.

Cultivate your own sources, research what's out there and demand the public records that BELONG TO THE PUBLIC by law. They're not doing us a favor when they do hand them over. They are breaking the law when they refuse.

citynewswatch said...

6:51 thanks for the compliment, which I just saw. and sorry for the length of the previous note but I still want to add this:

If it weren't for Cedar Posts creating a space for officers to exchange information and tip each other and the public off to what's going on in this city, there would be absoluty NO OVERSIGHT and monroe would be getting away with even more. Walton has made this position clear and Council had made it clear they will let them both do whatever they want until they are stopped by lawsuits, SBI, or FBI. It's a shame that bloggers are necessary but Cedar has worked hard for years, as have Crime in Charlotte, MeckDeck with Jeff Taylor and Pundit House, each in different ways. WFAE has done a good job on several story threads, too, which is ironic considering they probably have the least money to back them of all the media outlets.

Anonymous said...

You left off the most recent transfers of a Captain and a Sgt. from the Academy, under Major Sherie Pearsall, because of lying and falsifying recruits financial records to enable them to pass on in the process. As a "punishment" for their corrupt behavior, the Captain was given a Patrol Division, the Sgt. was given a day shift in a low crime division, bumping someone else.

It seems many nefarious things have taken place under Major Pearsal's "watch".

Remember she was promoted soon after Rodney arrived from Captain to Major, and she was not a Captain for the required length of time.....that was a harbinger of things to come under RayRay and Rodney...promoting unqualified people ahead of more tenured and qualified, playing favorites. His diversity at any cost to the department.

These things are DOCUMENTED, if anyone would demand it and investigate.

The guy is a one man wrecking crew of corruption, leaving devastation in his wake everywhere he goes.

Anonymous said...

Does ANYONE inside the department really think that Medlock has the skills or the temperment to handle the DNC?

His Waterloo.

The SS and FBI better have extra eyes, ears and boots on the street..they will need them with Medlock "in charge".

Adam Butler said...

Anon 6:51 - Yeah, I'm serious. It is unethical for journalists to do it, I didn't say they never did it. Regardless, was that supposed to be an "investigative" article? I didn't see a headline or disclaimer proclaiming it to be investigative. It just seemed like a run of the mill police chief profile to me. I don't know that writer. Perhaps they're young, new, inexperienced, etc.... Any of those wouldn't surprise me because I've been around journalists for 16 years and I've only known one person who ever wanted to write for a newspaper.

Don't expect a local television station to go terribly in depth. Most of their stories are designed to be started, researched, gathered and put together in about ten hours.

City News Watch has some great stuff. I don't read it often because it's a lot and posts are often long and I have ADD and get bored.

I reckon I'm glad these blogs are here, too because they're fun to read and debate things on here. It's just a shame everyone has to be anonymous. Bitching under cover only goes so far. It's like those people who whine about the president but didn't bother to go vote. Fewer people will care what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't agree.

People that care need to keep revealing, investigating and uncovering the corruption at CMPD, anonymous or named.

If this is the only avenue to get the corrupt practices and coverups in the light of day, so be it.

It's not just bitching, it's getting the information out the only way they can.....because the information will not be revealed otherwise. CMPD under Rodney is opaque, nothing is transparent.

About it being unethical, I don't think so.....people use anonymous sources all the time in investigative journalsm...remember that little thing called Watergate?

And perhaps it wasn't an investigative piece on Rodney, but it should have been.

But come on, at least get the facts right......

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see a guy who lied his way in to a job, lies his way out of trouble and more as my police chief. I don't want to pay for it and I don't want my fellow honest officers to have to be under the stress and strain of working for him while they are at any moment risking their lives to protect each other and the city, all the while knowing money is not being handled how it should be.

Even city council members don't have the guts to speak on record, much less fire him no matter how many millions he costs us in lawsuits or what he costs the city in crime and the department in morale.

But he's a rock star, after all. Lots of Rock Stars live in their own deluded fantasies. Seems about right.

Anonymous said...

proposed budget increase for police tonight: 2%

unless you're a friend of Rodney

Anonymous said...

Yawn...ya know, I'm sorry you were booted from your cushy job and now you have to ride the blue and white like a "commoner". Maybe your actions got you there in the first place?? Once again, there is no big SBI investigation coming to town. They listened to you to placate you and then laughed behind your back. You provided the same information as a snitch on the street..."I heard somebody say that their friend had (fill in the blank) happen to them"....blah blah blah...probably blogging from your car while you should be keeping the city safe.

Anonymous said...

oh, Rob,
please take your tiresome denial routine elsewhere.

turn over the files from the Academy which are under investigation and save the city and state lots of money. you guys should go ahead and make sure everyone involved in changing financial scores for recruits to get them in quits before they are fired, prosecuted, or whatever is supposed to happen.

Anonymous said...

Rob, Rob, Rob, your defense of the indefensable is just sad and a little pathetic.

Comparing people of integrity that are deperately trying to expose the corruption to snitches says more about you than I think you want known.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What 'Ya Gonna Do when They Come For You?

Anonymous said...

So, Rob at 9:00 claiming to speak for SBI: how many reports have been made to them they they are "laughing at" ? What has been reported to them?

You're full of crap.

"You provided the same information as a snitch on the street" So you say you have been given confidential SBI information? Let's have the SBI investigated, then. If what you're saying is true, it's just more proof of bigger and worse corruption.

Either way, you're full of crap and everyone needs to report.

It won't be as funny on a witness stand or in a jail cell.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, they'll get a booster seat you and monroe can share so you can see over the witness stand

Anonymous said...

Seriously, a "Rock Star"?

And that would be Curt The Clown that is giving him that moniker?

That's not surprising, he is responsible for hiring him, thus he brought all this corruption to Charlotte. He is the man behind the curtain....

All Trash and Flash, that's what a "Rock Star" really that really a label you want to hang on your Police Chief?
How about "an ethical, honest leader of integrity". I would take that any day!

(Another homicide last night, Cedar.)

Anonymous said...

Basically we can also call Curt the Clown, we can relate him to the Puppet Master and just like in The Wizard of Oz. Curt is the great wizard who was behind the curtain.

But according to King Rodney and the rest of his goons, crime is down in Charlotte. How many homicides have there been since the beginning of the year? How many homicides alone in this month?

Anonymous said...

violent crime is up 23% first quarter.

overall crime is up 12% (that was the only headline from local press)

those numbers are even according to what Rodney managed to squash down with his special techniques.

some of it is due to extra scrutiny because of blogs calling b.s. and because he has been reported to the SBI and FBI and DOJ for fudging numbers. the crime has been this high and higher, he's just having a little harder time hiding it.

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that rodney's wife says she has never seen that "bully" side of him.....seems she has been reading the Blogs.

He is indeed a Bully!

And he has a Second in command, Harold, that is as bad if not worse.

Harold always forgets those years he was gone from CMPD when he is telling people how long he has been at CMPD.....seems like he can't count either.

Seems he and rodney share a fondness for embellishing, or being disengenuous!

The inmates are truly in charge of the asylum of CMPD.

What a bunch of losers, and horrendous "leaders".

Let's just put it this way, MENSA is not handing out invitations to anyone on "Executive Staff".

Anonymous said...

good job to a "journalist" who confirms that kind of information with the wife of the perp (is it necessary to say alleged?) instead of tracking down and interviewing recipients of the behavior.