Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama Bets Against The Odds

With voter turnout of 34% North Carolina passed Amendment 1, by a wide margin, 61% for to 39%  against. The LGBT liberal havens of Buncombe, Dare, Durham, Lee, Mecklenburg, Orange, Wake, Watuga are the 8 of our 100 counties that voted against the measure. But even in those counties is was not an overwhelming statement.

In Watagua only a couple hundred votes split the totals and in Buncombe only a 1 percent margin was won by those against the amendment.

Most forward thinking people don't have an issue with gays and lesbians getting married. I honestly could care less. But that doesn't mean I think it is right, I don't. I don't need the bible to tell me that being gay "just ain't right", but I can look beyond that. You do your own thing and I'll do mine and we'll get along just fine.

But where those with a gay agenda have gone wrong is with their in my face "Out, Loud and Proud" way of doing their own thing.

Visit Asheville on any "festival" weekend and it is pretty comical. The streets are full of "normal" people but there are always a handful of "OLP" making a show. I'll tolerate that as well, after all I don't live in Asheville. Same can be said for Boone, and Durham as well as Charlotte.

Those in the LGBT community often think the world they live in, is the world at large and from pole to pole. But as the above map of North Carolina clearly shows, outside of a few "havens" like the Outer Banks and Chapel Hill folks aren't as tolerant.

These are the people who will re-elect Barrack Obama or send Mitt Romney to the White House. POTUS has now stepped into the fray, and he is walking on eggshells. I don't expect that he'll win North Carolina this time around.

And then there are ramification far beyond the partner commitments and the right to be termed married. What is lost on many if that by allowing gay marriage we expose ourselves to costs that are not fully understood. Social security is under stress as it is now, adding hundreds of thousands of gay spouses will strain the system even more.

Can Obama's next four years account for this as well? Can he find a source fir more free stuff? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

So, it's okay to deprive individuals the benefits of a system that they pay into solely based on how they want to live their lives? That's going completely against the foundations of a free democracy. But as long as you and your cousin still get your social security spousal benefits then who gives a shit right?

Anonymous said...

So very true!

Seems Cedar as taken a page from the Karl Rove Playbook.......If nothing else works, like logic, civil rights, compassion, let's throw that scary Social Security in there.

SS benefits are already "earned"...already paid for by payroll tax deductions.

Scare tactics are always the last refuge of a weak argument.

Anonymous said...

Another good post re: the Gay Vote! I want to thank the 1%'ers of the perpetual angry for forcing Obama's hand as I think this will pretty much seal him as a 1 term disgrace POTUS!

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, is Erika Bryant the newest hire for the CMPD spin machine? She always has a "feel good" story fed to her by CMPD.

And once again, the news stations are saying the latest homicide was not a RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE.....before they even know who did the deed.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:50 What does CMPD have to do with this story???? You still pissed cause you didnt get that FMT slot? VCAT interview didnt go your way?
Just because homicide hasnt told you who did the did doesnt mean they dont know.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anon 5:02, you are funny...but I would have used a couple more ?????????????

Grow up, there are no rules on what you can post where.

I don't work at CMPD, so that FMT slot or VCAT don't really motivate me. But maybe you want to consider them, Robbie, LOL.

If freaking homicide knew, they would have said, that's the way they roll.