Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Change-Up: The Newsroom

If you watched the Bachelorette Moday night and can't wait for the next instalment of the train wreck that is Emily Maynard, then you probably will hate The Newsroom.

The entire first episode is here on Youtube.

CP thinks The Newsroom is ground breaking, in as much as it is Television News as it was, it is a swan song. A funeral of what once was, something akin to the days when CNN was epic and not Nancy Grace.

But HBO is in the entertainment business and not the news business and at least it won't make you feel like you need a shower.

And with Thomas Newman scoring the music, it will be good.

But The Newsroom is dialogue, yes you have to "pay your attention bill" to watch this television.

Those in the TV news biz will of course pick it apart and give it two thumbs down, but for the rest of us it is good Televison.


Anonymous said...

Loved it! Loved the ending, the entire story line and the cast. Let the major networks continue their cheap to make game and talent shows serious television needs a home and cable/HBO it just that.

Anonymous said...

Cedar thanks for the link to the youtube video. I've watched it twice. Sure if might be a little bit truth and a whole lot of bs but they have great lines.

"I'll kick your ass, I don't care how many power bars you just ate".

Hope it keeps it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I was going to check it out because I was a big fan of West Wing ( same kind of dialog intense show) but I've read nothing but negative comments about it.

It was good and has been added to the DVR.

Anonymous said...

Great to share real entertainment that is really missing. HBO and ShowTime are creating some rewarding shows.
"homeland" is back for season 2

Anonymous said...

I'm hooked and Cedar is right, it is good television.