Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CMPD Officers Work Another East Charlotte Shooting

CMPD Officers along with ddetectives from the CMPD Homicide Unit and ADW Unit were called to the El Paisano Restaurant and Bar located at 5846 Albemarle Road, in East Charlotte early this morning.

El Paisano Restaurant and Bar 5846 Albemarle Road

The shooting happened shortly after 2 am, according to police and witnesses, an argument started when several men were leaving the business, and the dispute grew into some sort of physical disturbance. Officers say a security guard went into the parking lot to break up the dispute.

Moments later, shooting broke out. Two men fled a short time afterwards in a green two-door pick-up truck, possibly a Chevrolet. The men fled eastbound on Albemarle Road.

When police arrived, they found the guard on the ground, and he was pronounced dead when Medic arrived. Investigators said Tuesday morning that the guard was shot five or six times. A handgun was found in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Also on scene was a female that was transported to CMC Main with non life threatening injuries.  The victim is an employee of the business and was attempting to ensure that several male subjects causing a disturbance were leaving the property when he was shot.

Police are looking for a small, green two door truck, possibly a Chevy, that was last seen fleeing outbound on Albemarle Road.  Detectives are currently canvassing the area to determine whether there are additional witnesses to this incident. 

Cedar Bonus: El Paisano (The Friends) Restaurant and Bar (my Spanish might be a little off) is one of a few businesses that have opened in an area that is the vast waste land of a once thriving retail corridor. Closed businesses out number open shops 2 to 1 and most if not all new businesses cater to the Asian and Latino new comers.


Anonymous said...

think paisano=countryman

know someone who bartends/bounces clubs in that area, has to wear stab-proof vest and have concealed gun to show up for work. Often very nice crowd, but when it goes bad, very bad.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, how is 'ole "Chuckles" Hinson doing in Hickory Grove??

Isn't that FOUR homicides now?

Anonymous said...

That used to be Lanny,s.

Anonymous said...

I also thought to myself, it's been years sine I went to Lanny's

Mary Brown said...

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Anonymous said...

I think Chuckie was too busy groping another female employee again to notice the homicides!! But at least they will get the shift they want!!!

Anonymous said...

has he ever been disciplined for that?
promoted someone in his command?

Anonymous said...

Cedar, the description of the car and the part about the female's injuries/ security guard's protective role are in black type on dark gray and hard to read unless highlighted.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Baby:
The FIFTH homicide in HICKORY GROVE.

Hey, Chuckles, wassup?

Anonymous said...

Keep Chuckie Cheeser OFF the news, along with the rest of Command Staff. They are awful. Chuckie alluded that the only way they solve crimes is by paying peope for info. Not by hard work? Chuckie, Chuckie....listen with those ears!

As someone said, where is Tufano??

Maybe a good idea for Command Staff would be a basic public speaking course...starting with monroe.

Five homicides, but crime is down in his area? Hmmm, how is that? Numbers don't quite add up....do they.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55
Don't know about discipline, let's see his IA files.

Promotions? Maybe not, but transfers for those females he does not like, and preferential treatment for those he does.And talking smack about those he doesn't like.... What else ?

Anonymous said...

there are quite a few IA files that need to be opened up. Did they get burned in the great Academy caper of 2011?

Anonymous said...

I saw "Chuckles" Henson making an ASS out of himself as usual yesterday on the local news. He is such a dumb ass when he speaks. He was trying to give his input on the shootings which occured through out Charlotte and surrounding cities. He has no fucking idea as to what he is doing.

I'm sure the morale in C-3 (Hickory Grove) has dropped significantly since hs took control out there.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, he is cheating on the numbers, with help, and everyone knows it.

And no one seems to give a rats ass.....yet.

I guess when you are trying to cover up so many things, another cheating Captain is the least of your worries.
Hell, that's why you have all those ass kissing minions doing your bidding to begin with.

Anonymous said...

maybe he'll get a special pin now, too

Anonymous said...

How about thegolden knee pad award. There are a bunch of those given out in CMPD.