Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Odds and Ends

Thieves among us - Seems CMPD has a security lapse deep inside the law enforcement center.

Charlotte office workers are well aware that anything left laying about is likely to "grow legs" and just disappear. Leave your lunch in the break room frig and at least in some offices someone else might eat it. Mistakenly leave your desk unlocked you'll find the change from yesterdays lunch long gone in the morning.

But you would expect your personal stuff, like wallet, and iPhone would be safe from crooks in the CMPD law enforcement center. But apparently not. Word is CMPD uses a "contracted" cleaning service that has virtually unfettered access to the CMPD offices including those of Chief Monroe, robbery and homicide divisions. And if the scuttlebutt is correct on certain contracted cleaning staff employee has been caught on more than one occasion stealing wallets and cell phones.  It may have been the iPhone that was her undoing, as iPhone has a tracking option.

The odd part is a detective tried to intervene on her behalf, asking that the crime be overlooked as nothing more than a lapse in judgement.

Jackass Award - Democratic Mayor Anthony Foxx said he was “shocked” by some of the discussion on Charlotte City Council and among residents. He said there seems to be a view among some residents that if “I put money in the tax base, and if I don’t get 100 percent of that money back in my backyard, then the tax system is flawed.” Foxx supports an 8% property tax increase on top of last year's property tax increase via the revaluation, which is on top of the continued annual increases in CMUD rates.

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Harris Teeter Offers 50k Bounty - If there is one way to get one rat to out another, it is cash. So the $50,000.00 bounty offered for info on these guys should produce pretty fast results.


Anonymous said...

please don't give him a jackass award. he'll raise taxes to pay for it. CRVA will schedule a special MAYOR FOXX JACKASS AWARD DAY at the Knight's Stadium they have no business building in a park that should be green space for tax payers (it's what voters approved) and visitors, not a privately-owned baseball team that's losing money. And everyone will try to convince us it's not real money because it's "just hotel/motel tax" -- you know, that drives up costs for people who like to eat out or have visitors or make money running any of those businesses or any other businesses in town, 'cause while the overpaid, underperforming CRVA and moron City government keep spending us into a hole, businesses are going to other locations that don't cost so much (except for the chosen couple that get the big tax breaks).

And we're still paying Tim Newman.

Anonymous said...

What detective intervened? Personal 'friend'??
Did they keep a thief in the Police offices (alleged)? Was the theft caught on any of the millions in cameras we have installed? If so and no charges, that's unacceptable. Moreso if still employed there. And bad if sent out to steal from the rest of us w/recommendation from the Police as a good, unblemished employee bold enough to STEAL FROM THE POLICE. Lock 'em up.
Monroe is who will keep us safe for DNC2012? Can't even keep his Ipod safe. I shudder to think his genius planning for the convention. Unless there's lots of drinking and golf, he doesn't have a clue.