Tuesday, August 28, 2012

American Autumn

You can't be right unless you are informed.

The world is not perfect, and the world doesn't revolve around the 360 degree view of your backyard.

If it did you would be as happy as my two labs on a crisp fall morning.

To be informed you have to step outside the box, outside your comfort zone and for God's sake step away fromthe television and main stream media.

Do I agree with the message that is presented by "American Autumn"? No, not any more than I agree with Micheal Moore on GM or Al Gore on Global Warming.

Is viewing "American Autumn" worth an hour and fifteen minutes of your time? Nope probably not. But unless you see both sides you can't understand the other point of view.

The world is not myopic unless you happen to rule Libya, Iraq or Egypt. Of course we know what happened to those leaders. Soon we will add Bashar Assad of Syria to the list of "former dictators".

Understanding the other side is being informed. Just think, Hussein, Qaddafi, and Mubarak would all be enjoying a sunny day at the beach in Havana had they just been a little bit more informed.

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