Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Case You Missed It - CMPD's DNC 2012 Police Department Badge

An email sent to CMPD staff on June 27 outlines the 2012 Democractic National Convention Commemorative Badges which are being offered to CMPD employees, both officers and civilian employees.

According to the email the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Benevolent Fund is offering the badges in celebration of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

The email continues:

The cost of the badge is $40. Proceeds from sales support the Benevolent Fund’s efforts, which always have a direct impact on CMPD employees and their families.

These commemorative badges, which are two-tone with red, white and blue accent colors, will be available for a limited time beginning in early July. You can reserve yours now by visiting the CMPD Portal page and clicking the COP Shop link. Click on the DNC Commemorative Badge link to access the instructions to purchase your badge.

The badge will be made available to CMPD employees (sworn and non-sworn), as well as, those who come to Charlotte to assist us during the Democratic National Convention.


Anonymous said...

I just want my yearbook

Anonymous said...

And the rest of the photos..One would be a fool to purchase anything else offered by the department..

Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder if the DNC and Obama aren't getting a kickback from the sale of these, a few trinkets towards the cause. I put nothing past them.

Anonymous said...

I would expect anything the says DNC on pays some sort of royalty. So you buy one you are sure to be helping fill Obama's war chest.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about King Rodney I'm sure is going to get his cut from the proceeds. This is just probably another SCAM that those who purchase this this POS item. Don't hold your breath on ever receiving the year book, just as much as you won't receive this item either.

Anonymous said...

get your badge! then later if someone's dumb enough to hire you as police chief, you can tell them you were "in charge of security for the DNC 2012 National Convention" (if the badges actually arrive).

never mind he's too inept to track down the criminal mastermind that ripped off his officers for yearbooks after demanding mandatory participation in the photos (is there some relation he doesn't want the guy to be caught?)

Anonymous said...

I just want my yearbook too and the rest of my photos "the large framed photo with the city backdrop" and a CD with all the photos on it..that never came...I am still waiting on the rest of that order!!! What's up Medlock!

Anonymous said...

Wow, have not checked out Cedar Post in several months. This blog has really become irrelevant w/ regard to CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:44
Seriously, Rob, you should know about "irrelavance".

Ask rodney to cough up the yearbooks, please.

Anonymous said...

This new shooting will surely result in a many discrepancies in rodney's statement at his news conference!

Exactly how many lawsuits have there been since rodney took control of CMPD?

From people inside and outside the department?

How many IA complaints, how many grievances?

How much money that we know of has been paid out?

Personally, I look forward to the one that will play out publicly in a Federal court!! That will be the piece de resistance!!! Let's get all the " big boys" up there.

Anonymous said...

there's another one in the pipeline.

they just won't learn.

Anonymous said...

Just curious about the yearbooks.....did anyone pay for them? If you paid for the yearbook and did not get it then go see if you can file a lien against the city. You could always file in small claims. It cost $130, but it sure would be fun see their expression when the deputy served that notice. Better yet go see if you can file a lien on old Rotney's house.
By the way good job on getting rid of that suspect who decided to struggle with the officers.....stay safe and always go home to your families, even if it is a small puppy.

Anonymous said...

I think I will get one, maybe more. I bought 5 of the small badges last time. My family loved them. They like to flash them when they get pulled over. It saved my cousin 4 tickets. One of my friends flashed his badge at 3 panther games. "Come right on in Sir."

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with Tammy Hatley? Did they finally do right by her?

Did she have to sign a confidentiality agreement?

Is there any reason she couldn't talk to the press, give an interview?

I understand there has been a reporter asking for interviews with anyone within the department bringing suit against CMPD........if there has not been any agreement, then why not? They would just be stating facts, right?

Seems they are doing a story to coincide with the DNC.

What other one is in the pipeline?

Anonymous said...

will expose Mo and all his suck up losers that cover. too stupid to do the right thing.

what reporter?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes really stooopid people just play right into the hands of the people they are trying to screw!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:19
Good one, and so true!!

Anonymous said...

Heard someone from NPR was asking lots of questions.

Hope it breaks right before the DNC when all the national press is here.

It would make a great "human interest" story! Interviewing families would make great copy!

Anonymous said...

multiple officers filing. outside filings. investigations underway. curt, rodney and company will have a good time juggling. tufano can't dissapear all this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you axe me, that badge be looking fly especially on Rot-nee's threads when he be style wit all that gold. I know right. Word to your Mother.

Anonymous said...

I think you are WAY behind on homicides.

And does rodney know that both is pronounced BOTH, and not BOFF?

All kinds of rumors flying around.....seems like Medlock has once again influenced a decision that will have disasterous results for him and CMPD and the City. His ego will just not allow him to make rational, ethical decisions, he and rodney, and Curt ,are just alike in that way.

As someone else said, it only helps people he is trying to screw. Time is on the side of those people.

I can't imagine others caught up in his web are too happy with him.

Anonymous said...

time isn't on the side of Charlotte and the CMPD which have been going down fast, adding to the stress of the good officers who have to deal with this crap in while trying to do the job

speak up

citynewswatch said...

Did you notice how many times Chief what's-his-name got his officer's name wrong in the press conference to talk about having to shoot a suspect? I'm sure that officer feels very supported by his Chief at a time of great stress.

His other statements must be seen to be evaluated. Ch. 9 has raw video posted.

Anonymous said...

NPR asked questions under promise of anonymity then broke it and also didn't give story correctly.

Speak to someone that will really keep your name anonymous, like Cedar or Citynewswatch.

Let NPR get their research

Don't worry about Monroe. Get the truth out.

Anonymous said...

From talking to many, many people at CMPD it seems the overwhelming concensus is that the department under the total control of rodney has become totally deaf to what iis best for the department. A numbers and PR driven department run by huge egos and immature thinking....disasterous combinations.

And individuals have become disposable, unless you are one of the inner circle.

Consideration to morale is non existent, it does not figure in any decisions. Employees of CMPD are just numbers, their mental health is of no concern, nameless faces with no families or personal life.

It is all about what looks good, not what is actually good for CMPD or the public rodney is charged with protecting.

Rodney and his cadre use people up and dispose of them when they no longer suit their purposes.

And all the while proclaiming what "good" people they are.

The lengths they have gone to to destroy the honesty and ethics and integrity of CMPD is astounding. Somehow rationalizing their abhorent behavior with their twisted thinking.

It takes a while sometimes, but Karma is truly a bitch.

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